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Orion. Characteristics of those who have Orion as their Planetary origin

Those who have Orion as their Planetary origin have strong personalities, ideals and beliefs.

Orions can be recognized by the many questions they ask!

There is a strong urge to understand the causes and deeper meaning of everything.
In their need to understand, they have a tendency to analyze people and events.
This can be frustrating for those around them if it evokes feelings of being scrutinized.
The cause is the tendency of the Orions to act from a mental level rather than from a feeling level.
The reason isn’t a lack of feelings, it’s just the original way of functioning for them.

Orions want others to respect their opinion and can argue to gain respect by convincing others of the validity of their opinion.
They may learn to balance their urge to understand with sensitivity to the needs of others.
Adult Orions have learned that in explaining their views and opinions they seek acceptance and validity in others. It is not necessary for Orions for others to agree with them.

Orion. Characteristics of those who have Orion as their Planetary origin

Orions have a deep inner thirst for knowledge and can become frustrated by people who do not share this ‘thirst for knowledge’.
There is a broad interest in many areas of knowledge.
It is obvious that in a conversation with them the subject is either extremely interesting to them and they know a lot about it, or they have no interest at all and know nothing about it.

There is a strong doubt and difficulty in accepting new beliefs without a thorough proof and proof of validity.
The reason for this is their mental and intellectual orientation and the need for something to make sense before it can be accepted.

Orions have a tendency to be critical of others and of themselves.
This is because they seek and expect perfection.

They have a keen eye for details and notice things that others do not.
Orions tend to point those things out to others when they feel something needs attention or correction.
This can upset others if they are not used to that Orion energy – and can then be picked up as personal criticism.

It is good to realize that Orions are very sensitive to balance and feel physically upset or ill in situations where there is imbalance.
This leads to their need to correct the imbalance if it is observed.

It can be the emotional imbalance in themselves or that they perceive in others, or a physical imbalance.
Orions need beauty in their environment and a balanced flow of energy to feel their best on all levels.

In relationships and in dealing with emotions, Orions react intellectually and can surprise others with their reactions. The urge to understand is much stronger than the emotional response.

It is very important for them to understand the causes of a situation, this helps with their ability to understand and accept that situation.
In an emotional situation, it is a typical Orion response to ask questions, although the quieter Orions do so internally.
This does not mean that they do not feel anything, but simply that they come to understand while searching.

Orions are often uncomfortable with emotional situations unless they know they are involved and feel free enough to ask questions.
If this need is met, communication can be built up in relation to them.
If their need to ask questions is not allowed or if their emotions are not understood, they will develop patterns of emotional suppression or explore them only on an inner level.

Orions need privacy and alone time to recharge, learn and develop the flow within.
They learn best alone or in small groups.
They don’t feel comfortable in large classrooms.
There is a high energy level and combined with their questioning nature, the classroom learning is unsuitable for them if they feel that the education is not being given properly or is not meaningful.

Many Orions are excellent teachers, because of their ability to notice many details and their own view of how the information can be presented, which makes learning very interesting for students. Orions love to make others laugh. There is a strong sense of humor and desire to tease and play. Others will find that the transition from playfulness can quickly turn into criticism.

There is a strong bond with the Spirits/the Spirit and a psychic ability.
As they grow spiritually, they find it their greatest challenge to develop the higher levels of trust and faith. So for these reasons, many spiritual aspects have to be accepted simply by trusting. However, they are accustomed to their need to ask questions, seek evidence and answers, and understand logically before accepting beliefs.

So this can cause difficulties and an inner struggle. They may learn to combine the technical mind with their spiritual selves.

Nevertheless, it is the same qualities that make them important collectors of information and knowledge that can be shared with others

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