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Lyme disease (Lyme), maybe you’ve heard of it? Perhaps you quickly think: “not applicable to me, I have never seen a tick or tick bite”? Read on because there are many ways to get infected, it is even sexually transmitted. When you are (highly) sensitive and experience complaints of fatigue, aches that jump from place and when tests show that nothing is wrong, think of Lyme! Or have you been diagnosed with fibromyalgia or chronic fatigue syndrome? Then read on quickly.

In the next piece, orthomolecular therapist and classical homeopath Gerrie Hasselaar (himself a former Lyme patient) explains when you should definitely think of Lyme and why (highly) sensitive people are more likely to think of Lyme. She speaks from her own experience and sees in her practice that homeopathy works effectively with this sensitivity.

What is Lyme Disease?

Lyme is an infection caused by the spirochete bacterium Borrelia burgdorferi (Lyme bacterium). Not only a tick can make you sick with Lyme. You can get infected in several ways:

  • Of course the tick, but also other stinging insects such as mosquitoes, hornets, horseflies, fleas and lice.
  • Sexually transmitted. If your partner has Lyme, you can get it through sexual contact.
  • Lyme bacteria has been found in sweat and tears.
  • Transmitted by blood transfusion.
  • Transmitted from mother to her child during pregnancy.

Coinfections and Opportunistic Infections

In addition to the Lyme bacteria, the tick (or other stinging insect) also carries other bacteria, viruses, parasites and fungi. We call this co-infections and they can make you sicker. Nowadays it is said that this causes more complaints than Lyme.

When you become infected with the Lyme bacteria via a stinging insect, you can assume that you are also dealing with at least 2 co-infections! This mix causes severe complaints. There are also opportunistic infections. These are infections that were already present in your body and can now resurface. Think of mononucleosis, cold sores, candida, etc.

Lyme & (high) sensitivity

In this time (the Aquarian age) more and more people experience their (high) sensitivity. We are on the way to a new era in which our hearts learn to speak and listen again. If you were already (highly) sensitive, you now notice that you are even more sensitive to smells, sounds, colors, light and energies of others. This is going fast! Maybe you feel misunderstood, strange or different and you miss connection with others and you lose yourself. Know that others are also dealing with this and that it is not strange.

This particular powerful feature can be very exhausting. As a result, you develop complaints, which can make you severely exhausted or depressed. At Lyme we see this (high) sensitivity in many areas. Perhaps you are not thinking of Lyme, but you attribute your complaints to this (high) sensitivity.

With Lyme, think of:

Lyme comes in many forms, the most characteristic of Lyme is:

  • (Over) sensitive, everything is too much
  • Jumping pains , in different places on / in your body
  • Varying course, one minute the pain drives you crazy and the next day nothing seems to be wrong
  • You keep on ailing and (dead) tired ; Lyme is top sport and eats energy
  • Intense emotions such as depression, crying spells , until you really don’t like it anymore
  • You suffer from hormone-related complaints; Lyme mixes up the hormones
  • Blood values ​​and examinations are in order; no disease can be detected

(High) sensitivity and nor-adrenaline

When your body is under constant stress, as is the case with (high) sensitivity, you can assume that your body is in the nor-adrenaline state. You are then on position: “super alert” to survive. This mode is much needed when you have to switch quickly to survive. Suppose a tiger comes in and within a split second you know what to do to survive (nor-adrenaline).

Immediately afterwards, your body should go back to relax. Often that does not happen and your scolding survives. This may have already happened when you were born (incubator, cesarean section, premature birth) or when you were still in your mother’s womb. Think of stress with your mother during pregnancy. You are born with a hypersensitive system (nor-adrenaline state). Later in life, this survival mode can also arise due to violent events. The earlier stress has arisen, the more severe your symptoms. You experience this because you find it difficult or no longer to relax, which causes complaints.


Defense system

Do you eat throughout the day, or do you have more cravings for sweets and carbohydrates? When you are in this no-adrenaline state, your body asks for fast sugars 24/7. You are preprogrammed to burn sugar. Unfortunately, you are more susceptible to diseases, including Lyme.

By the way, did you know that a tick can observe from a distance how your immune system is doing? He always chooses a weak immune system if he has the choice, so that he is less likely to be attacked by your immune cells. Do you wonder why you are being stung and your partner is not by mosquitoes? Yes, mosquitoes can detect this too.

Sensitive gut

When you are tuned to nor-adrenaline, your body is on edge! It is logical that all impressions come in immediately and harder (highly sensitive).

You want to sleep and relax but your body wants to survive. Your body thinks there’s a tiger right in front of you. Of course you don’t go to sleep, relax or think about making love. That’s why you don’t feel like having sex.

How can you still relax? You have probably tried magnesium, zinc or other supplements. Without result? Not surprising, your body immediately drains all relaxing supplements. You have to survive, not relax.

Sensitive intestines play an important role in this. That is a logical consequence. You digest not only food but also emotions with your gut. Zinc is important for intestinal function, but it is not absorbed (has a relaxing effect). In short, your immune system, which works for 80% through the intestines, does not function optimally.



Consult your doctor first if you suspect a disease such as Lyme. Also consider homeopathy. Homeopathy is sometimes still dismissed as “floating”. How is it possible that such a highly diluted granule can be effective? Most homeopathic remedies are indeed first dissolved in water and then gradually diluted and shaken vigorously. Very crazy, but the more diluted, the stronger the healing power.

Japanese researcher Masaru Emoto suggested that water has a ‘memory’. In homeopathy it is believed that it can therefore serve as a ‘messenger’ for your self-healing ability. Various laboratory studies have shown that water itself changes by dilution and by the addition of active substances. The idea that diluted agents are not powerful is wrong. There’s tremendous power in them, and they’re always tailored to your unique needs. Homeopathy is tailor-made!

Why homeopathy works for (hyper) sensitivity

I myself have had a lot of pain and complaints due to Lyme. I was regularly given heavy painkillers that backfired. Logical because as a (highly) sensitive person you want to restore contact with yourself, heavy medication causes more alienation from yourself and your needs. I became a zombie and lost myself in the pain. Antibiotics are often used in addition to other substances, to which (highly) sensitive people naturally react (over) sensitively. But so what.

Homeopathy was an eye opener for me. It is effective, mild-acting, tailor-made and takes your sensitivities into account. In my practice I like to work with homeopathy in addition to orthomolecular medicine and phytotherapy. Homeopathy cranks up the motor of the self-healing capacity, whereby you can see orthomolecular medicine as the gasoline.

First off the nor-adrenaline mode

Back to the nor-adrenaline mode for a moment. You must first get out of this stress state before your body starts absorbing nutrients again, so that the intestines and your immune system recover. Homeopathy can support this fantastically. We look at what has happened in your life and how you experienced it. When there have been traumas, homeopathy takes this sting out of the wound so that you absorb nutrients, relax and recover. Homeopathy works on 4 different levels: spiritual, emotional, mental and physical. All these layers get plenty of attention, after all, they make you unique.

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