Opening yourself up

opening yourself up

Opening yourself up: how do you do that again? I myself have moments when I am very good in my own skin and I think that I am there. Then something happens that completely upsets me and I lose myself again. Something that I often struggle with is that I find it difficult to continuously stay with myself. I’m in someone else’s energy in no time and the stories start playing in my head again. Then you find yourself in a homemade drama and you wonder what the moment was when you lost yourself again, which made you shut down again.

I think these are emotions that everyone struggles with, it remains a continuous game between staying aware of the steps you take and the lessons you receive. The lessons of life are not always easy and it is not all as easy as it sometimes seems. But you’ll get better at it eventually. You will have to find a way for yourself that suits you and works for you. We really can’t stay on a certain level all the time, no matter how much we want to. Because just around the corner is another lesson waiting, which may well upset you.

Comfort zone

opening yourself up

Because of these lessons and experiences that you have had in life, you may have become more perceptive, wary, and protective. Going on your mouth several times often also means that your wall becomes thicker again for fear of being hurt or failing.

Opening up is a crucial point in life because opening yourself to life and the lessons only ensure more flow. From automaticity, you quickly fall back into your protection or survival mechanism, which only throws you back in fear. But what does fear really bring you? Has it provided great experiences and lessons or has it kept you safely in your comfort zone? Are you willing to get back into life with both feet and be open to all the beautiful things life has to offer, or would you rather fall back into your old role?

It’s not as easy as I say, I know it better than anyone, as I get the same lessons in life. But it is a point on the agenda to work on. You only learn by doing it and really living it.

Life through the eyes of a child

opening yourself up

For example, think of life as a child who comes to watch in the early years and absorbs everything with amazement. Without judgment, because it’s just coming to see. Seeing through the eyes of a child can be so beautiful because they see no danger and life is one big playground.

As they grow up and learn what life is like by trial and error, the more they can lose the wonder for fear of falling again. Because those falls can hit hard and will continue into adulthood. Not everyone is so resilient and the wall builds up over the years until the comfort zone expands and little is really lived from the heart and people remain more in fear.


The most important point to enjoy life again and all that life has to offer is that you learn to play and open up again. See life as a big puppet show and you are in control. Try again and see what you like. Go out again with friends or go out for a nice meal.

If you don’t have the money for that, you can also go for a nice walk and have a cup of coffee with friends and do fun things together. Watch a movie or have fun conversations. Personally, my friends already make me very happy. Sometimes we take a walk and talk about life and the lessons and we gain insights as a result. We then walk through the forest and on the beach with a nice cup of coffee and cake at the end.

opening yourself up

Little moments like this make me very happy. Because the conversations are very valuable to me. I like the depth and to be able to talk about anything and everything, I learn from that and it helps me to develop and see things in life differently. This also allows me to be more open to the things that come my way.


Get back to doing the things that help you live life. Dare to be open to the things and people that come your way again. Only then will magically appear in your life and only then can you let love flow again. Something we all long for, right? Life doesn’t have to be that hard, it’s just us who sometimes make it too difficult.

Go back to life and enjoy it because you are worth it. See everything again through the eyes of a reborn child. Life can be so much fun, if you want and allow it! If you open up and dare to let go of that wall of built-up fear and protection. Life will reward you with the courage you dare to show. Love for life, another, and especially for yourself!


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