New Moon in Pisces energies for March 2019


In this article you can read about the many changes of energies that we have to deal with in March. Mercury retrograde is explained and how you can move with it and the renewing period of Uranus in Aries passes to the peace and stability of Taurus. Themes for this Moon(d) are: true unity and spirituality versus false light and duality, twin souls and healing of the male-female unity within yourself and now really bringing out and taking your unique place in the whole in equal connection from brotherhood side by side.

The new Moon is on March 6, 2019 at 16:04 GMT (17:05 European time) in Pisces with Neptune (ruler Pisces) on top. With New Moon, that new information (frequency) comes in for the new Moon(d), which is current until the next new Moon(d) on April 5. The New Moon this time is a super spiritual new Moon and can awaken a lot of energetic information and insight about what true unity and spirituality is.

love & light syndrome

But the shadow side of Pisces and Neptune is also very topical. In the duality of the Matrix, Pisces energy becomes deception, illusion, astral projection, fear and right separation. False spirituality reigns supreme in which the Love&Light syndrome with its false light rears its head. Only Love & Light may be there, the shadow is projected and separated. You are then only Love&Light. The secretion becomes maximum and this gives nourishment to a deep secretion and even fear of everything that is not Love&Light. This Moon(d) can teach us what true unity is. True unity excludes nothing, but is unconditional. The shadow is also embraced, starting with the sharp edges and hidden shadow pieces in yourself that you are not at peace with.

Male-Female and Unity

If there is balance, then the male active principle and female receiving principle in yourself are in balance and equally present. By embracing both powers, the unity can also recover within yourself. Then it is possible to stand up for yourself in a good way, you can be a (healthy) I (male side) and you can also receive it (female side). Then you move out of the duality of the Matrix. That masculine or feminine power is often projected outwards, to the man or woman in our lives and the twin flame.

If you continue to nurture this power outside of yourself, you will negate the unification within yourself, because your manifestation power then depends on something outside of yourself. So these are lessons and growth that this new Moon(d) has in store for us.

Your unique contribution

At this new Moon, the black Moon in Aquarius is in the 6th house. This divine flow inspires you to take your unique place in the practical order of life. In recent years we have been stimulated to see, recognize, acknowledge and bring out our own unique added value and creative expression. (Last 2 years North Node in Leo and Priapus in Leo.) We’ve seen that the many facets could co-exist and everyone brings a different piece of the whole spectrum, making the whole spectrum visible.

So not from separation and competition, but side by side as brothers and sisters, stimulating each other, inspiring and working together. This new Moon will clarify even more in a practical way what your place is in the organization of the whole and stimulate you to take this place, make it visible and expand it further. Together we build a web of consciousness that is stronger than the individual. (black Moon in Aquarius in 6th /7th house opposition Priapus in Leo 12th house, ascendant and 1st house.)

Many changing energies

There are also many shifts of energies around this new Moon. These ever-changing energies can create a lot of unrest and instability. Mercury is going retrograde, Uranus is moving from Aries to Taurus, the divine inflow of the (corrected) black Moon is going from Aquarius to Pisces and Chiron has just gone from Pisces to Aries.

Retrograde Mercury

Mercury went retrograde (or while going backwards) on March 5th at 7:28 PM (7:20 PM stationary) and will continue to retrograde until March 28th (4:00 PM (2:41 PM) Stationary). A retrograde period is indicated as a difficult period, because anything that has to do with movement can be disrupted. Mercury rules movement, information, communication and, for example, traffic.

Often appointments run differently or are cancelled, there are problems in traffic and errors in communication. Mercury in retrograde asks us to turn inward and communicate internally and first put things in order. So if you are well connected with your inner world and are in regular internal dialogue, then the Mercury retrograde period will not cause any problems at all.

Restore clean male power

Chiron is connected to the wounded healer and in Aries Chiron asks to go for yourself; ie to be an ‘I’. Just like on an airplane you first have to put on the mask for yourself in an emergency before you can help someone else. If you don’t take care of yourself, you won’t help anyone else either.

During this period that Chiron is in Aries from February 18, 2019 10:10 to April 2027, we learn to use the male side in ourselves in a healthy way. Unnecessary struggles are eliminated. We learn to act cleanly, with no ulterior motive, simply because it has to be done and to act for that which is righteous and needs hands. This is the power of the pure warrior. (Aries-Libra axis) So take action and actively work with the waste problem, the environment, cultural issues and so on.

Stabilizing innovation

Uranus moved from Aries to Taurus on the day of the new Moon at 9:30 am and will remain there for now. In the period from May 2010 onwards, Uranus in Aries has wreaked havoc and initiated an enormous renewal. Now that Uranus is in Taurus, until April 2026, a new period has begun in which we will stabilize and build all renewal on a solid foundation. The heart, the unconditional (mother) love, peace, safety, (building) stability play the leading role in this period. And in your own life, all the hyped up renewal and drive to make yourself visible in a new way can stabilize and come to rest in a new jacket.

Switching in the divine flow

In the coming Moon(d) also the black Moon, which is connected to the divine flow within us and in the world, will move from Aquarius to Pisces. On March 9, part of this stream already begins to flow into Pisces. (corrected black moon) In addition to the divine inspiration flow of the black Moon in Aquarius (until July) with themes such as consciousness, brotherhood, equality versus ego and freedom, the divine inspiration flow of black Moon also flows in Pisces. The themes of the black Moon in Pisces are: unity versus separation, twin souls/male-female themes, chaos versus order and purity and organization and service.

Pure unity

In the period from March 9 when the divine flow and inspiration of the black Moon flows through Pisces, the themes I described earlier in this article in the paragraphs ‘Love&Light Syndrome’ and ‘Masculine-Female and Unity’ are very topical. The survival mechanism in this period is connected with Virgo energy and the themes of the survival mechanism are: order, falling apart in fragmentation, judging, having to be pure to the whim. Or the creation of chaos in the absence of order. We are allowed to recalibrate ourselves during this period when it comes to unconditional real experiences with oneness. If the unity can flow well, Virgo energy becomes a practical energy, which can ground and practically organize everything in a serviceable way.


In short, we are entering a period of changes of energies and therefore of your goal. Gradually there will be more peace in the base and all renewal will be placed in a new stable order. We are also active in restoring the wounded male act in us and in society. This Moon(d) will specifically challenge you to make your unique contribution alongside all other contributions in connection as brothers and sisters visible and practical and thus come out with what you have to contribute. Good luck and have a good time…


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