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Our Etheric Heritage

In this article I would like to elaborate on the astrological conjunction of Chiron with Neptune in Aquarius which is active between 2008 and 2015 and the black Moon which is now in Pisces. (from August 10 to March 24, 2011). Chiron’s conjunction with Neptune creates much chaos and confusion and makes us aware of what spirituality and unity really are. Contradictions become visible and polarization and confusion increase.

So now some extra information about how you can find your own way to your way of unity in these confusing times. This article is about enlightenment in this time of transition, as there is quite a bit of confusion about this. We clarify what spirituality of the old and the new energy actually is.

This article also highlights our ethereal heritage, that is now unfolding within us and how we can use this heritage to become a conscious Creator of our own lives. A number of symptoms associated with the transition from the old to the new are highlighted, such as the loss of the leading role of the ‘mind’. We must relearn how to organize our lives and our structures in the new energy.

In the April and May issue of Spiegelbeeld, the process of the conjunction of Chiron and Neptune in Aquarius is described in detail. You can download these articles on this website at menu item articles, then choose publications. This month, we’re going to take a closer look at the sophisticated layers of this astrological position.

The black Moon, which indicates the channel where the influx of cosmic energy is now acting, is in Pisces and lifts the action of the etheric to a higher cosmic level. The etheric field is unfolding enormously within each of us and we experience that as one of the changes.

This energy influx of the cosmic octave of Pisces started again on August 10 (in March and April 2010 this energy was also active) and will last until March 24, 2011.It’s like a pressure cooker to bring us to unity. We get to see and feel all the judgments in us (Virgo), so that we can integrate the separated parts into the unity that we are.

Transition Time
We are now in a transition period of our evolution as humanity. 2012 is often cited as the focal point for this change. There are many different theories about 2012 and this transition time. We are in between two eras.

Experience and life wisdom from the old age of Pisces is now being mined and the insights of the new age of Aquarius are now opening up. At the heart of this collective transformation is the formation of a new level of consciousness in humanity. This is a gradual process that unfolds inwardly in every human being (as part of the collective).

Everyone comes from a different background and therefore has a different perspective. We can use the image of the bird to clarify the evolution process of our collective. Some people are pioneers, moving in the front of the bill and others in the tail to ensure stabilization of the whole.

Even in your own life you can live the renewal in one and find stability in existing structures and ancient wisdom in another. Because every person is also a collective in himself. The old and the new are therefore intertwined and sometimes create a lot of confusion. The old is no longer so certain and the new is not there yet.

This process of integrating old and new is at its peak in the summer of 2010.You can read more about this in the summer 2010 article, parts I and II on my website.

Enlightenment of the individual We also gain other insights in the spiritual, and the old and the new intertwine. The ancient spiritual system is often led by enlightened gurus. They show us what we must do to achieve enlightenment. This lighting is presented as a constant state. It is often associated with a religion and can be reached by the individual who pays much attention to expand his or her consciousness. collective lighting

The new spirituality is no longer connected to a religion, but serves an evolutionary process of our collective towards a new level of consciousness of the whole. It is a way of life and thus wants to be integrated into everyday life. Many feel called to contribute to a society with more connectedness, unity and love.

Everyone has his or her piece of Source within them. This is the God Spark and expresses itself in a core quality (black Moon) that is connected with the unity of the Source. This autonomous and authentic core quality of your essence core is known through unity experiences, deep knowing and seeing what the divine intention is.

Grow towards enlightenment
In this new spirituality we experience growth and spontaneous moments of personal enlightenment from within. Often this takes place in workshops and by BEING together in groups or other moments. When we have spontaneous enlightenment experiences, the God Spark actively works through us. (More info see ‘Cosmic astrology’ www.inzichten.comWe are now again recognizing, acknowledging and integrating these etheric layers within us. The Black Moon is now in Pisces until March 24, 2010, elevating the experiences and workings of the etheric to new levels of inclusiveness .)

The real insights and wisdom of the new spirituality come through experiences from within, which diminishes the need for gurus who exemplify enlightenment. These spontaneous consciousness-expanding experiences make us independent and put us on our own two feet. We become autonomous and begin to recognize and recognize our authenticity. (Pluto in Capricorn) Equivalence is a key word and we find our own relief in moments by going our own way in life. Each living from the authentic Self, which serves the whole in a natural way.

Lighting integration
This enlightenment is not yet a constant state, because the collective has not yet arrived at a stable octave (5th dimension).We can experience peak moments of heightened consciousness and then experience other aspects of lower consciousness within ourselves. And all this in order to integrate the enlightened insights into the total collective of who you are and therefore also into the collective consciousness of our planet.

