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On the way to the new era. Individualism and the Feminine

Everyone who looks at the turbulent times we live in actually agrees on one thing: the world is changing . Some believe that these changes will be disastrous and foresee disasters in the future. Others – like me – believe that there will come a time when people will live more in harmony with themselves and the earth, a time of peace and prosperity.

Two energies are currently acting on humanity that play an important role in the processes of change that are now taking place, and I want to tell you a little more about that.

1. Individualism

The first energy is individualism. This energy means that people increasingly choose their own path and form their own opinion. Less and less consideration for the community in which they live. This energy manifests itself very strongly, especially in the West, but it can also be felt in non-Western cultures. In these countries, too, we see that opinions are beginning to diverge. Opting for the interests of the community is also becoming less and less self-evident there.

In the first instance, this energy strengthens the egoistic in people, which results in an increase in violence, chaos and antisocial behaviour.

All this does not seem so favorable, yet the deeper purpose of this energy is to help man get in touch with his own inner core, his own soul. This energy helps people learn to trust their own authority, their own inner truth. This energy brings them into contact with their soul, the part of them that is not determined by upbringing, culture or genes.

At the level of the soul there is harmony and love. Between souls there is no struggle, only love, respect and harmony. The universe is designed in such a way that souls can express themselves completely freely without the need for rules or laws. This is because they are all part of the same great cosmic symphony. And just when people start acting from the soul, so completely from themselves, that cosmic order will also manifest itself here on earth . This is the meaning of the new age: a time in which people live from their souls.

But before that, the energy of individualism will first bring out a lot of selfish ‘dirt’, we see this happening now. At the same time, anyone who wants to can also see the beauty of this. The true richness of the human spirit is beginning to show itself more and more thanks to the rise of individualism. Has there ever been a time when so much spiritual wealth was so easily accessible to so many people? Think not only of books and CDs, but also of the Internet on which so many beautiful homepages can be discovered. Virtually anyone who has something of value to bring can manifest themselves to the world, and more and more people are discovering that they do indeed have something of value to offer.

Another important effect of individualism is that all kinds of authoritarian and hierarchical structures are broken down. Small, flat organizations that recognize the value of the individual and encourage originality are increasingly successful. Large, rigid organizations seem doomed.

Even if individualism has negative sides, it is clear that a return to a more authoritarian form of life is not to be preferred. We only need to think back for a moment to the things that happened in the Second World War . One man commands, the rest obey. We know how terrible the consequences have been. Then, on the road to humane individualism, it is better to take temporary indulgences for granted and continue to rely on the spiritual power hidden in the movement to individualism.

2. The Feminine

The second energy currently acting on the development of humanity is the restoration of the balance between the masculine and the feminine. An enhanced feminine energy is at work that, among other things, helps to promote the emancipation of women. We see this happening all over the world. It is true that this process is happening faster in some places than in others, but it is happening everywhere.

Initially, feminists mainly emphasized the equality of women and men, sometimes unintentionally turning women into a kind of men-to-be. The existing behavioral differences would be entirely the result of the difference in bringing up. It had to end with nice clothes, make-up and playing with dolls. These were means that men used to oppress women. Pregnancy could soon be replaced by the use of incubators, thus establishing equality between men and women. This line of thinking actually involved an equalization of the feminine energy with the masculine, while ignoring its unique qualities.

While this first generation of feminists brought about significant changes, there is now a greater recognition of the male-female polarity and the unique qualities of the feminine within it. It is not about equality, but about the equality of the masculine and feminine. It is not only about equal rights, but also about the appreciation of typically feminine qualities, such as talents in the field of empathy and spirituality and the ability to recognize and appreciate beauty. It’s not just about women, but about the feminine energy in general, including the feminine in the man.

The influence of this wave of feminine energy on Earth is extremely important. Until the masculine and feminine energies are in balance , there will be no peace on this planet. Neither men nor women can be truly happy without an inner balance of the masculine and feminine energies within themselves. A man who is not aware of the feminine in himself cannot enjoy beauty and love. He will never be truly happy and content. A woman who is unaware of her masculine pole will never find the strength to manifest her beauty and love in the world.

The inner beloved as a way to the higher

We know how terrible the consequences have been

A man has many lives, both as a man and as a woman. The soul is neither male nor female, it includes both. Therefore, we can incarnate as both male and female. The knowledge and experience of all our lives is present in the soul. You could think of every life as a piece of a puzzle. The soul is the complete puzzle. This means that a person here on earth always represents only a small part of his potential as a soul.

To live here on earth as a healthy and harmonious person it is important to have a good contact with the higher potential of the soul. That gives peace and security, it makes you aware of your connection with the cosmos and the unique place you have in the bigger picture. Bad contact with thesoul leads to fear, aggression, an inflated ego and diseases.

One way to get good contact with the soul is through the inner beloved. For a man this is his inner woman, and for a woman the inner man. Suppose the soul incarnates as a man. At the time of incarnation, the feminine energy is left behind; it remains at the level of the soul. This means that when a man connects with his inner woman, his inner lover, he automatically connects with his soul as well.

This is for the simple reason that that inner beloved still resides at the level of the soul. Now if a man becomes more aware of the feminine in himself, then he automatically obtains an entrance to his soul. He is, if it were, a bit ‘enlightened’. He will be more inspired, more open to the spiritual,and better able to enter into harmonious relationships with women. The similar is, of course, true for women who connect with their inner man.

It is therefore extremely important for a person not to be opposed to the opposite sex. This inevitably leads to loss of contact with the inner beloved, and thus to loss of contact with one’s own soul.


In summary, we can say that the energies currently reinforcing individualism and the feminine aim to bring man into contact with his spiritual core. This means that many old ideas and structures have to be let go. This evokes enormous resistance and fears. Where the change is greatest, the most negativity is released.

The spiritual world from which we all come is a world of inner knowing and love for each other. There is unity and equality. There are no rules, laws and all kinds of hierarchical structures and organizations as we know them. From our earthly being we often project all kinds of power structures onto the spiritual world and fantasize about spiritual hierarchies and “ascended masters”, or more traditionally about a God as a strict but just lawgiver. But it’s not like that.

To imagine the spiritual world, we should rather think of a world where no laws and rules are needed because everyone knows inwardly and overflows with love for the other. It is a world of beauty, freedom and unlimited possibilities.The possibility of incarnating on Earth is just one of those possibilities.

Gradually we are on our way to a new earth, a world in which one person no longer exercises power over another. A world that is dominated by love and in which people live in harmony with their environment. A world in which our soul fully incarnates and the beauty and freedom of the spiritual world also becomes reality here.


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