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My most important message to you, ever!

You would say that if you make a spiritual website like Nieuwetijdskind that has been read 80 million times that this is my soul mission, but I personally don’t believe that. Because who exactly is the I who has a soul mission? If you assume that you are ensouled, then by definition you are a multidimensional being, right? Because your soul, that cosmic energy, that’s you after all. Your soul comes here to experience, not necessarily to do. You come here to BE. Because you ARE!

Not that I don’t occasionally ask the universe what I’m here to do, but that’s only in times when I’m too busy in my head and don’t make enough room to feel in my heart . I know quite well that I am kidding myself with this and that I can go back to BEING. Instead of soul mission I prefer to talk about your energetic potential, your blueprint. In other words, how you become yourself on earth. Because you ARE!

Most people are familiar with the trinity of body mind and soul, but there is one that precedes it: Body, Soul and Spirit. Because Spirit is all-encompassing consciousness, it has no experiences. It has your soul with your body as an earthly vehicle. When in 2020, helped by ‘lockdowns’, I actively started to clear up old unresolved pain through my body, I realized how much I had identified with old pain.

As if I was now that old pain, even though it was now years and years later, and I had already learned a lot in the meantime. And while I could feel for the first time that my pain was a self-created illusion of separation, I heard the following words: “You have been living a lie!. There is nothing (no emotions, no pain) in you. Because you ARE!.”

Do you know where you end up when you sink all the way through your pain and allow it without judgment? In the center of your heart where duality (light and dark, joy and sorrow) is transcended because only neutrality exists there.

Admittedly, it is sometimes difficult, because identifying with who you think you are and what you think you have been through to pain, you have worked on that for years and expend an enormous amount of energy. You have formed very old patterns that seem so familiar to you that you think you are. But that is not so from the perspective of your soul. Because you ARE!

You may think that if you have no other mission than to be, then you have no goals, but just ask your heart, that is also not true. It is true that only you know your goals. They do not come to you by seeking them but by being. Because you ARE!

One of my goals, I now know, is to allow you to experience yourself in more dimensions of realities (than just the 3rd and 4th dimensions , for example .) So that you can feel yourself as the multidimensional being that you are. Another goal of mine, linked to this, is to help people activate their full potential, through their hearts.

For this, Hermelijn van der Meijden and I have created the “Leeuwenpoort Downloads” together. Riding on the powerful cosmic energy that is now active until August 13, you can experience who you (now really) are through three short gentle guided meditations. And further activate your blueprint. Are you in? Because I am, you are, and we are (one)!


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