Nausea and stomach pain: what drinking has to do with this (+5 tips)

Nausea and stomach pain: what drinking has to do with this (+5 tips)
Do you regularly suffer from nausea, stomach pain, or a bad feeling in the stomach? This can be caused by certain drinks that we often consume on a daily basis. You can reduce these complaints by taking less of these drinks and also by taking certain drinks that can actually relieve nausea. Timing your drinking times and the way you drink can also influence the development of stomach complaints. That is why this article is not only about what to drink in case of stomach problems, but also about when you should and should not drink.

1. Nausea and stomach pain (prevent) from drinking certain drinks

If you are nauseous, it is better not to drink too much coffee, fruit juice, soft drinks, or lemonade. Drinking or smoking alcohol can also make you nauseous, so try to limit this as much as possible. Read more tips to prevent stomach complaints while going out here. Drinking coffee at the wrong times can also cause nausea. If you are very tired, coffee goes wrong more often than you feel good.

Some people cannot tolerate caffeine or other substances in coffee. Try some decaf and see if it improves. You can also feel nauseous from sweet drinks, such as fruit juice and lemonade. Fruit juice is high in fructose and can cause abdominal pain, heartburn, and belching. This can also indirectly make you nauseous. Lemonade is super chemical and can go wrong for that reason alone. Fresh ginger tea or lukewarm water with lemon can actually help reduce nausea.

2. How much you drink is also important to reduce nausea

How much should you drink when you’re nauseous? Is it better to drink a little bit and do this sitting or standing? There are many ways to drink. Drinking too much water at once can cause nausea, especially when it comes to cold water. It can fall like a log on the stomach. You may recognize that you get a water belly that makes noise or you are suddenly very bloated and nauseous.

Nausea and stomach pain: what drinking has to do with this (+5 tips)

The most important thing is to listen to your body, especially if you are nauseous. Are you thirsty now or do you get nauseous just thinking about having a drink? In the latter case, wait a while or try to take very small sips. Unless you haven’t drunk in hours. Nausea can then be caused by drinking too little. It is also more pleasant if you are nauseous to sit up (half) straight. By sitting up straight, you can avoid getting even more nauseous. So drink upright and take a few small sips; what feels comfortable to your body.

3. Nausea and stomach pain from drinking during or right after a meal

You may have just heard that you should drink at least 2 liters of water and preferably throughout the day. Getting enough fluids is of course important, but it is not always useful to drink during a meal or right after, especially if you suffer from nausea. The moment you drink with food, the pH value in the body becomes much higher (more basic) and food can be digested less well.

The stomach acid should be about as acidic as lemon juice. In addition, the stomach contents become much larger if you drink with food. Suppose the hot meal you are going to eat is 400 grams and you drink 2 glasses of water of 200 ml each, then the volume in the stomach has doubled. This can cause nausea and other complaints, such as rumbling bowels and cramps.

4. The wrong temperature can cause nausea

Nausea and stomach pain: what drinking has to do with this (+5 tips)

An incorrect temperature of the liquid can also cause nausea and stomach pain. It is better not to make yogurt that has just come out of the refrigerator because then the difference in temperature is too great (from 7 to 38 degrees Celsius) and the body has to warm it up completely. It is better to remove it from the refrigerator half an hour in advance and also add warm or products at room temperature. Coffee, tea, or soup that is too hot can also cause complaints. Consciously drink a glass of water and feel what it does to your body. Do you notice that it feels too cold in your body? Then take lukewarm water from now on.

5. Nausea from drinking too much with your head

Do you drink more with your head (I have to drink 2 liters of water a day) or with your body (do I need this?). I know too many people who drink multiple bottles of water throughout the day. With every meal, right after and in between. This they have heard or read and they blindly cling to it. You may even take a drink because you have to instead of your body asking for it.

Try to drink less often and then take a slightly larger amount in one when you are thirsty. Do this very consciously and stop in time. Then also ask yourself whether the gene that you drink actually likes. Do you drink coffee with milk and sugar because you like it? Or do you drink it out of habit with others and cover up the taste with milk and sugar? There is a good chance that you will suffer from this.


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