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Open your treasure chest with the magic of crystals

made of light

Crystals are solidified light, shaped according to the laws of sacred geometry and the frequencies associated with them are all contained in your own field. You are a being of light. Everything we know has come into shape according to these laws.

Each crystal, or crystal group, has its own structure. Even if you ‘don’t like crystals’, I’m sure you appreciate one or the other crystal more, or that one attracts your attention more than the other. Our being recognizes all these crystal forms on a deep, deep level and that is exactly how crystals can guide us on our path to perfection.

You do not need to have extensive factual knowledge of (the magic of) crystals to be able to work well with them. In fact, all (written) knowledge often even gets in the way of making the right choice for a crystal.

When you feel with your being and look with your heart, you always know which crystal wants to work with you at that moment. A crystal always works together with the wearer.

On its own it radiates its own frequency continuously, but the real magic only occurs when you interact with the crystal yourself! Trust your inner compass to choose the right crystal.

Crystal is part of our nature

There is a vast treasure trove of crystals present in and on Earth, referring to our own crystalline and divine nature.

The vibrations correspond in their range to the frequencies of the human organism, so that these frequencies can strengthen and harmonize our body, and therefore also the soul and spirit connection. Part of the quality of the crystals comes from the color they wear.

In the article about playing with color in December you could already read about the different color frequencies and their qualities by linking them to numbers. Every time I can marvel again at the mutual connections and underlying laws that unseen connect everything together.

In your awareness and growth process you can stimulate or calm certain aspects of yourself with the help of crystals, with the aim of achieving and staying in balance as optimally as possible.

During your evolution and development on your path of light you can use various crystals. The moment you notice that you forget to carry them with you, lose the crystal or, for example, when it cracks, it is a sign that this crystal is finished for now and you can ask yourself what to do next. step may be.

Finding a new balance

In the current new age with all the changes it is quite a challenge to stay balanced and grounded. The energetic anchoring with the earth offers the ability to be opened further and to flow, so that you can receive all energy downloads well and can ground the high frequencies, with which you can serve your own evolution and that of humanity.

All supposed certainties and security are no longer what they seemed and no longer offer what the soul desires.

So it is important to fully open your treasury, which is your heart in essence, to the new age and that requires a lot of trust and surrender to the higher guidance of your own multidimensionality. This is certainly not always easy and it is therefore nice to use crystals as natural tools to support this.

When you have a very fine, pastel, rarefied (fairy) energy, you can imagine that you need a different frequency to ground than someone with a more earthly nature. But whatever your energy, it is often difficult to stay grounded throughout the day, especially when you are in connection with others.

In addition to all the mental or meditative exercises you can do for that, the mineral world is happy and tireless to help you.

Grounding Crystal Suggestions

Herkimer diamond, for example, is such an ascension crystal that helps you ground very well and thereby very nicely supports you to fully propagate your light.

It is worth mentioning, however, that a certain amount of awakened awareness is required for this, because in the absence of this, the Herkimer diamond can be painful and confrontational.

Jasper or Carnelian, on the other hand, gives a soft earth landing, whereby the Carnelian also increases the feeling of safety and security, which is important to be able to open your Heart treasure chest wide.

Agate energy is always friendly and soft and when this resonates with you it is also nice to place an agate disc in every corner of your living or work room. Especially if you work a lot behind the computer.

Make sure that you have a natural agate and not a painted one, because that will not benefit the effect. If you need a quiet, quiet powerhouse and if the extra support of your ancestors is desirable, petrified wood also works very well.

Determine crystal choice

When you read about crystals, sometimes you think you can really use them all. However, let your soul speak for you through your body when you choose a crystal.

What is written in the books is always based on the experience or knowledge of others, but it is about YOU. Experiencing for yourself what a specific crystal does for your energy is the best signpost.

If you are interested in a crystal, but you do not (yet) have it at home, find a photo or image of it and bring its energy into your field in your mind while you quietly observe what changes in your energy. You will then have a good impression of the type of crystal prior to any purchase.

If you are able to hold the stones, feel more physically what movement or change is occurring in your energy. Is this supportive, does it expand, bring clarity or do you get confused and unbalanced…? Your own compass is brilliant.

Each specific crystal, even if it is of the same kind, has its own character. The easier you learn to tune in, the better you feel the differences between them.

Crystals of the Heart: Pink and Green

Your heart is the treasure chest, the cosmic energies are the key. Your body is a condensation of energy. In order to be able to ground the high frequencies in mother earth, you are asked to open your heart jewel and from your heart to ground the cosmic frequencies through your light body in the deepest of the earth.

You are the link between heaven and earth. To support your heart in this no small task, you can use any crystals that are green or pink in color: these work specifically on the heart area. Do you need comfort, healing, comfort, and softness or just a push before taking the next step, surround yourself with crystals in these colors.

Make your own crystal grid

To give you an idea of ​​how you can do that in a fun and effective way, I’ve made a grid here as an example that you can easily install yourself. Draw a spiral shape from the inside out.

You can use this form to support any form of personal growth, to feel more grounded, to develop more focus and to increase your knowledge and awareness. The spiral runs from the inside out, in my example under the large pink quartz.

heart crystal grid example
Crystals: A wealth of light treasures in the earth for the highest good.

Start: Main Crystal or Theme

The pink quartz is the Main Crystal here: a symbol for universal love and self-love, and movement is implied in it to be able to give love to yourself and others.

According to numerology, the name frequency of pink quartz is a 3, which stands for creative and creativity, the in and out movement, life and expression. The main crystal directs the universal energy to the core of the pattern to expand from there for you.

Road: Catalyst

In the revolutions of the spiral you can also see pink quartz in the image with small Angel Aura crystals in between. These have the place of the catalyst that leads you to your desired result. To choose this one, you ask yourself what quality you need at the moment to support you on your path.

You choose your stone. I chose Angel Aura quartz. The Angel Aura here stands for attunement and trust in your higher guidance, your guides, light masters, your higher self. The name frequency of Angel Aura quartz is a 10 = 1 + 0, which is about 0: divine inspiration, source power and 1: guidance, inspiration, new ideas.

End: desired outcome

Balance, harmony, assurance, confidence. This is symbolized by the green Aventurine crystals on the spiral. The name frequency of Aventurine is an 8, which stands for balance, wholeness and clear organization.

By giving this grid a place in your living space, regularly tuning in to it, you stimulate your heart energy extra to get moving and to be able to open your heart further, while you remain balanced during all ‘warpspeed’ developments of this time.

The nice thing is that with this basic pattern you can bring all crystals into a grid, which you feel is correct. Open the infinite beauty of your treasure chest and allow the magic of crystals.

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