Moon phases and menstrual cycle: can you keep pace with lunar energy?

Moon phases and menstrual cycle: can you keep pace with lunar energy?
The moon and moon phases have kept mankind busy. The sun always has the same shape, the moon changes shape during the month. The alternating energy of the female menstrual cycle is reminiscent of the intense differences between new moon energy and that of the full moon. For example, there is a magical link between the moon phases and the female period. In this article, you can read the similarities and what you can do per week in both cycles.

Unlike the bright and cheerful sun with its yang energy, the moon shrouds the night world in a rarefied light of dreams, verging on reality, the yin energy of full meaning.

Moon phases

During the time that the earth revolves around the sun, the moon revolves around the earth thirteen times. Each round lasts twenty-eight days. Just like the cycle of the sun, you experience the cycle of the moon and the different phases of the moon almost daily. The sunlight is yang, the moonlight is yin. It seems as if the moon itself gives light, but it is the sunlight that is reflected from the moon.

Moon phases and menstrual cycle: can you keep pace with lunar energy?

It is part of our everyday knowledge that the moon influences water: on the ebb and flow, in the plants, and in our bodies. Yet you don’t realize how much the em-field of the moon influences your mood and your body. There is a significant difference between new, waxing, full, and waning moons as evidenced by the birth and accident rates.

What do moon phases do to you?

The moon makes a journey around the earth every 24 hours in a large swinging arc. The main impulses of her energy field go out with increasing and waning moon, but also during the few hours of the full and new (empty) moon, there are special forces.

What is the effect of the moon phase on you? What are the phases of the moon called? What can you do during the phases of the moon? Which yin or yang are associated with the phases of the moon? The explanation about the moon phases is very interesting and important to include in your daily life. You can read more about the moon phases in the paragraphs below.

Moonphase: Waning Moon

The waning moon detoxifies, flushes, exhales, and invites energy release (effort). The effect is stronger closer to the new moon. So if you want to detox, it’s best to do it in these fourteen days! Especially in the spring with nettle tea, this has a very strong effect and is good for the whole year. Try doing strenuous work now, cleaning at home is also much more effective! Recovery from operations takes shorter with the waning moon.

Energy: Increasing Yin: What Do You Know Now?
Keywords: Revaluation, balance, trust

Moonphase: New Moon

On the day of the new moon, the willingness to detox is maximum and if you ‘fast’ you can prevent many ailments of old age. It is ideal to start with unlearning to drink too much (coffee/alcohol).

Energy: Yin : plant the seeds of your future
dreams Keywords: A blank slate, potential, dreams

Moon phase: Crescent moon

The waxing moon is the time of recovery. It absorbs, breathes in, stores energy, and invites you to relax. In the fortnight of the waxing moon, the recovery power is very great and stronger closer to the full moon. The body is ready to absorb, and the weight increases slightly. Detoxification is important when building up! Slow down your powers.

Energy: Increasing yang: it’s time to go for it
Keywords: Challenge, trust, and commitment

Moon phase: Full moon

Moon phases and menstrual cycle: can you keep pace with lunar energy?

The full moon activates your creative feminine (yin) power as the opposite of your masculine reactive (yang) power! Both have the same letters, but want to be approached differently… It is a good idea to fast on this day because then the body absorbs all substances very well, unfortunately also the food additives. Our tissues absorb more water and the connective tissue becomes softer. Recovery is bad on this day.

Energy: Yang: the all-or-nothing phase
Keywords: Result, forgiveness, gratitude

By looking at the energy of the moon, you can see your cycle from a different perspective. Instead of looking at “good” weeks and the “nasty” weeks, see them as times of going in and out. Depending on how your cycle feels, you can work along with the energy of the moon.

Periods: the energy of the menstrual cycle

Moon phases and menstrual cycle: can you keep pace with lunar energy?

Did you know that the cycle of your menstruation or menstrual cycle also has different positions or seasons? Each season has its own challenges and superpowers. When you use these correctly, you make optimal use of the strengths of each season. This is like taking into account the different phases of the moon.

Week 1: Winter

Hormones: Estrogen increases
Possible mood: Menstrual complaints: you feel less well, but this is getting better

Your inner winter contains the following natural forces:
• liberation/detachment
inner connection
• effortless presence
• silence and tranquility
• abundant awareness and altered consciousness
• recovery: purification, comfort, and healing
• bliss
• acceptance
• forgiveness of self and others
• receiving from love (self-love)
• unity and connectedness
experience of all life as sacred
• rapture and imagination
• inner guidance and instruction

Moon phases and menstrual cycle: can you keep pace with lunar energy?

Week 2: Spring

Hormones: Estrogen continues to rise, testosterone rises at the end of the week
Possible mood: You feel great and you have more sex drive

Your inner spring contains the following natural forces:
• softness
• innocence
• grip
• curiosity
• playfulness
• imagination and possibilities
• upsurge of energy/life
• desire; sexual and emotional
• focus
• motivation and enthusiasm
• recklessness
• self-confidence
• self-awareness

Week 3: Summer

Hormones: Estrogen drops enormously in a short time, and progesterone is produced
Possible mood: Your mood changes, possible binge eating, and depression

Your inner summer contains the following natural forces:
• outward focus
• loving others
• visibility
• optimism
• taking charge
• mastery
• great energy
• charm
• magnetism and attraction
• generosity
• diplomacy
• being in your flow
• enabling
• gratitude
• fun, pleasure

Week 4: Winter

Moon phases and menstrual cycle: can you keep pace with lunar energy?

Hormones: Estrogen continues to fall, progesterone levels fall
Possible mood: Grumpy, dejection, fatigue, headache, possibly PMS

During the menstrual cycle, your body is constantly changing: hormones rise and fall in a ballet that can cause ups and downs in your mood. This can vary greatly per body.

Your inner autumn contains the following natural forces:
• insight
• saying ‘no’
• your inner critic
• adjustment
• mastering tension
• challenge that sets things in motion
• saying what it means
• perfecting
• channeling
• losing yourself
• drifting/drifting
• abandoning/renouncement of all responsibility
• mindfulness

Can menstruation and moon phases coincide?

Could the periods and moon phases be the same? On average, the menstrual cycle is 29 days and the lunar cycle is 29.5 days. There is a good chance that you are not in line with the moon and that is not a bad thing at all, and even very likely if you are taking medication with hormones, for example. The mythical moon energy can give you tools to discover your own rhythm and to keep in step with yourself.

Keep track of how you feel for two cycles daily:

  1. Are you depressed or happy?
  2. Do you want to be inside or do you feel like going outside?
  3. Do you feel social or do you want to be alone?
  4. Do you have any ideas or do you feel empty?

For example, keep track of your energy for two months. Do you see similarities? Are there recurring periods in which you can make good plans or do you want to withdraw? This calendar becomes your own handhold to remember that there is a time of exuberance and a time of getting into your comfort zone. This way you can adapt your rituals to your own biorhythm: the ritual of creation and saying goodbye.


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