Moving forward step by step after a burn out: dare to desire and to ask

Moving forward step by step after a burn out: dare to desire and to ask

Burnout forces you to stand still and invites you to feel. Feeling where your limits are and what gives you energy again. My advice is: also make room to feel your deeper desires. What is what you really want to do in your life? What is your mission? Getting an answer to this and daring to take steps in that direction can really turn your life around for the better. But how do you do that?

Recognition and acknowledgment of a burnout

First of all, it is important that you recognize that it is no longer possible. Sometimes people are ashamed of their so-called “weakness”. This can hinder your recovery, especially if you don’t even dare to admit that you are sick. The most important lesson a burnout has is: to listen to your gut and be true to it.

You can feel very lonely with your high sensitivity and exhaustion at work and then if you fail due to burnout and find yourself at home, you can become really isolated. So look for like-minded people. Visit lectures or workshops about high sensitivity and burnout. Then you will notice that you are not alone and you can experience that others have useful tips for you.

Be true to your feelings and express them

Moving forward step by step after a burn out: dare to desire and to ask

In particular, take your complaints to your supervisor, general practitioner, and/or company doctor. Ring the bell. Because only then can help get underway and improvement is in sight. I know from experience how difficult this can be. I still remember the threshold I had to cross to admit to my supervisor that I couldn’t do it anymore.

Even when I had to reintegrate into my old position. ‘I can’t do it or ‘I can’t do it’ were words that didn’t come out easily. But what a relief it was when I did it. And liberating too. Then she could ask me: ‘What do you want then?’

Moving forward step by step after a burnout

This question and the answer we give to it opens the door to a new future. To work that suits us better. Even if you don’t know what you want at the time. Saying ‘I want to do something different because I can’t do this anymore without getting sick’ is a clear signal and a good start. The rest then follows step by step.

Moving forward step by step after a burn out: dare to desire and to ask

Also, look for a coach or therapist who specializes in high sensitivity and/or burnout. You can often use help with processing the flow of emotions that starts as soon as you start feeling and with the physical complaints you may have.

It is often also possible to receive guidance during your reintegration, from your employer, or from the UWV. Take advantage of this and ask for a coach you trust. †

Dare to desire and ask

When you have more energy again, you can focus on your future. Ask yourself what you want, and don’t let yourself be guided too much by others or by ‘what must’. You’ve been doing that for so long, it just made you sick. Think about what your mission is. Sometimes you have to overcome a lot in order to live your mission.

It can also be a chore to discover what your mission is. Especially for highly sensitive people who are used to putting their feelings aside in order to meet expectations of the environment. But if you’ve dwelt on your deeper desires, you’ve caught a glimpse of what you love most. And that’s what you want to go for now.

Realize your mission

It is important to believe that what you want is possible. Otherwise, you will not do everything it takes to realize your desires. Perhaps your desire or mission at work is still vague at first. Don’t worry, it’s a start. Your orientation to other work can take a while and take place in several stages.

You only experience whether certain work suits you by trying it out in practice. This process is like a spiral path, you come deeper and deeper into yourself. Both with desires and with fear and unexpected talents. Sometimes it takes a step back, or a step back, in order to be able to take a giant leap forward.

Letting go of certainties

Moving forward step by step after a burn out: dare to desire and to ask

This road works, it really takes you somewhere: where you need to be. In an organic way. It is partly a feminine way, in which we use our feminine will. It is open and receptive. By first relaxing and only when you are relaxed and in contact with yourself, do something.

We are not used to this road and that can make us uncertain. You encounter fears. Letting go of old certainties and inclinations does, however, provide new insights. That can be confronting, but it also brings you closer to your true self.

Keep your goal in mind

We also have a masculine will that is focused on a goal or result. You also need that to get where you want to be. But you often know this male will. If you have used it unilaterally, it has caused you to end up in burnout.

The development of the feminine will takes place in the wake of emotional healing. The beauty of the feminine, organic way is that every now and then you take a step back so that you can rest for a while. The advantage of taking a step back every now and then is that you get an overview.

If you continue like this, step by step, preferably with the guidance of someone you trust, you will really make progress. Then you can do what you are here for. I wish you good luck on your way!


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