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Objects that disappear and reappear: a matter of vibration number?

It happened to me again last summer: an object that disappears into thin air and reappears (a little) later! Since I assume that almost everyone experiences this kind of thing but always thinks it is his fault, after this incident I asked my guides why this happens every now and then.

Two green watering cans

It’s hot and dry and I want to water some plants. We own two large green watering cans that are usually located near the ponds or planters that need water. My husband last used the watering cans but he isn’t there and I can’t reach him. It’s not like him to put them away, but I can’t find them anywhere. I search the whole garden, which is quite large, and look in the most unlikely places, but neither of the two watering cans show up. Tricky, because I really need them.

I give up and go do something else. Then, a few hours later, I first see one watering can, just in a conspicuous spot, and then the other, standing next to the path that I’ve been walking back and forth on constantly, searching for the watering cans. Very annoying and unnecessary if you ask me. But what the hell is the point of this? Is there something behind it, a deeper meaning that I can’t grasp, or is it just a joke from my guides ? I decide to ask them about it now.objects that disappearGuide: “We do like a joke, but in this case that’s not the reason it happens. It has no deeper meaning, it just happens. You know that there are many more dimensions than you and most other people can perceive.

The reality that you perceive has a certain vibration that makes objects seem to consist of solid matter. However, that is an illusion. The solid matter also consists of a lot of empty space and because of its vibrational number it is visible to you or not.

A higher vibration immediately makes it impossible to perceive the object. It’s still there, but you don’t see it. Sometimes something disappears that way forever, but most of the time it’s only temporarily in another dimension. Someone who can observe the dead might be able to see your watering can. Now the question is, of course, why this is happening.

It has to do with a certain sensitivity, which ensures that your energy sometimes unintentionally exerts an influence on the material environment. Your energy makes the object you are looking for change its vibration. It only has to be a fraction and it already disappears. That is because the earth as a whole has been raising its vibration in recent decades. The boundary between the dimensions becomes smoother.

Why doesn’t it happen more often? Your belief in the reality you perceive prevents that. You create your own reality and this does not belong in your reality. Spirit influences matter and will increasingly do so in ways that you can consciously perceive.

You will learn to use it effectively and only if it is useful or pleasant to you. Don’t be annoyed if something disappears again and just wait for it to reappear, or try to consciously lower the vibration of the object, allowing it to reappear in your reality.”

A letter that inexplicably comes backobjects that disappear

My mother wrote a letter to someone once, put it in the mail and a little later regretted sending this letter. She wanted nothing more than to be able to undo it. Her longing was so great that a few days later she found the letter on her doormat, somewhat crumpled but unopened. There was no misdirection or any other explainable cause.

My guide says of these kinds of events: “Many more people have experiences like this, but they almost always dismiss it as mere coincidence. They immediately doubt their own perception, and if they don’t themselves, others will. That can be quite frustrating.”

As if to illustrate the piece I just wrote, the next day I experience two situations of others, which have the same meaning! And that while normally it usually takes months before I experience something similar again.
In the morning I arranged a telephone consultation with someone who wants to discuss some dreams with me related to problems in her relationship. She calls and is somewhat panicked: she’s been looking for her dream notebook all morning and can’t find it. “It’s always next to my bed and I thought I could grab it, but it was gone. It’s bright pink, so you can’t overlook it that easily. I’ve searched my entire house, but it’s nowhere to be found. Do we have to reschedule once I’ve found my notebook, or do you think it’s gone on purpose?’ In this case it certainly seems possible.

We decide to continue the consultation and instead do a card reading on the same theme. That gives excellent information and we both wonder if the dreams were actually necessary. They were dreams from some time ago, maybe they weren’t so current anymore?

A moment later I check my email. It includes an email from a woman who came to see me last week for a consultation. She was sure she had put money in her wallet, but it turned out to be empty when she wanted to pay me.

She had turned it inside out three times, but the fifty note that should have been inside was missing. She now writes to me that in the evening her husband looked in her wallet and……. that the money was just there! How could that be…..?

Incidentally, I think that although the disappearance of the watering cans had no substantive significance, it did prompt me to discuss the subject with my guides and write a piece about it.

I had never experienced it as extreme as with the watering cans. And then those two similar events in one day, right after. Presumably the guides did have a hand in this! I can hear them laughing softly in the background…..


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