Are you a lightworker or highly sensitive? This is how you shield yourself from outside energies

Are you a lightworker or highly sensitive? This is how you shield yourself from outside energies
Lightworkers and highly sensitive people quickly, often unnoticed, take over energies from other people. If you let this influence you, you can just be in a bad mood because of energies that are not yours. It is important that you stay close to yourself as a lightworker and highly sensitive person because then you can better use your talents. In this article, you will find a simple visualization that protects you from outside energies.

Taking over the energy of others

It is time to look more deeply into being sensitive to the energy fields of others than yourself. However, this is not the same as empathy.

Suppose you are in a great mood and then one of your friends calls. He is a huge doomsayer. He says that his shares are in a nosedive and that he will never succeed in selling his house. He thinks he will not be able to pay for his children’s education. Even though you know he’s just worried and that everything will probably be okay, suddenly your good mood is gone.

You suddenly get a huge headache out of nowhere. Or maybe you come home from the gym feeling full of energy after your workout, but find your roommate feeling sluggish, like a bag of salt on the couch and in a depressed mood. Suddenly you feel incredibly tired, even though you were feeling great a minute ago.

What is happening here? If you are sensitive to other people, you will easily absorb their energy thinking it is your own energy, and the negative reaction will manifest through one of your five senses that are heightened.

Stop the momentum

Are you a lightworker or highly sensitive? This is how you shield yourself from outside energies

The key is to stop the momentum of the dark energies and see what is happening, discern which energy is yours and which is theirs, then separate them and shield yourself.

If your partner comes in after a bad day at the office, you can certainly show compassion for him or her, but also make sure to differentiate his or her energy from your own just by tearing them apart in your head. It’s not your job to live someone else’s energy.

Protect yourself

Highly sensitive people would also do well to avoid violent television series or movies, as it is possible to absorb negative feelings just by watching them. A moment ago you were still calm, but suddenly you are yelling at the children. That doesn’t just apply to horror movies. Watching a talk show on television or reading about someone’s tragic life in the newspaper without shielding yourself can leave you feeling lousy for days afterward. It is important to see how you react to these kinds of situations.

Are you experiencing changes in your body (pain or general fatigue) or in your moods (feeling depressed or irritable)? Or do you get vivid but disturbing dreams or thoughts? Again, be careful not to let energies that are not yours take over yours. It’s hard to stay positive these days when you turn on the news and hear the bleak news about the economy, so think about not watching the news too often and avoid filling your head during the day with the unnecessary chatter on talk shows or soap operas. .

Exercise: learn to shield yourself

Are you a lightworker or highly sensitive? This is how you shield yourself from outside energies

Shielding yourself is an important technique that you should practice every day, and not just when you feel it’s necessary. Think of it as an important prevention tool, such as taking vitamins or brushing your teeth. Shielding yourself not only keeps you grounded, but also prevents your energy field from absorbing the negative energies around you.

There are many techniques available for shielding yourself, but start with this relatively simple exercise. If you wish, you can choose a different one or modify it later:

  1. Picture yourself in a crystal ball with a white light of your higher power overhead.
  2. Imagine that this white light surrounds your entire body, down to the bottom of your feet.
  3. Tell yourself that this orb of light shields you from all life’s fears, problems and dangers.
  4. Allow yourself to feel the power of this protective white light, which is so strong that nothing can pass through it. So nothing negative can touch you.

Then, if you encounter problems throughout the day, think back to that protective orb and the light-generating emotions it arouses. This works well when you are in a large group of people and feel surrounded by negative energy, or when you have a conflict at home or at work. Remember to shield yourself every time you go to a party or other large gathering. Protecting yourself before getting in the car (whether you’re driving or just a passenger) is also a good habit.


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