Open your heart


Opening your heart is very difficult if you have been through a lot and have been damaged too much and too often. You’ve built a wall around you and as things happen, the wall just gets thicker. It is hard to surrender to what is and we soon get back in our heads and the ego prevents us from living our true potential and allowing love into our lives. In the true essence we are love and love helps you grow and flourish and get the best out of yourself.

Love comes in many forms. Love for yourself and for another, love for what you do and feel and love for everything around you. Love can make you shine, but love is also pain. Love also teaches you the other side, because love is not all roses and moons. And yet we always romanticize love and often fail to see that its dark side has much to teach us.

As always there is duality in life, which shows you two sides. We all gravitate towards the peaks, as the valleys can be quite tough. But if you look back after a fall and see what the lessons were, you still look at life differently. The growth processes help you develop and make you the person you have become now. You are in fact a work in progress . Yet we often forget that life can be so beautiful and we tend to crawl back into our cocoon after too many deep valleys. But it is precisely the intention that we transform from a cocoon into that beautiful butterfly and then taste the fruits of life.

Open your heart to love

Being kind to yourself is a key that should be your motivation. If you are not kind to yourself and you are constantly rejecting yourself, then you are also rejecting the world. You let the ego take over and stay in that safe comfort zone that brings you nothing. It is difficult and not learned in a day, because it involves a whole change in behavioral patterns. Doing things differently than you are used to. Something that has helped you protect yourself all along is now working against you to actually live. And life can be so much more beautiful if you want to see it.

If you are kind to yourself and therefore allow more people and situations into your life and no longer run from or avoid them, then beautiful things arise. You go on an adventure with yourself and you get to know yourself on a completely different level. You will gain more depth and you will discover that you have much more potential that can bring out talents that you did not know yourself. Some talents are also often not recognizable, because they are so unique. Something that is naturally easy for you, but is a very beautiful inspiration for someone else. Everyone has talents and you discover them by doing more things, so that you get back into life. Your heart follows and is more open to what is to come.


Recognize your pitfalls and act on them. It takes some work on yourself, but you get so many valuable experiences in return. And isn’t that what you want in life? Do you want to gain experience that makes your heart bloom? And if you become more and more aware of your patterns and adjust yourself more and more, your heart will open little by little and you will be ready to receive more. More love from the people around you and maybe also the love of your life that you meet, something you have shielded yourself from all this time. It’s okay to fail, because that’s how we learn. And through failure you learn to separate the wheat from the chaff and in the process you learn to know and develop yourself. And there is no more beautiful process than self-development and self-knowledge. Because self-knowledge is the key to happiness.

Go out

So go do things that open your heart. Go help people if you can, offer your services if you can. Because your heart only opens more when you see what you can do to help other people who could use it. Have a chat with people and dare to be open, so you can make beautiful connections. Take yourself on a date, so that you can also learn to make the connection with yourself. You learn to count on yourself and you realize that you can always rely on yourself. This will give you back the confidence you may need to get out and about. But have faith in life again, for it will work for you if you stop working against it.

Make a plan for yourself what you will do to develop yourself in this process. Write it down and say it, make intentions out of it. It won’t always be easy and will come naturally, but if you write things down, it sticks better. And you are going to make agreements with yourself. If you fail, you pick yourself up again later. Remember to always choose love. The ego wants to keep you away and protect you, but that job has been done and it is now time to take matters into your own hands.

Open your heart

So do you dare to open your heart again and choose the life you want? For love for yourself and for others. Because there is no more beautiful connection than a true connection with yourself when you have opened your heart. Then you will really transform and fly out like a butterfly and live on in freedom again. You should grant that to yourself, because I grant that to you too.


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