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Now it’s time for love

It’s time we started thinking seriously about love. And before you remind me that your last relationship dates back years or more, and you haven’t been able to create one all this time, no matter how hard you tried, I just want to tell you that help is on the way , and that in 2014 we will see a great opening and change in this area.

We need to start pairing, as I said on 3/12 (on the Love and Forgiveness paradigm phone call) and our divine partnerships and sweet spirit connections, which are free of karma, are now forming.

It was said that it was time for us to mate and it was described as a process of expressing the divine masculine and feminine in partnerships. As we begin to create the new Earth paradigms grounded in our divinity, which is a reflection of our wholeness (not “holiness”), we must begin to balance all aspects of love.

We’ve done most of the healing work, and before you ask what you have left to heal, well, nothing, it’s time to take action now. We have become so absorbed in healing that we forgot that part of healing is to put into practice what we have learned, and use our knowledge to create another path. And there we often get stuck, because we get stuck in the healing.

Now that we’ve done this (we’ve done this over and over), it’s time to act. And if you think this isn’t possible, let me share with you that I know more than 20 people who haven’t been in a relationship for years or decades, and who now have beautiful, fulfilling love relationships that were suddenly there for them.

They had “chance” encounters, encounters that just happened on their own, and they met someone they were immediately attracted to, immediately attached to, and now they’re a couple, and they couldn’t be happier.

It only takes one moment to meet that person, and that energy is now available to us. When we ‘fall in love’ our hearts open all the way, and that is the purpose of these relationships, to open our hearts. We have to be ‘open-hearted’ to step into these new dimensions and what better way to do that than being in love?

This is what we need to bring into the new Earth paradigms, the blend of emotional and energetic love, clearing the path of all the drama, karma and trauma we have experienced, in order to be able to align with the energy of unconditional love in an emotional context.


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