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Non-terrestrial souls, souls from other energetic solar systems that are guests on earth

When I talk about non-terrestrial souls, people often think of extraterrestrial life in the sense of alien-like beings. Like in American Science Fiction movies. Then I see images of gigantic spaceships with a flat round shape, casually circling through the sky. In these films, we are surprised by gigantic flying ships so large that an entire city disappears into a powerless shadow.

Usually this is illustrated with the terrifying message: ‘they arrive’. Followed by an equally alarming message: ‘they attack.’ People don’t understand much about these aliens, but they are mostly after land and power. In the end, we triumph over these hostile creatures. We are shooting the alien ships out of the sky. So much for our contemporary collective image of extraterrestrial life. usually evokes fear .

We don’t know much about extraterrestrial life (read extraterrestrial souls)

Striking over time is that it always seems to be about flat, round ships with the often green-colored creatures on board. The question that has arisen with me over time is: who ever thought that these ships are made of (tangible) matter?

By this I mean, people wouldn’t know what they look like, but they do move in metallic-colored dishes. It’s amazing that people assume they have solid matter spaceships. Couldn’t they also travel through a light orb, through light or…?

Anyway, let’s not make it too complicated: the human image of extraterrestrial life is inspired by our fantasy and fear. In this article I want to tell something about my experiences with readings. Also about how my experience with readings and the existence of extraterrestrial life actually coincide with my personal experience: that they are already there, among us.

Every soul a material jacket

When I took my first steps reading years ago, I assumed that every soul was equal. Every person has a body and a soul, which consists of energy. The physical body was the tangible and physical plane. The energetic chakras on the body were like buttons on a coat to me. With which the energetic soul was anchored and connected in the body. I could

understanding that a refined soul of energy would not just fit into a tangible body and that the chakras were there to hold the soul in the body as ‘locking pins’. As a child I had a jacket with sticks as buttons through the buttonholes. When I thought that the buttonholes are the chakras and the buttons are the soul energy, a clear picture emerged for me about how body and soul were connected.

At the time, I assumed that everyone had basically the same energy. In addition, that all souls came from one source. I also felt that every soul has a certain degree of purity (vibration), which made it possible to find out what the spiritual evolution was like.

At that time every soul seemed to be earthbound, in other words that they had considered the earth their home. Although the journey was not experienced as easy for everyone.

Two main groups of souls

After several years of reading, people came into practice with a special soul energy. Their soul energy did not compare well with the earth energy . For them this meant that they did not find their ‘turn’ in life because of this. So they were not grounded firmly. Even though they had gathered everything around them to have this. I could clearly see that these spiritual souls are non-terrestrial.

They felt different in vibration than most people who came to see me for a reading. They had a spatial energy. In other words: their actions and feelings were not originally determined by an I-feeling (ego). And they carried with them a strong spiritual energy, which to me felt very refined.

I discovered through this that there are two main groups of souls:

The earthly souls: for them the materialistic solar system of which the earth is a part is their natural home.

The non-terrestrial souls: souls from other energetic solar systems who are guests on earth for a single or multiple lifetimes in the materialistic solar system.


To clarify this, I will go into more detail about these two main groups.

The earthly soul and their earthly source.

For the earthly soul, its own solar system is characterized by matter and is characterized by a strong physical play of magnetism: the attraction and repulsion of matter. From atoms to planets, everything is subject to connecting and letting go. This is the world of earthly souls. It is due to the pull of the Earth’s magnetic core alone that we can manifest on Earth through gravity.

It is a solar system in which everything is subject to the laws of time, space and distance. Just to name a few examples: A planet is there, but it can also disappear again. Life too is fleeting; we live and someday we die. We have a history: There is no more ice age now. We are subject to the zeitgeist of how we think about things. We live on earth with the seasons.

For earthly souls, the earth is their home. When man dies, the soul goes to the earthly source. The earthly source is a waiting room, in which the soul is prepared for a new life on earth. By evaluating past life, the soul can enter (incarnate) the earth with a new learning process.

So in our solar system the earthly souls are connected to earthly sources. You incarnate from earth to the earth source and vice versa until you have completed your earthly learning process. Then you go back to the All (main source), where you arrive again in pure form, just as you once left. In summary: You are on Earth and you live your lives on Earth interacting with your Earthly source until your journey is over. Then you go home through the gate.

