More energy: 10 tips for more energy

More energy: 10 tips for more energy

Do you also suffer from low energy? Are you tired and everything is too much at the moment? Are you looking for more energy? Then you can read in this blog how you can gain more energy!

Energy supply​​ ​ ​

The problem of low energy can be physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual in nature. If you look at your energy level from a holistic view, there is a reason that you are low on energy; it wants to tell you something. What does it want to tell you? How energetic you feel and how productive you are depending to a large extent on your own thoughts and living patterns.

Often there are all kinds of unconscious thoughts and patterns present in us that, without us realizing it, have an enormous infringement on our energy level, on our energy supply. Maybe you suppress emotions, find it hard to relax, or spend too much time on everything and everyone except yourself and recharging your own battery. If you don’t take enough time to charge your battery and you keep running past yourself, you will quickly run out of energy.

More energy: 10 tips for more energy

Tips for more energy

Finding and maintaining a good balance between all the obligations that come your way every day is a challenge. Let alone make time for things that give you energy. A regularly recurring challenge, but not a challenge that cannot be overcome. In this blog ten practical tips for more energy!

More energy – body

1. More energy: get moving

You may think that exercise takes more energy than it saves, especially if you’re feeling really tired. If you lie comfortably on that couch, it is often difficult to get yourself to move. But in the end, exercise ensures that you have more energy. If you just hang on to that couch, your body’s oxygen level will get lower and lower. This actually only makes you drowsy and makes you feel even more miserable.

When you are more active, your metabolism is faster and energy is available more quickly. A half-hour of walking is a very good start! Build it up slowly without going over your limit. Be kind to yourself and choose something you like. You can go jogging, skating, cycling, walking, doing yoga, or taking a class at your gym.

2.  More energy: Slow down and relax

Nowadays we are so busy with all sorts of things that we miss ourselves. Relaxing is important to recharge. But how often do we take the time for that? We also run from A to B during our work. You don’t always have to run so fast, slow down. I myself use to slow down as a mantra in my daily life. When I notice that I am walking like crazy again from the printer to my workplace or through the city, I say to myself: slow down. It’s okay to walk slower. Enjoy the walk itself. If this succeeds, you will notice that a kind of softness arises in yourself. Relax and relax.

3. More energy: pure food

More energy: 10 tips for more energy

Food that is as pure as possible contains an extra amount of vitamins and minerals that nourish and give the body strength. Try to eat as much fresh fruit and vegetables as possible and, for example, make your own sauces from fresh products. Stay away from sugar, dairy products, and grains as much as possible, but opt ​​for fish, vegetables, and fruit.

In addition, our addictive substances such as coffee and cola can give us energy in the short term, but in the long term, they will only deplete our stores of energy. So limit the intake of these substances. ‘ The temple cookbook’  by Jacqueline van Lieshout contains delicious pure and energizing dishes.

4. More energy: make sure you get enough fluids

Humans consist of more than 70% moisture. If you do not keep your fluid balance properly, you will notice that you become grumpy. On average you can maintain that you should drink 1 liter of water per 30 kilograms of body weight. You drink water, among other things, to cleanse your body and to provide your organs with the water they need to function properly. For example, without enough water, your intestines cannot do their job properly.

Drinking enough water ensures that your body can function as it should and does not lose unnecessary energy. Start your day with a glass of water to instantly replenish the moisture lost through perspiration at night. When you divide your drinking water evenly throughout your day, you will notice that your energy and even your concentration improve!

​More energy – mind​

5. More energy: get rid of your thoughts

Fatigue is often a result of mental overload. Sometimes everything seems too much and relatively small things in your head are blown up into major disasters. You end up in a negative spiral of thoughts and the situation only becomes more stressful. Stress is often subjective. A situation can be very stressful for some while it is peanuts for others. Whether you get stressed or not is often because of the thoughts we have about a particular situation or action. We create a problem in our head by dreading something enormously. Watch your thoughts: they can give energy or cost energy.

When you have a negative thought, just try to see it as just another thought. Nothing more and nothing less. You don’t have to go along with it. Thoughts come and go. During the mindfulness training, you learn how to observe your thoughts without going along with them so that you do not create unnecessary stress.

6. More energy: say no and set limits

More energy: 10 tips for more energy

Say ‘no’ to the things you really don’t want to or can’t do. Don’t take too much on your fork. You don’t always have to be that Superman or Superwoman. Enough is enough. If you continuously go over your own limit, that is a huge drain on your energy level, it can even result in burnout. Not only at work but also at home it is important to set your boundaries. For example, limit appointments with people who cost you energy and look for people around you who give you energy!

7. More energy: take a closer look at your own behavioral patterns

Make a list for yourself of things that give you energy and things that cost you energy. Then see how much time you spend on which list and examine your own behavior with this. How can you ensure that you undertake more things that are on your list of energy givers? By regularly doing things that give you energy, you keep yourself charged. Yet it turns out that we often only do things that do not give us energy. Give yourself an ‘energy moment’. Take care of yourself and just plan this moment in your calendar!

More energy – environment

8. More energy: provide enough light

More energy: 10 tips for more energy

Light causes the production of serotonin and that gives us energy. If you produce enough serotonin during the day, it also ensures that you produce more of the sleep hormone melatonin in the evening. So that’s a double win! Try to use your breaks to be in the sun as much as possible. Go outside during your break and, for example, take a nice walk or have lunch with colleagues on a terrace.

9. More energy: go to bed

Did you know that in one day as much information comes to us as a medieval person received in his entire life? We are often not aware of it. Internet, radio, TV, newspapers, a busy job, traffic, smartphones. All incentives. Give your body and mind time to process all these stimuli and go to bed early. You will notice that you have a lot more energy the next day than if you had stayed up late.

10. More energy: focus on your circle of influence

Sometimes we worry about things we have absolutely no control over. We are cursing behind the wheel at the traffic light. The longer I think about these situations, the more stupid I think it is that we all do this en masse. There is absolutely no point in worrying about things you have no control over. The weather, the traffic jam, the crowds in the city on Saturday, etcetera.

See what’s going on in your life and what you can do about the things that make you unhappy, happy, or worrying. Are there things that are beyond your control? Then try to let it go and not worry about it. It is a waste of your energy and makes no sense at all! The only effect is that you get tired of it.

What gives you energy? Leave your comment!


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