Reality in spirituality The current prolonged conjunction of Chiron and Neptune in Aquarius (2008-2015) allows us to feel the wound and see where separateness in spirituality is present. We will take a closer look at the actual experiences with spirituality and unity and only then it will become very clear to us where separation and power is present. That’s why religions are now so under attack and the experiences of abuse of the Roman Catholic Church are now surfacing to be healed.

Ethereal Layers The pain of Chiron’s cosmic wound is the driving force behind the awakening and re-use of these Neptunian subtle cosmic energy layers and our etheric heritage. This wound makes us feel and remember that by descending into matter we have lost the connection with the more refined layers of our etheric body. In the desire to relive this sophistication, we draw these experiences into our reality.

Our Etheric Heritage Consciousness About Creating In the process of reclaiming our autonomy and creative powers, there is a lot of confusion about what we can and cannot trust. This conjunction of Chiron with Neptune in Aquarius also makes itself felt in the ‘alternative field’ of spirituality. We become more aware of the unseen world, the etheric planes of existence.

This is a world of tremendous sophistication behind the old energy systems now recognized in the alternative field of the spiritual world (including Pluto now in Capricorn giving this additional system renewal). We are evolving from a seven chakra system to a more comprehensive cosmic system, of which the chakra system is different, among other things. Some experience twelve chakras, thirteen or fourteen, but eventually this structure also disappears once we have integrated this cosmic energy and we function stably in the cosmic consciousness.

Lost sophisticationchild swans

This energy unfolds itself and makes everything find a place in the unity connected with the Source. This means that we can also experience our creative and materialization power again. We become aware again of our ethereal heritage and the possibilities that we have available as human beings.

For example, it starts with the careful creation of a parking space and can grow into greater Creation Powers. (Pluto in Capricorn, Chiron conj. As potential creative forces open up within us, we also become aware of the old wounds and missteps that have been made in the past. As humanity, we have a very long history of using and misusing creative powers through our free will .

Astral energy
We also learn to distinguish the astral from our etheric heritage. Astral energies are mainly aberrations and illusions that can hang in the etheric field. Remains of old experiences of which the impressions are still present and not processed or integrated. If we are not connected to our Essence Core/God Spark and thus not BE in our vertical axis then the astral energies cloud our experiences.

This mainly results in projections and reflections. Astral beings can also connect to these energies in your etheric field. That is why it is important to have discernment here, so that illusion can be seen through. (Cheiron conjunct Neptune in Aquarius)

Processing of these lessons that we have learned as humanity are also visible on the worldly stage. Movies and the collective are both connected to Neptune. If you look closely behind the outward display and spectacle of today’s movies, they show us what the collective subconscious is doing.

Movies now in theaters, such as ‘The Last Airbender’ and ‘Sorcerers Apprentice’, show that we are processing old magical experiences of creation and wanting to re-enact them.

The traumas can be experienced through (often unconscious) violent reactions and projections. Old feelings of insecurity resurface, so that the trauma can be processed. In this it is possible to become aware that we can create from different layers within ourselves.

You can create from your will, but also from your heart. Only feeling and experiencing in the here and now can determine whether it is safe or not to connect with something and to use your creative power.

safe or not
In these confusing times, nothing is certain. Especially due to the current forms of communication via the Internet and the mobile phone, there is so much different and contradictory information available that we can no longer see the wood for the trees on all kinds of fronts.

We can only judge for ourselves and in the moment whether something is good for us and feel, know or experience where the origin lies. What resonance does it trigger in you, does it make you happy or not? The origin and intention are always felt in the moment.
Image: ‘Creating Heart’ by Wilka Zelders

Creation of the heart
If you create from the heart, this creation unfolds independently, in a natural way and the subtle ether layers (including the element/natural beings) cooperate. We then create from our etheric center; the heart. Then there is a creation that brings about unity and unfolds itself as if by itself. The energy flows efficiently and with ease and all the pieces of the puzzle come together naturally.

The synchronicity is enormous. These creations of the heart are connected with the inner spark of God and can arrange themselves in the whole. These creations can now come about at lightning speed. The desired creation of the heart organizes and creates itself naturally because it is a natural state, which is connected to the whole.(Black Moon in Pisces and Priapus in Virgo). If we start to use our potential bit by bit, old patterns and customs fall into disrepair.

The daily practicalities usually force us to reason with the ‘mind’ how we should do something. This way of governing our lives is beginning to fall into disuse among people who are reliving their etheric potential. If we live by survival with the mind in the lead, then it is not so obvious to see that there are other ways in which we can direct work and daily practicalities.

