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My guardian angel and me. by Hans Stolp

This lecture is about the connection with our personal guardian angel.

How our angel lives in us

Our personal angel is with us moment to moment, sharing everything with us. It feels very special to the angel, so it is an intense connection. Our angel was there in all our previous incarnations and knows all about us and keeps it in his heart. We can access these memories with a more intense connection with the angel. The angel also forms a connecting line with the departed.

An angel is androgynous, so it is difficult to speak of him or her. (in this article he will be chosen from now on)

Our own angel has a name and that is the motto of your life in this incarnation. The angel is so focused on us that he chooses a name for himself that sums up our life mission for us. Our angel connects with our thinking and can put new inspirations and impulses in our thinking. The purer you are the more transparent you become to the thoughts of the angel, you gain insight into the lessons of your life.

That is becoming more and more noticeable. Sometimes our personal angel intervenes as well; you are saved sometimes. You sometimes feel very concretely the help that the angel gives you. That happens especially when something threatens to happen that is not in our life plan. If something happens that we have chosen, the angel does not intervene.

The angel helps to give us spirit so that we can grow in spirit. Ask your angel to help you deal with it properly. Our angel gives us love and warmth. Meditating and praying make you more receptive to it.

Our angel finds it difficult to get through the “noise” of the ego. If you give space to your angel you will get more sense of peace and tranquility. Angels need us too. Our love is basic food for them to grow into love. They need our love and gratitude for their own development. The lessons we learn also help the angels in their growth. In our sincere attention to them the angels blossom and it gives them deep joy. In our time, the angelic world opens up in a different way.

We can now give them something too, unlike in the old days when the angels only came to bring something. Also angels can make mistakes and can grow crooked. The idea is that each angel will grow into an archangel. It is important for us to become aware of our life mission. On the basis of equality, the angel will also grow through our awareness, he grows with us, as it were.

The angel keeps all memories of past lives in his heart. He also connects us with other angels: from guardian angels to the supreme hierarchy of angels: the seraphim. Angels have been “human” in the previous incarnation of the Earth.

There was no evil and no death. Angels have never experienced that. The evil in this incarnation of the earth awakens us humans to the fact that a new cosmic being will be born; man with Christ power. The angels want to help us with it.

We are now experiencing a clash of 2 eras. We are busy giving substance to a new era. That is, thinking is not the only thing. Through the thinking, the enlightenment, an idea has arisen that God is dead.

Yet at this time you see more and more people becoming sensitive to the spiritual world. We can take the first steps into the new era. In our next incarnation we will take further steps. In the next incarnation of Earth, animals will become “humans” and plants will become “animals.”

It is important to become still and then connect with gratitude. Then there is more reach with your angel. You will experience that.

The presence of our angelAngel

In the newborn child the influence of the angel is still tangible and visible in the wisdom and purity that can be read in the eyes of the child. You see the vastness, the space of the cosmos in those eyes.

The child is still vulnerable, without any reserve. In those eyes you see the essence of her/his angel, because angel and child are still one. You feel that wisdom and that is why you feel emotion. A child is never born alone, always with its angel.

The angel remains tangible with the child, the child draws directly from the heart of the angel. The love and light of God works directly through the angel and acts on the child.

Then the angel withdraws step by step. Because of the upbringing and the atmosphere of our society, the angel has little time to work in the soul of the child. The child has to grow up quickly and gets little time, if only because of our school system (in group 2 they already start with tests, so performance), to be a child.

It is important for the child

1. to tell living, religious stories, children immediately experience the connection with their angel.

2. to connect with nature, the rhythm of nature. Teach them to look, then they get living experiences with nature.

3. tell fairy tales and legends, because in these stories lies the core of life. It also develops their imagination and with it their empathy.

With this you make it easy for the angel to work on the soul of the child, the child can form a more developed conscience and get a clear sense of what is right and wrong.

If the child has to learn to count and read too quickly, the angel will not have enough time to help form the conscience. If the angel is given enough time, the child can develop a healthy confidence in himself and for life. We will have to move more towards a different education that is more open to these things.

As the child grows older, the angel lays down certain ideals in the depths of his soul; these make the young person idealistic and are the silent force when looking for and following an education and a job. However, the angel takes more and more distance and ensures that the child can make his own choices.

