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Neale Donald Walsh: What Chakras Are For

Did you know that the chakras of the human body have a function and purpose that most people don’t understand?

In my previous article, we looked for the first time in these realms at the human experience of desire , as an instrument of consciousness. Our research continues this week on describing the sensation in a way that opens a door to a greater understanding of the use and function, purpose and role of your body chakra centers. We’ve heard a lot about these centers in our bodies over the years, but rarely, if ever, how they work, or why they’re there.

The experience of desire .

While desire is a mental process, like all processes it can produce bodily experiences. Longing can produce a sensation in the stomach, what we call jitters, or butterflies in the stomach. A deep and mournful longing can even cause a dull ache. This is because desire is an energy, and there is an energy center where your stomach is. This energy center is called a chakra and it is one of the 7 centers in your body.

Energy centers translate the spiritual into the physical, the invisible into the visible, or to see more broadly what is felt and thought! In short, chakras are the mechanisms that turn “knowing” into “experiencing”! It’s fascinating, given how vital these energy centers are, that millions of people don’t even realize they exist, or don’t believe they exist.

Well, they exist and they can be used to allow us to experience the physical experience of our spiritual identity. This is done by working with energy, (called Chi or Ki, in Eastern traditions). Here’s how energy can work. Deep and sorrowful longing is an energy, it is a thought, created in Spirit. It’s a bodily energy performance.It is your personal information, or more precisely, You coming into being!

Your body consists of 3 parts, body, mind and spirit. What you know in your Spirit, your mind will desire it and you will experience that desire in your body. For example: you know from your Soul that you are One with the Whole. When you become self-conscious, you become aware of what your Soul (spirit) knows. You will desire this in your mind and you will experience the desire in your body.

It is the function of your chakras to translate what the soul knows into a physical experience. A fully conscious mind does it so Purely, without being distorted. A mind that is not yet fully conscious, by the principle of its sleep state or forgetfulness, there the Pure energy of your True Self is distorted.And creating a physical experience that is not quite Pure.

The life energy flows through the chakra system in the body, while embodying spirituality. The chakra system does this by translating one energy into another. This process of translation is what some of us call transformation. Thus, the non-physical energy of a deep and sad desire can bring about the physical energy of a suffering heart. I do not mean this as a metaphor, I am referring to an actual physical desire/suffering.

Positive or happy desire can, in contrast, bring about an upliftment and revival of the senses, resulting in an improvement in physical health. It is not uncommon for a person to feel a lot better overall after experiencing a positive desire, desire to meet someone’s God, or a deep devotion to the Divine Being and the Divine principle is a very good example .

Masters (such as Paramahansa Yogananda) have told us that living with such desire brings about inner peace and physical well-being. Ultimately, the desire for the Divine leads to the Sacred Experience, for desire always produces the experience it desires.


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