This usually only becomes conscious when the ‘mind’ has to give up its leading role and takes its place again in service of the whole of who you are. Then you notice that you can no longer purely reason what to do.

Creation and sound
The memory, knowledge and experiences of creative power through sound also come back in our consciousness and life. Again, fears can be released if we start using these skills again. And in this too you can only feel in the here and now whether it is right. Sound is infinitely encompassing and has enormous possibilities as a creative and materializing quality.

A ‘aaaa’ sounds different when it is made and connected with power and control, as when this sound is connected with love. You cannot see that with the mind, but you can feel, know and experience it. With this control from ‘the mind’ is put to checkmate when we move into the higher vibrations of existence.

Awakening our Etheric Potential
Sound and vibrations have enormous potential to repair DNA, especially if they are made by one’s own voice, connected to the Being Core (God Spark). Sound connected to Lemurian energy awakens our etheric heritage and is a very powerful healing field to work with in this.

Forgotten and lost knowledge and skills are reawakened in us so that we can live them again. If you are interested in doing something with this or reading more about it, I refer you to my website.

Mind check mate
Socially adapted behavior disappears. It seems like you are no longer yourself. You are losing your mind. You may feel anxious and lost if you are not yet consciously aware that you are transitioning to a new way of functioning.

You are evolving into a new way of being, as a cosmic human. Your mind is checkmate.
Image: ‘New light’ by Wilka Zelders

Living from the new energy
As we evolve further we will live our etheric potential again. Your life is then more and more controlled with the whole organization that you are with the heart as the center. So we may learn to do our practical work in a new way.

Now not from the mind, but consciously from another view, that of the heart and the universal that works through it. The Divine Spark is back at the helm. The challenge is to dare to let go of the control of the ‘mind’ and you have to be tough for that in a world that does not support this movement. Closed loupe of Creation As you go through this, we begin to live from a state of BEING and ourselves and our creations take their organic and natural place in the whole of the greater creation.

The movement of the great collective creation and we as cells in this organism with our creations become connected in a closed loupe of creation. Then we live in oneness with the Source within and outside us. Life then becomes joy and everything that is needed is immediately attracted and supplied in abundance. Life becomes simple and playful.

If the vibrations in our body go up, food with a low energy value can cause disruption. Our food fills us up, but most of it doesn’t really feed us anymore. That is why you will naturally feel during this transition period that you need to eat differently. Eating fresh live food such as organic germs, vegetables and fruit/juice is very supportive. (Booklet: Germs in our food by Claude Gelineau ISBN: 90 6030 348 2) By entering higher vibrations your body will detoxify and it is advisable to pay attention to cleansing your body.

Long-term and consistent use of chlorophyll, especially fresh juice from wheatgrass, for example, is very healing, deacidifying, repairs and nourishes your body intensely.

Pluto in Capricorn, Chiron conj. Neptune, Uranus conj. Jupiter in Aries opposite Saturn are all current astrological positions that cause existing structures to change. Everything from outside that forces you into structures, such as a boss, boss, partner and job and thereby dictate too much your life, are now subject to change.

They will wear you out so that you cannot go any further, for the collective energy supports the pushing through with the will less and less. They are not based on autonomy and do not support you or insufficiently in your authenticity. These old power structures and energies cannot easily exist in the new energy.

Symptoms of integration
The black Moon is now in Pisces until March 24, 2011 and thus the energy of Source, unity and the universal is now greatly addressed in us and we can be lifted into a gear towards unity. You can feel an enormous amount of energy and light flowing through you. Many are also unable to sleep or not sleep well because of the abundance of energy.

During this period you may also experience problems focusing your attention or just too much focus that makes you completely preoccupied with something fussy (Virgo Pisces). Salt is then placed on each snail, everything has to be perfect.

The survival mechanism is now in Virgo until March 24, 2011 and thus we are confronted with all the separate aspects that we still have in us and judge in others and in ourselves. You can see a lot of separation in everyday life. Criticism and projections can be huge during this period. We will see and experience where the organization of practical day-to-day matters is not right.

The organization in companies is now also showing and experiencing the gaps, which makes us aware that something has to change. Criticizing and hammering away at better performance will only put everything under even more strain and disrupt the organization even more.

Universal organization
Only an organization based on unity and universal values ​​​​can reconnect the individual facets. Only with different eyes, based on something bigger than yourself, can we begin to see the universal in every single facet. We can see where the organization of daily practice, such as in a company, has displaced the universal; universal values ​​such as love, empathy and unity.

The universal values ​​​​that everyone can identify with and would be willing to commit to. That is the connecting factor, the glue called unity. Something that lifts us above ourselves and makes us commit to a higher goal.


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