If the conscience is not properly formed, the ideals can lead to violence and chaos. This happened, for example, with the RAF members (Rote Armee Faction). They were idealistic students who wanted to ensure that money did not gain power. So how could they be killing people to achieve their ideals? That was because the conscience in them was insufficiently developed. Angel with child

Once we are adults, the angel withdraws to set us free, acting on us mainly from the outside; through others, a book and “coincidences”. In the midlife crisis, the angel is furthest away from us. The angel gives us the freedom to make our own decisions. You notice that the angel is still working on you when one “door closes and another opens.” Sometimes you suddenly become aware of a “silent hint.

Then thank your angel. In menopause you get thoughts of; is this all now? The angel then starts working on you. You become aware of what you have received and what you have to give. You will then build a giving life. All previous answers collapse. Your angel helps you to search for a new meaning in life. This is the wake-up call from the spiritual world.

The angel can come close again. You then learn to express soul beauty.

In old age and with approaching death, our angel awakens our memories to make a start with a reflection on the life that lies behind us. You get thoughts like: why did that happen? What did that bring me? Look back honestly. You’re probably already making a start on what goes on after death. It’s a transition.

Try to draw your conclusions. What was the meaning? Become aware of what you have learned and what you have done wrong. How would you have done it differently now?

At our death we find our angel again; through his eyes we look back at our earthly life and begin to see the why of it. If you have lived with your angel, you will recognize your angel and experience a deep joy from this reunion. Sometimes you see people beaming when they pass over, they see their angel.

Then you become one with your angel again. Through the eyes of the angel we look back to our past life. We gain insight. Veils are lifted, we understand cause and effect. Our ego cannot understand that. We can see the miracle when the ego is released.

The Angel in Our Time

Some people don’t see their angel because they haven’t gotten to know him. Those people have not let themselves be awakened into their midlife crisis, they continue with their materialistic way of life. They have not looked back and experienced no miracle and gratitude. Gratitude is an important condition for getting to know your angel.

When you are locked in your ego, you can only talk about yourself and think from yourself. You see that in people who are bitter. In that bitterness it is difficult to see your angel. It is also difficult for those people to see their angel after death. They can therefore feel lonely and that is an impulse to get moving by changing something in themselves.

Guard your own childhood, for that is the ramp to get to your angel.

A funeral of a child is a mass of angels. The child and the angel are one again. The dead child awakens all people to find the light. After their death, they are often spiritual leaders to lead their family on a path of spirituality. They try to keep their family on their toes. (they are then a guide for a family member)

What does the angel experience in us?

  • The angel is always close to us, whichever way we go. Therefore, he can suffer intensely if we waste our opportunities and miss our mission. When we don’t enjoy life, when we get addicted to materialism, when we’re too much in our heads and the secret doesn’t get a chance to open our hearts. Such a lesson is heavier for the angel than human suffering. It is tough, but also a school for the angel, from which he can grow. Our angel conquers from that sorrow the power of toleration and to bear.
  • Our angel has an endlessly strong trust in us and keeps that trust even when we constantly betray it.
  • He keeps an eye on our future possibilities, even if we are not doing anything right now
  • Our angel is in danger of entering the sphere of hardening and darkness with us. He can no longer connect with the Light. This can happen due to a lot of hard life of us. An angel is not untouchable and can become a fallen angel, so it can end up in the dark realms. The angel sees us in the trap with open eyes. Yet the angel remains faithful to us, even though we drag him into the deepest depths.
  • A great gift to our angel is our sincere childishness. Jesus says in Matthew 18:10;

See that ye despise not one of these lesser. For I say unto you, that their angels in heaven see continually the face of my Father which is in heaven.
When we lose our childhood, an angel enters a dark sphere, because he loses the direct connection with God.

archangel gabriel
Archangel Gabriel (click to enlarge)
  • Our angel can see the Christ within us being born and that is a great joy for them. 200 years ago they saw the descent of the love spirit and that this love spirit connected with the man Jesus, so he could become an earth being.
  • From that moment on, that Spirit seeks a way to be born in our hearts. As a result, we no longer linger in the astral world. This changes the relationship between us and the angels. The divine is going to be born in us, a transformation is coming that will bring about that man becomes a Christ man.
  • Our angels experience this intensively and grow here through their own spiritual growth. Our angel can only discover, experience and master this secret of Christ’s death and resurrection on earth, in connection with us. The mystery of Christ begins to light up for our angel when we begin to make that mystery our own.

This is the great commission in our time and as a result the relationship between man and angel has changed. It is the great cosmic secret which is being begun at this time by unveiling it.

