Non-duality: Exposing the Ego

Non-duality: Exposing the Ego

Nowadays everything moves very fast and we have to meet a lot of expectations so that we sometimes outrun ourselves. We are dealing with inner voices that are incessantly commenting on everything and everyone. However, this disturbs our inner peace and therefore we should see through these learned habits. One tool that can help you with this is non-duality. Read below what the concept of non-duality means and what it can bring you.

The concept of non-duality

Non-duality assumes that reality is one and indivisible. This reality is sometimes described as the one universal Being, which is timeless and boundless. Non-dual insight means that it is not necessary to draw all kinds of dividing lines. Think of dividing lines between high and low, here and there, you and me, and past and future. Everything is as it is. There is no need to put labels on everything we observe and make subdivisions. In non-duality, we are invited to see things again without prejudice as they really are and not as we believe they are.

We have learned to name and subdivide. Often this leads to judging and judging ourselves and others based on personal or cultural norms that are not universal. Non-duality, on the other hand, tries to focus attention on the universal, and to invest less energy in the personal, temporal and local.

The ego according to non-duality

Non-duality: Exposing the Ego

According to non-duality, all phenomena are in fact temporary expressions of the one indivisible being. The same is true of the idea of ​​being a person, that is, the ego. The ego here stands for the belief that we are limited to an ‘I’: a person who is not only convinced to have a free choice but who also feels that he is the doer of his or her actions.

The ego gives us a sense of identity, we know the difference between me and the others, between past and future, and between what is allowed and what is not. In this sense, the ego can be useful, but often it becomes a bit overconfident and preoccupied with itself. The ego then changes from a loyal servant to a commander. It wants to prove itself, for example by being very important or successful or by playing the role of failure or victim. It is also customary to always comment on everything and everyone.

Exposing the ego

on-duality assumes that the ego is nothing more than an idea that occasionally appears in our consciousness. When this is clear, the opportunity arises to see that

Non-duality assumes that the ego is nothing more than an idea that occasionally appears in our consciousness. When this is clear, the opportunity arises to see that which does not come and go. However, that is not an object that can be seen or a feeling that can be felt. Rather, it is the Spatiality in which all those thoughts and feelings can come and go.

Through this insight, the ego loses its central position, and space is released for ‘something’ that goes beyond the person. A transpersonal Spatiality that was already there before the appearance of the ego. When we recognize that the Spatiality on ‘my’ side is the same space as on ‘your’ side, a recognition of the one in all the others arises.

Because this spaciousness is present in everyone, this is an ideal breeding ground for unconditional love. Sometimes this light source may be hidden behind the ego’s mask, but it is active in everyone. By exposing this ego, we can rediscover the universal Being that is present in everyone.

Positive consequences of exposing our ego

Non-duality: Exposing the Ego

When we expose our ego, it brings positive consequences. This puts less pressure on the ego and our life will therefore automatically run in a more natural way. For example, we need to prove ourselves less to ourselves or to others. We are also less likely to compare ourselves to others, as at this point we are interested in the similarities between people rather than the differences. In addition, the tendency to criticize others decreases, so that we experience more inner peace.

Just ‘being’ without additional commentary is for some the most beautiful thing to ‘discover’, but most of us overlook this because it seems so ordinary and banal to the ego. But the light is shining all the time. Nothing is added, we just lose some unnecessary ballast. Because of this, a deep satisfaction automatically appears. A spontaneous lightness and openness.


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