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Neale Donald Walsch on parenting


Some people raise little children. What advice do you have for today’s parent? What can we tell them? How can we teach them about God?


I’m the last person you should ask for parenting advice. I’m probably in the top ten worst parents in the world. Maybe that’s why I’m the right person to ask that question, I don’t know;

I can tell you about all the mistakes I’ve made. But I believe there is one mistake I have not made. I have always loved my children unconditionally. And I never asked them for anything I didn’t think they wanted to give. To me or to life.

So I think the advice I would like to give to parents is – that you should love your children the way you want you to be loved. Don’t have expectations, don’t make demands and above all let them live their own lives.

Let them go. Let them go. Let them run up against that wall and let them make that mistake. Let them hurt themselves every now and then. Help them back up and lend them a hand if they encounter some setback.

But don’t try to hold them back if they want to live their own lives. Give them their freedom; even the freedom to do things that are not directly in their best interests or that you would even call ‘wrong’.

You know, the best advice I can give to parents is to treat your children the way God treats us: “My will for you is your will for you; I give you free choice in life to make the decisions you wish to make and I will always love you no matter what happens.”


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