Our angel as our (life) initiator

In 7 steps our angel brings us insight into life:

1.      The Practice of Gratitude
This is the basic practice. Look back on your life and marvel; discover the meaning of happiness, sadness, setbacks and successes you experienced. When you do that, you enter a path of spiritual growth, which is called the life initiation. It is about developing gratitude from your heart and not from your head. Ask yourself: if you had to die today, would you have learned something, have you gained insight, have you taken steps in that direction?

2.      Gaining Trust
From true gratitude, a growing confidence naturally flows. Especially in the experience that when you look back on how you have been helped, how you have been given strength.

3.      Living in patience and surrender
Dare to make it happen. In connection with your angel, you draw powers from the spiritual world. Your angel will help you through it. Dare to be vulnerable.

4.      Tracking the Angel’s Guidance in the Other’s Life
Discover the hidden guidance of their life lessons, discover their very own way to express their ideals and their angel’s inspiration. Can you discover that in the other? Then you will see: no one is alone, even when the journey goes through the dark, the hidden guidance of the angel is there.

5.      See how different the angels are and how differently they affect us.
A musician is inspired differently than a mother, a politician or an artist. Do you see the differences? Can you name how that angel inspires? Then you look deeper.

6.      Teach your angel to give what he needs
Realize what your angel needs: your gratitude, your courage to go your own way, your enthusiasm, your confidence. Say this to your angel before you go to sleep. In the night you have a meeting with your angel. Our memory remains in bed. We may remember those encounters in our next incarnation. Your dreams can represent reality.

7.      Learn to look at other people through your angel’s eyes and keep your heart open to their possibilities.
An angel always sees possibilities. This experience will bring you a lot. Check out Haiti, which has been hit by an earthquake. How the world reacts to it: in a way that is unprecedented! Don’t focus on the negative in the other, but discover what talents are hidden in the bud in the other. By looking like this you become one with your angel

You cannot be happy if not everyone is happy.

Due to the political parties getting stuck, a world will emerge where there are no more parties, but a unity. The new can be realized right through the darkness.
A thank you that comes from your heart is a beneficial bath for your angel.

The Radiance of the Angels

The German poet Rilke said (in the Duineser elegies written about 1920 about the encounter with an angel:Who, when I cried, heard me from the angelic ranks? And even if one suddenly came to my heart:

I would perish in his stronger presence.  For the beautiful is nothing but the most terrible beginning,  which we can just endure,  and we admire it so, because it resignedly despises destroying us. Every angel is terrible.


We can hardly bear the close presence of an angel. Angelic energy is very intense. The energy of an archangel is even more intense.

The bible is full of such stories.

When an angel appears in the stories of the Bible, it often says, “Fear not,” as with Hagar and Ishmael meeting an angel in the wilderness at the well.

When Zacharias the priest offered an offering in the temple, and he came face to face with the angel, a great fear seized him. The angel reassured him by saying, “Fear not Zacharias, I bring you glad tidings.”

The radiance of an angel is shocking and can throw us off balance. Understandable, because in our angel the reflection of God’s radiant and world-encompassing power comes to us…..

Some of that reverence is indispensable in today’s association with angels. Where this is lacking, there can be no real association with angels.

It is striking that more and more people are open to angels.

The dark world also rises by giving counterforce. Every feeling and understanding of angels is not to be found in that dark world. Here sense of holiness has disappeared.

Let’s preserve that holiness!!!

Angels prepare the future in us

The old tradition says: every time has its own life lessons. We chose those lessons ourselves.

The angels are inspiring us to 3 lessons at this time:

  1. The feeling of not being happy when not everyone is happy. This is a new human ability. We grow from selfishness to altruism.
  2. The desire to be able to discern the hidden divine in man. You recognize something great in the other. You can be moved to tears.
  3. The desire to come to a thinking with the heart, instead of thinking with your head. You hear that resounding in a sentence like: Ah, Christ is enough for me, those angels don’t need me for me.” Then you shoot in the head.

Just look at the starry sky and see how big the world is. We are a grain on a grain….It takes a lot to let the Christ power shine in, with the help of angels that is possible.

The church fathers battled in the Middle Ages how many angels could sit on a point of a needle. That was part of the thinking of that time, which was then in development. Now is the time that we learn to think with our heart. All scientific theories will be transformed into thinking from the heart instead of thinking with the head.Archangel Metatron

A genius is an inspired person…

Guardian angels can be found in all traditions.

TheThe Greek poet Meander says that a daimon assists every human being from birth as a good initiator into the mysteries of life!

