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In this article you will read about the energies for the upcoming new Moon(d) of Monday, June 3, 2019. You can read about letting go of the eternal quest for the Holy Grail, pursuing goals, targets and more. Finding new shapes and what you can do to get there. It’s about freedom, friendship, being king or queen in your own existence, healing projections and ego parts, why the body plays up like that and about eating differently and nourishing food.
Grand and immersive adventure

This new Moon(d) will have effect until the next new Moon and will be at maximum expression during the full Moon of June 17. The new Moon falls into lighthearted and frivolous Gemini, reminding us of the lightness of existence and to take everything less seriously. This force is in opposition to Jupiter in Sagittarius and is connected with the eternal drive and pressure that there must be more that really matters. There is a deep sense and drive that we are always on our way to the holy grail, with a reward at the end of the adventure. But in practice it turns out that there is always a new goal, target or horizon with which we want to experience the maximum that life has to offer us in a grand and compelling adventure. It’s endless.

Feminine shaping power

A yod is also called a ‘finger pointer of God”. The yod in this horoscope of the new moon of June provides clues on how we can transcend this power. One of the two forces is Venus in Taurus in the 10th house and is linked to the stillness, tranquility and security of the Heart and the feminine within each of us. The heart does not need much and is not eager to accumulate more and more and restless to constantly seek new horizons with even better results. We are allowed to follow our own structure and find form in life, a less fixed structure, more connected with feminine values, such as love and being connected with your feelings.

‘ Just do it’

The other leg of the yod there is the northern Moon’s node in conjunction with the black Sun and Mars (OOB) in Cancer in the 11 th house . This power leads us to our inner world and to act from your feelings. Because the energy of the original Primal Source (black Sun) is connected, it is possible to do this with ease and naturally. It arises naturally as a gift when you are connected with your feelings. This connection can be found inside, in your feeling and is connected with abundance, nourishment and the feeling that everything you need is already there or available. You just have to act from this feeling. “Just do it.” (Mars OOB conjunct sw. Sun and Mastership of Chiron in Aries 8 stehouse.) It then manifests itself before you have desired it. This is the new way of Creation. (Diamond conjunct southern Moon’s Node, Saturn, and Pluto.)


The emphasis is on movement in the social field from unconditionality (11th house ). Then I am talking about being in contact with friends and the experience of friendship, in which we allow that abundance and nourishment to arise from inner world to inner world. It arises when we are really connected to each other in the new unity consciousness. What you have to do then arises from within, instead of having a plan, a target, a goal (North Node conjunct black Sun and Mars 11 thhouse inconjunct Jupiter in Sagittarius.)

You then know by what you feel, experience in yourself what you have to do. With an Out Of Bounds Mars also connected to the Primeval Source (black Sun), this power is loaded with magic. You cannot imagine it, because it arises in the connection. So just do something fun with like-minded people and it will come naturally. This releases us from old, strict patterns to which we have given our energy. The reward is finally being able to flow from within yourself with a sense of being autonomous. (South Node conjunct Saturn and Pluto and Diamond in Capricorn 5th house .)

Freedom and friendship

The energy and flow of inspiration from Source (black Moon) has returned to Aquarius again on May 29, 2019. And with that, again until the beginning of August 2019, there will be a focus on our growth from mind to consciousness, brotherhood, sisterhood, friendship, kindness, equality, freedom and also progress in technology. (Corrected black Moon is in Aquarius and the uncorrected black Moon is in Pisces in the 7th house .)

Healing Projections

In the horoscope of the new Moon(d) in June, the Source energy and inspiration is in the 7thhouse and with that we are inspired to become aware of what is going on in connection with the other and especially around projections. Projections are fundamentally things that we reject in ourselves and that are reflected in the environment. The other person can then live that life that you just hate and reject in the other, but also do not allow it in yourself.

