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Open your chakras with essential oils


Twelve years ago I received a spiritual massage. The heavenly woman who treated me told me that my chakras seemed “closed off”.

She was right. At that time, I often struggled to get through the day and had all kinds of health problems, such as autoimmune diseases and mild depression. Unbeknownst to me, that treasure of a masseuse opened a door in my head, allowing my chakras to flow freely again .

Now, years later, I am aware of the spinning, energetic flow in different parts of my body. And of the enormous effect that energy can have on your health and well-being.

The word ‘chakra’ is Sanskrit for ‘wheel’ or ‘disk’. We have seven of those chakras in our subtle body . That is the part of your body that you cannot physically see, but that actually directs our physical body and our actions. It also creates our auric field , which is unique to each person.

After years of training with kundalini yoga , I have developed a keen sense for the subtle body. I notice how it responds to our health and well-being. And now that I know what it feels like when my chakras are swirling and alive, I also know the difference from when they are dull and stagnant.

So, how can you activate and keep your chakras going? The first step is to become aware of the seven chakras and how they relate to your physical body.

There are seven major energy circles from the crown of your head to the base of your spine. These circles move clockwise and counterclockwise. Each chakra also flows in the front and back of your body. The front chakras have to do with your feelings, those at the back want with you. Each chakra also belongs to an organ. The throat chakra is connected to your thyroid.Open your chakras with essential oils

If a chakra is closed, for example due to a trauma , this also has an effect on the associated body part or organ. So if the third chakra, your solar plexus, gets tangled up, it can cause problems in your digestive system. This chakra is located in your abdomen and belongs to your stomach and liver. When you are heartbroken, your fourth chakra (the heart chakra) may feel weak and depressed.

There are many ways to keep your chakras active and healthy. Yoga and certain meditations can make you aware of specific body parts. Hand mudras can activate chakras. Grounding with the ground can help you open your lower chakras. Visiting a healer or using essential oils may also help .

The latter is my personal favorite and works the best for me too. If you use an essential oil in a targeted manner, it will help you to open and activate the chakras. I usually sit in a quiet room, meditate for a few minutes, and then gently massage an essential oil onto a specific area of ​​my body. While rubbing, I imagine that chakra opening and starting to spin.Open your chakras with essential oils

For those who want to try it for themselves, I’ve made an easy guide below. There you can read briefly where you can find which chakra and which oil is good for which part of the body.

First Chakra (Root)

This chakra is about your grounding and your connection with Mother Earth.

  • color red
  • Location: at the bottom of your spine
  • Physical manifestation: kidneys, adrenal glands
  • Essential Oils: Myrrh , Patchouli , Cedarwood

Second Chakra (Sacral)

This chakra is about sexuality and emotion.

  • Color: orange
  • Location: just below your navel
  • Physical manifestation: reproductive organs
  • Essential oils: jasmine , ylang ylang

Third Chakra (Solar Plexus)

This chakra is about our will and power in the world.

  • color yellow
  • Location: stomach
  • Physical manifestation: stomach, gallbladder, liver
  • Essential oils: rosemary , ginger , lemon

Open your chakras with essential oils

Fourth Chakra (Heart)

This chakra is the expression of our love and compassion.

  • Color: green
  • Location: chest
  • Physical manifestation: heart, arms, hands
  • Essential Oils: Rosewood , Bergamot , Thyme

Fifth Chakra (throat)

This chakra is about truth and standing up for yourself.

  • color blue
  • Location: throat
  • Physical manifestation: lungs, respiratory tract
  • Essential oils: palmarosa , chamomile , ginger , lemon

Sixth Chakra (Third Eye)

This chakra is for your ‘sixth sense’, psychic abilities and your intuition.

  • Color: indigo
  • Location: between your eyebrows
  • Physical manifestation: eyes, head, lower brain, pituitary gland
  • Essential oils: sage , bay leaf , sunflower

seventh chakra (crown)

This chakra is about our connection to Source and our spiritual side. It is our intuition and our greatest asset.

    • Color Purple
    • Location: the crown of your head
    • Physical manifestation: brain, pineal gland
    • Essential oils: sandalwood , olibanum

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