Nothing is what it seems

looking at nothing

Why do we tend to make up our own stories so quickly, without knowing anything about the background? Why do we always want to know better and are we convinced in what we have come to believe? Why don’t we look behind the story of something or someone and have an immediate judgment? Why do we often make things so unnecessarily difficult for ourselves by bringing about certain creations that are often not even based on the truth? It has to do with how we see people and/or situations and also our own experiences and beliefs. Sometimes it’s like a long-playing record that continuously plays the same songs. Repeatedly applying the old pattern and being dumbfounded afterwards and doing it just as well the next time.

Why is it so hard to step out of that old role and consciously take every decision you make, statement you make, behavior you display. To consciously look at how you react and consciously to see whether what you see with the eye is the truth? Because what is your truth does not have to be someone else’s truth. With great stories and judgments you have sketched a situation, of which you do not even know what the real thinking behind it is.

Addicted to judgment

Life is made up of judgments. Judging another person, a situation or anything that can be judged. But have you actually examined your judgments? Have you ever looked to see if it’s a made-up story based on the data you’ve been given? Are you sure you have all the data at your disposal to judge it at all? Are you in a position to judge? And why are you even judging? Do you like it when people judge you or your actions and companies? Nobody likes to be judged and yet we all do it. It has become an addiction, an automatism of our system. One is even better than the other or vice versa.


Society has created this division and that is such a shame, because by living this way you make your world very small. You are no longer open to the ideas and thinking of the other, because you have already made a story for yourself. With this we close ourselves off to the multiple possibilities that life and people still have to offer. Because behind that judgment of yours, there may well be a completely different story. A story of inspiration or need, a story with a past and a cause or a story that has much more to tell than you had in mind. The pigeonholing is baked into it and that does not matter to a certain extent. It is ingrained in it so much that we have come to live according to the same story every time and not break the circle.

How do you break something like that? And how do I know if this is true? In fact, you don’t know anything until you hear the whole story. Until you feel it’s the truth, not with your head, but with your heart. You can break through everything by living in the NOW and becoming aware of your behavior and your role in it. You can break your patterns if you want to, but you have to do something for that.


How do you break something when you’ve been doing it for so long? You do that as you do with everything, you start with awareness. Awareness of your behaviour, of your judgment and of the stories you create. You start to realize that everything you think and think about someone else, that there may be a whole different truth behind it and that it is not what it seems. Perhaps you have experienced a situation like this that made it your story? Maybe you would react that way yourself? Maybe you are put together in such a way that it is actually your own story? Maybe you just really don’t have all the information on hand and you just can’t pass judgment on it.

Open can

Try to look at everything with an open mind and realize that there are several sides to a story. Let go of certain patterns and behaviors about how you see it and think you see it. Realize that if you look at everything in a different way and with an open mind, your world will become bigger as a result. You learn more about yourself, the other person and certain situations. You are open to see it differently, so you may be able to make a connection, to find out what it is and learn from it. You observe the situation as it is, and leave it there without judgment. This also saves unnecessary energy wastage and you keep everything in its value, including yourself. Because what you give you get back.

Go into the world with an open mind to everything and know that everyone and everything has a story, behind the story that someone or something shows. And that you can learn from that if you want. Be open to the world and open yourself in the process. Look at everything around you in love and stop with that division, because that is of no use. Everything and everyone has a story, it just depends on whether you are willing to see that story and not fill it in.



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