For example, if you reject yourself, you attract situations from your environment that also reject you. That’s how projections work. Because in origin we are whole and we have everything in us. What we reject in yourself and/or in others leaves for your subconscious, in the depths of your own separation. You are actually conflicting with yourself. (Cheiron in Aries in the8thhouse.) The moment we see through projections, there is room for unity and unconditionality. Then you, but also that other person, can be who he or she IS.

Integration of primal forces

In the larger process we are healing this separation of projections. The cosmic Heart (plasma ball on the diaphragm) is opened in many people or opens even further and flows into the body from pure unconditional softness. In response, the Primal Force associated with instinct rises from the Earth.

This warm primal force is the Essence of the Earth. During this integration, the separation, the fragmentation is healed in us and in our subconscious. In it you also encounter the collective forces that want to keep us in the old power structures. Last month I discussed these processes in detail in the New and Full Moon article.

Playing up damaged ego parts

This Moon(d) the emphasis is on the body and the fragmentation of our personality. (Priapus in Leo and Virgo.) Once again, damaged ego parts play up that you may have looked at and embraced many times. It seems endless. (Black Moon in Leo re-corrected since May 29.) Feeling the fragmentation within us, created by painful experiences, does not report to be rejected again, but so that you can reconnect from unconditionality and from the cosmic Heart.

If you can watch the fragmentation of your ego and existence without judgment, a new order arises within yourself, whereby there is cooperation of forces, integration and unity within yourself. A healthy ego and focal point will eventually arise, through which you can finally start living who you are in Essence, your authentic self.Then you completely coincide with your own expression, creativity, new forms that arise in the moment. (Liberation by North Node in conjunction with black Sun and Mars OOB 11 the house, oppositeDiamond , South Node, Saturn and Pluto 5. )

King of your existence

At the physical level and the level of existence in general, the same process is going on as I described in the paragraph above. The Leo and Virgo energy of the survival mechanism calls for taking ownership of your own existence. This requires being present in every fragment of the ORGANIZATION of the body. And to experience that you are king or queen of your own existence and body. It also involves letting go of control and power over something outside of yourself. You then trust that if it belongs to you, the connection will be re-established in a different way. What doesn’t belong to you will disappear from your life.

Restoring primordial connections

When the primal connections recover in yourself, you are released from horizontal dependent connections with the environment. From the cosmic Heart (plasma ball on the diaphragm) the vertical energetic connection is made with the Source and the warm instinctive Primal Source of the Earth. This is the basic process that is now active when you are integrating the new energy bodies. These forces of the primordial fields nourish you, are there for you unconditionally. In this way, powers and forces outside you no longer get a hold on you and there is real freedom. The ORGANIZATION of the body will then change and recover. So it’s about the ORGANIZATION of the organs.What I notice in my own process and in others in my environment is that the new energy changes a lot in the body.

From Mind to Consciousness

Many people have neck and head complaints, because the integration of the instinctive Primal Source of the Being of the Earth, which rises as a warm stream, conflicts with the control in the mind. The brain is allowed to switch from mind to the higher frequency of consciousness. We can then no longer silence the head from old forms that worked before, but only through the cosmic Heart (Plasma ball on the diaphragm) does the head, the mind , settles down and switches to higher brain frequencies. This is the case when you are working on integrating the new energy body and integrating the primordial fields.

Diet changes

In this transitional time in which the primal fields integrate into us, many people actually tolerate almost only vegan food (vegetables and fruit), gluten-free, with only good fats (oils) and sugar-free food. For some, easily digestible animal food such as chicken and fish is still possible, but even that no longer feels good for many people or causes discomfort when digesting food. This also applies to composite foods that are for sale in the supermarket in packages or ready meals that can suddenly no longer be tolerated. (Priapus in Virgo 1 st home.)

It seems that the integration of the primordial fields now needs super pure simple food to be able to make the transformation to the new body.We are also allowed to take with our food what is really nourishing for our body and through which the energy of the primal sources flows. (North Node conjunct zw.Sun and Mars OOB.) During this Moon(d) this transformation of the body and the building of a new organization of the body is extra important. (Priapus in Leo and Virgo 1st house.)


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