Old and New Clairvoyance – what’s the difference?

Learn to distinguish between old and new clairvoyance.

Man was originally clairvoyant. He could see far into the spiritual world.
Gradually he began to lose that ability, as he became more and more materialistic. It was only about the earth, about this life.

Fortunately there were still initiates at that time, individuals who were clairvoyant and could mediate between the earthly and the spiritual world. When they also died out, man eventually lost all connection with the spiritual world.
You could say that since then man has wandered about, oblivious to the much larger world around him.

In our time, man is beginning to develop clairvoyant abilities again. It is limited, but it is a development that can no longer be stopped.
There is a difference between the ancient form of clairvoyance and the clairvoyance that we are beginning to develop today.

Ancient Clairvoyance

The old clairvoyance was connected with the group soul.
We find examples of this among peoples who live in the jungles and among nomadic peoples.

The Aboriginals could come out of their bodies to follow a tribesman who had to bring a special message to another tribe. This ancient clairvoyant ability was possible because the Aborigines were still a unity in some way. They lived in the atmosphere of a group soul.

Over time man developed more and more into an individual, a being that can live from its own strength. The more man learned to say ‘I’, the more he lost those old clairvoyant powers.

The old clairvoyance is thus closely connected with man as a group being.
Thus in ancient times man derived guidance from the spiritual world, because he could not yet stand on his own two feet.

Ancient clairvoyance was also focused on the future: what will the future bring and what must humans do to prepare for that future?
The angels, the masters, the initiates thus guided life on earth.

New Clairvoyance

The new clairvoyance respects our freedom and makes no predictions for the future.
We are no longer group beings, and we have evolved to the point where we are able to make the necessary decisions ourselves.
We are able to make our decisions by thinking and reflecting on what we really want and by taking our inner voice seriously.

This means that the future is no longer 100% certain: our future depends not only on the spirit world, but also on our own decisions.
Anyone who makes predictions for the future in our time, therefore, does not take into account the incipient freedom that man acquires today.
In addition, predictions for the future take away our open-mindedness to go our own way, and thus limit our freedom.

Wherever clairvoyant messages become an authority that tempts one to go away on their own, instead of helping one to listen to the deepest self, they belong to the old form of clairvoyance and are no longer appropriate for this time.
We must learn at this time to connect with our own knowledge and learn to let go of all those outer authorities.

In the present time, the angels of the Light are no longer allowed and willing to lead us in this way: above all they respect our freedom and thereby give us the opportunity to learn from our mistakes and become independent through trial and error.
And so the angels of the Light practice the art of restraint.

And so the angels of the Light practice the art of restraint

This helps us to make the step from materialistic thinking to spiritual thinking in our time. Clairvoyant experiences are increasingly taken for granted and taken more seriously.
There is currently a spiritual revolution taking place.

More and more people look at life completely differently than they did thirty years ago. They regain an inner sense of the spiritual world and become more aware of the world of their origin.

The essence of the new clairvoyance

The essence of the new clairvoyance has to do with looking at your own life and asking yourself: Why do the things that happen to me happen? What message is hidden behind everything that happens to me from day to day?

Clairvoyance today means learning to see clearly the hidden back of your life.
Gaining insight into your own character, your own biography, the karmic patterns you encounter in it and the assignment you have taken with you to earth.
That’s what the new clairvoyance is all about.

This is how the new form of clairvoyance develops: the quiet, patient and continuous work on oneself.
It is the precondition for any further growth and development in this field.
That silent work eventually leads to the birth of the higher self within us.


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