In the ancient mystical song ‘white swans, black swans’ that children still learn at school, this journey is summarized as the journey to Angel-land. And this is also highlighted in my first article about Angels & Guides . Anyway, we are also dealing with non-earthly souls, and what about that?

Non-earthly souls have another home

The materialistic solar system is limited. It is surrounded by energetic solar systems with their own resources, to which completely different physical laws apply. These laws are not bound to matter and magnetism as with us, but they do have an important similarity, namely that everything consists of energy. Beings with a totally different consciousness also live there. And there is also a constant consciousness-expanding evolution.

An important difference is that energetic consciousness in other solar systems is usually self-evident. This means: The realization that everything consists of energy, everything is connected (We-experience) is very highly developed. We are still discovering this on earth. And that’s totally okay. Other sources often have a stronger, more spiritual sense that we are evolving until we come home to the All.

The fascinating thing is that each resource also has its own strengths. I will try to explain this. There are sources with a complete We experience. There are also sources with transparent life forms that live together telepathically. And live with each other without ego layers. Or have a strong sense of the evolution of souls. You can imagine that your source influences your incarnation.

ice water woman

Basic Characteristics of Non-Earthly Souls

Over time, I discovered some basic characteristics that I observed in these spiritual souls:

  • They are highly sensitive (HSP) and highly energetic-spiritual perceiving and feeling people. They find it difficult to ground. This takes a lot of time.
  • A strong collective feeling that everything and everyone on Earth is connected
  • In a world with a lot of I-feeling and Ego-awareness they feel very lonely (individualism) Suffering a lot from the imperfection of life (transience)
  • Duality, so opposites in life, is experienced as confusing
  • Often highly developed spiritually or analytically, but find it difficult to deal with emotions/feelings of oneself or others (Demarcate You-I)
  • They stumble in their lives upon the fundamental law in this solar system, which is:
  • Time, Space and Distance. Such as dealing with structure, agenda and schedules
  • They eventually find their way in life, but feel uprooted from their Self
  • The energetic perception is self-evident for them, but also often weakened (can be quickly learned again)
  • Find what keeps us busy here on earth but very relatively or outright uninteresting Have little affinity with money, career, power, status, possessions or luxury.
  • Strong feeling that there is more between heaven and earth
  • Most remarkable: they feel (secretly) different from earthly people:
  • somewhere inside they feel different and that continues to gnaw (they often say about themselves: “I think I’m an alien!
  • As a child they are wise, sensitive and have a strong peace-loving, amazing and wise vision from an early age

There is no doctor who can tell you this, no psychologist who can bring your soul home and thus try hard to integrate these souls on earth and find their place. Only in their deepest being do they never really feel at home on earth. And because of this, they often feel lonely.

Discovering an earthly life

Because of their origin they have a different vision of life on earth. Once they have come to earth from their source, they, like the earthly soul, involve a material body. However, their vibration is much higher, more refined, so it takes a long time for them to get used to their bodies. Birth is often a traumatic experience. It can therefore take a number of lives before they are used to their new home, because that is a physical body for them.

For a soul with a fine energy or high vibration it takes a long time to get used to the earthly circumstance. As mentioned before, earthly matters and concerns, which earthly souls can be very concerned about, are very relative or unimportant to them. This makes them feel alienated from earthly reality.

Yet they try out earthly concepts (way of life) for a long time to frantically give shape to their earthly life. What keeps pulling inwardly is a spiritual longing, because this generates an old familiar feeling. Non-earthly souls are in fact highly spiritually refined.

When the non-earthly souls discover that they are not earthly souls and that they come from a non-earthly source, this can cause a lot of emotions. Especially because deep down they have always known that it is so, but the thought actually felt too vague or unrealistic. Some souls evolve quickly on Earth, but some get stuck on the contrast between their home and their new Earth home.

Evolution as a driving force for their journey

These souls are also growing towards the All on their own source and are constantly exploring their energetic DNA how this could be. And that is also the reason that these non-earthly souls come to earth. It is special that there is usually a twofold goal: the souls get something for their own development and therefore for the evolution of their own source (!), but also have something to give to the earth.

