Mothers Day! 5 tips to spoil yourself spiritually

Mothers Day! 5 tips to spoil yourself spiritually

On Mother’s Day, we put all mothers in the spotlight or we are put in the spotlight ourselves. This often happens with presents, breakfast in bed, or a day out. But did you know that most mothers find it extremely difficult to receive? When you give so much, it may have become a habit. That’s why we’re sharing 5 tips this Mother’s Day from ‘Be kind to yourself’ by Patricia Spadaro (the ultimate book for mothers – and fathers! – who are ready for everyone, day in and day out). With these tips, you can indulge yourself spiritually and open up to receive more.

The beautiful part of you

“Journey within yourself,” wrote the Sufist poet Rumi. “Enter a mine of rubies and bathe in the brilliance of your own light.” Each of us has greatness in ourselves. The challenge is to keep boasting that beautiful part of you, even when thunderclouds sweep over your life, obscuring the brilliance for a while. The following five strategies will help you tap into your inner rays and stay in tune with yourself no matter what’s going on around you.

1. Write a love letter to yourself

Pretend you’re your own best lawyer. Then write an encouraging, approving a letter to yourself as if you were applauding yourself. Put that letter in an envelope and send it to yourself. When you travel, you can send a postcard with an inspiring message to your home address. And just before you close your email in the evening, send yourself another short, appreciative scribble. Then you will see your own e-mail as soon as you pick up your e-mail the next morning. Make it a habit to praise your greatness.

2. Personalize your mobile screensaver or wallpaper

Mothers Day! 5 tips to spoil yourself spiritually

Use your screen’s screensaver for a good cause. Include pictures or affirmations that counterbalance negative or doubting voices inside and outside yourself. Be specific and focus on what is important to you right now. For example, you can have your screensaver play messages such as ‘I take good care of myself because I deserve to be happy and healthy, ‘I have something important to say and I say it with confidence and with great ease’ or simply ‘ I do justice to myself every day by doing (…)’. With the last option, you fill in what is most important to you at the moment.

3. Keep a picture of yourself as a child within reach

Choose a photo of yourself as a child that reminds you of your inner joy, sweetness, curiosity or love for life: a photo that shows who you really are in your heart. Buy a nice frame for it and put the photo somewhere you can see it often. Every time you look at it, that image, which has the power to open your heart, can reconnect you with that precious piece of self that shows you again what your being is.

4. Use your windshield wiper

You would never drive in a downpour without properly working windshield wipers. In everyday life you also need a windshield wiper, to wipe away all frustration, criticism, and doubt. Those things, like heavy rain or mud, can cloud your vision and make it difficult to achieve what you want. You may not be able to stop the rain that falls in your life, but you can use your windshield wiper.

Mothers Day! 5 tips to spoil yourself spiritually

What helps you to see clearly again when you are angry or when others do not do justice to the gold within you? Do you need some time for yourself? Meditate or pray? Keep a diary? To play sports? Hiking in nature? Want to see an inspiring film? Talk to an understanding friend? Would you like to book a massage or a session with a life coach? Make a list of the resources that work well for you so you don’t forget to resort to them when a storm breaks.

5. Build a collection of affirmations

The best defense is a good attack. Doubt and distractions can upset you, but you can prepare for that beforehand with the truth. Write down two or more affirmations to counter any doubts or criticisms that arise within yourself or that you receive from others. Here are some examples: ‘I am a great being, becoming even greater.’ “My job is not to be perfect, but to do what I can now.” “Someone will understand what I have to say and appreciate what I have to share. That’s why I share my gifts.’ Then when you meet opposition, you look at your list and strike back, with conviction and from your heart.

Be kind to yourself, about the art of receiving


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