Daimon means; great initiator. Later the word demon was derived from that….

The Germans called the female beings who brought you to the light world:  Valkyries.  They were female creatures, wearing shiny breastplates with swan feathers. Romans knew the  genius , a helping spiritual force, which we would call our guardian angel. They made offerings to the genius and worshiped him. The word genius is derived from the word genius; a man of genius is one who is permeated by the promptings of his angel and acts from there.

The Greeks knew the  daimon. The famous philosopher Socrates tells how he talks to his daimon, gets advice from the daimon and how he relies on the daimon in all situations .



The road: together to earth, together back…

A look at the life to come that will be dominated by a growth towards true love…

The path of your guardian angel and you begins in the spirit world where the angel prepares you for your future life. We made the plan ourselves. In images we get to see the coming life and you then understand the meaning and the meaning.

In particular, we get to see the most important events and we understand why we have to experience them. We also get to see who we will meet (again) in that coming life and what we will experience with them. Sometimes you recognize that other person in life on earth.

We can listen to that from our divine self. Say yes to everything you’re going through in this life, even if you don’t understand why. In the spirit world you knew the answer.

In addition, our angel prepares us in a final conversation for the feelings of  loneliness and fear  that most of us will experience in this life. Do not suppress those feelings and discover that you are stronger than fear.

Ariman (satan) scares us, we therefore close ourselves off from the light world, we close ourselves up in our ego. The Christ power cannot then enter.

Ariman works with fear through the fear of terrorism. 50 years ago he worked with the fear of 1 enemy, just think of the fear of Russia. Terrorism cannot be easily located. Then fear takes over.

Don’t allow that and learn to stay open, to be vulnerable.

Loneliness is necessary to learn to stand on your own two feet. Only then do you enter the way. That’s why there are so many divorces. By going within you will experience and address your divine self.

Anxiety and loneliness are feelings associated with the decisive transformation that the earth is going through at this time. It’s a privilege to be there before a God who needs us.

We get a look at the 2 great life lessons of our time;

  • The lesson of equality , this is possible for the first time on this earth.
    Therefore, dare to step out of the role of servitude if you are a woman. And for the men it is possible to step out of their role of power; get off your throne. This gives the religious world a new shape. Also, all institutions will be overthrown.
  • The lesson is to step out of the role of service and power. If we take 2 steps forward, we will then take 1 step back. This is to get others along. This sacrifice comes from those who oversee the 2 steps forward and also understand that there is a need to take a step back in order to get more people on board.
  • The lesson of independence , being able to stand on your own feet by
    • to free your mind from what others want you to think, so that there is room for what our own angel wants to inspire in our soul
    • to free your feeling from negative influences, so that we learn to look beyond the outside by feeling
    • release your willpower so that we may be able to transform the earth in the spirit of our angel

The descent

The last question the angel asked you before you descended into this life is; are you ready to go? Do you want to cooperate? God needs you, because you may realize some of His Divine plan.

The veil of oblivion gradually falls over us. In doing so, we increasingly end up in our ego and lose more and more the living connection with our angel. Sometimes people immediately want to go back because they don’t like it here on earth and don’t like what they have to go through. They have forgotten why all this is necessary.

Together on Earth

As a child we unconsciously still experience the influence of our angel, but when we become an adult, our angel can only influence us from the outside. Then we will have to make an effort ourselves to become aware of the connection with this angel again. We do this by tracking down so-called coincidences, developing our sensitivity, looking back on our lives, becoming grateful and being amazed.

The nightly connection

Especially at night, when we sleep and go out of our bodies, our angel acts on us, especially from the inspiration of the Archangel Michael, the leading archangel of our time. In doing so, if we are open to this, he places the following impulses in us that increasingly affect our conscious, everyday life:

  • the desire for freedom
  • the longing for real encounters
  • the desire to understand the connection between this world and the spiritual world
  • the desire to understand the meaning (of our own) life.

Help in learning the earthly lessons

Our angel helps us live the lesson of letting go and the conflicts and rifts with the people in your life. He also inspires you from the insight what you can do for your family, your people and humanity. He also connects you with the higher angels, with Michael and with Christ. In all of this, your angel also grows through everything he goes through. You especially receive his help in going the way of initiation.

To see each other again at death.

When we die, our angel lovingly awaits us. When we have become aware of him, we will see him standing there too and entrust ourselves with full confidence to his guidance. Then we become one again.


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