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New York chalkboard asks people what they regret most

Chalkboard in New York City Asks People What They Most Regret – It’s Heartbreaking What They All Have in Common

What do you regret most? Is there something you wish you had done, or something you wish you had done differently? Did you hold a grudge, lose track of friends, or forget to say sorry? Did you prefer the easy way instead of following your enthusiasm and passion? You might be surprised at how similar our reasons for regret really are. Watch the video below to see what the people from NYC had to say.

It’s a real ‘ eye opener ‘ to see what the majority of us have so much in common with each other. We regret the things we didn’t do much more than the things we did; the missed opportunities far outweigh the mistakes we made. As stated in the video:

“It was about opportunities that were not taken. It was about words that were not spoken. It was about dreams that were not being chased.”

Videos :

After this exercise, each participant was given a wiper. This allowed them to erase their ‘regret’ both physically and psychologically and start with a clean slate. This sent the powerful message that we don’t have to make the same mistake a second time or live with our regrets forever. It really is never too late to chase our dreams, but we must first let go of our regrets.

“Every new day is an opportunity to do everything differently.”

This is a powerful incentive for all of us to seize more opportunities and embrace change in our lives; not to let fear rule our lives; to put our pride aside and say sorry; to tell our loved ones that we love them.

Every day is a clean slate. Do those things you’ll regret if you don’t.

What do you regret most?


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