This is also the principle of give and take. As good guests who bring a present for their guest source (read: earth), they come to enrich the earth with their luminous energy. In this way a non-earthly soul can carry out the meaning of love for its purpose.

When the message of love is not only knowledge, but is also experienced from the heart, then this soul can become active to inspire people on earth souls. So that these earth souls also spread love. Thus various messengers and masters have come to earth, who have first undergone their formation on earth.

Therein lies an individual and collective goal.

They exist in human form.

And luckily! From their home they bring their spiritual energy with them on Earth, so that we can make a leap of consciousness. And they themselves can experience the world of dualism on Earth. These temporary guests surround the earthly souls and marvel at customs and the things they value. Their physical body is their ‘space suit’ for living here on Earth and they are slow to learn to use their senses.

The usefulness of knowledge about your source

Why do you have certain talents? What is the meaning of money, status and power? Why does one feel more at home practicing Reiki than Shamballa?

Why is one with his feet in the earth and the other not? Why does one person feel highly sensitive (HSP) and the other not? Why are there so many spiritual visions? Why are there so many theories and ideas about the ego?

All the features can be brought home to the purpose and task of your source. Each source has its characteristics and has an intention.

A group of souls from this source has the same qualities. For non-earthly souls their source says a lot about their identity, their energetic origin. Suppose you come from Russia, but you move to the Netherlands very early in your life. Then you will be able to learn the Dutch language, but it is questionable with which language you feel emotionally connected.

You will be surprised that things are very different here in the Netherlands. People may start to look at you differently because of your habits, values ​​and outlook on life. For you, however, this is very common. You can’t really understand why people experience life differently in the Netherlands.


There are two main groups of souls. The earthly souls who are earth bound with their earth-sources and thus the non-terrestrial souls with non-terrestrial sources. Life can be complex for earth souls and they can experience reincarnation as a big task to reach a higher Consciousness. Earthly souls are souls that have gone directly from the Main Source to Earth to bond with the Earth.

Non-terrestrial souls have moved from the Main Source to another solar system and after a process of evolution choose the earth. So this goes in a roundabout way.

The non-earthly souls already have this higher Consciousness, they are born with it, but choose a reincarnation process. Not to reach this higher consciousness, but to be able to connect to the earthly souls, so that spiritual wisdom can be passed on.

Or sometimes they only last one life. You must imagine that earthly souls cannot feel or realize their knowledge if the non-terrestrial souls remain in their total spiritual consciousness.

Because non-earthly souls incarnate, their knowledge remains manageable for us. In addition, by getting acquainted with our dualistic view of things (we give color to everything), they can bring home a lot of experiential knowledge.

It is difficult, however, that this soul, the moment they enter a physical body and experience the earthly swamp of duality, that they, just like the earthly soul, renounce their Total Consciousness.

They too therefore acquire a diminished awareness of the coherence of the cosmos. What is key for these souls is a very strong desire to act out of spiritual love and experience life in a We feeling. (For example, Jesus also surrounded himself with disciples to experience a collective)

In short: as soon as non-earthly souls incarnate, they experience, apart from their strong spiritual desire and reduced higher consciousness, the same earthly conditions and resistances as earthly souls. You will understand that non-earthly souls come to a total cosmic consciousness faster than earthly souls, the moment they are no longer entangled in duality. Their spiritual task then awaits.


We have our own collective image of non-terrestrial souls (aliens) and because of this our association that non-terrestrial souls is about ‘the other’, a human-strange looking being, preferably colored green. It may be a crazy idea that unearthly souls in human packaging just walk around us. Well, but our knowledge about the soul is still evolving.

All souls aim to evolve to come to consciousness of the Main Source, call it God or All, etc. A non-terrestrial soul is far from home. They take spiritual consciousness with them to accelerate the human incarnation. I have written this mainly for them, because they are often invisible to the naked eye.

I have found that a burden is lifted for them when they hear that there is more than (their eyes) human one-dimensional approach to life. They often experience the Being-experience and worldview of the earthly souls too relatively. When they are discovered and become aware of their origin again, they can set up their task on earth. Their task at the moment mostly has to do with strengthening our collective consciousness (early 2012).

Non-earthly souls aim to make a substantial positive contribution to life on Earth and it is my wish that they can do this to the fullest. To ponder, I close with the sentence: if you don’t know where you come from, how do you know where you’re going?


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