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Out of the illusion, back to unity


It is not difficult to lose courage or zest for life during this crisis. Yet you have everything you need to move through it, and come out of it better. Start grounding in your light, dare to see through the illusions and go back to wholeness: your soul in your body.

This crisis has a wonderful side: your spiritual development – ​​​​your movement towards unity because you see through the illusion – can go faster than ever. Because the secretion becomes so clearly visible; that between feeling and reason, the inner and outer world, feminine and masculine, nature and technology, light and dark… the list is endless.

In essence this is the separation of the soul (consciousness) from its home, the body. And whether that separation was created on purpose, or whether it simply came into existence throughout history, is above all a good question. The fact is that all kinds of systems have promoted him and that people have come to believe in them more and more. But separation is an illusion and gurus have known that for centuries.

Origin of the illusion

“How did we get into it?” is always a good question if you want to get out of something, and the separation of body and soul, reason and feeling, nature and health, etc. has of course been a gradual process. Enlightenment, religion, industrialization, science, and witch-hunts have all contributed to it.

And although we can no longer see it, it is easy to sense that there is, for example, a connection between the enormous resistance to fairly normal human abilities such as feeling clearly, knowing and seeing, and the hundreds of thousands of women who are like witches. tortured and murdered. As long as it is not healed, it lives on, in the collective unconscious.

Moreover, the separation has been firmly imprinted on people for centuries by church, patriarchy, commerce and education. Over the past hundred years, institutions have been able to make use of insights from mass psychology: fear, repetition and reward have been used to respond to the invisible layers of the psyche.

Your soul in your body

Humans are light in matter and are born free. However, the separation and thus illusion inside is not immediately recognizable. There are some clues: if you think you’re never enough. When you’re always in your head and can feel hard.

If you work hard to be recognized, or to get the outside in order (your career, status, home, car), but don’t really know yourself. Many illnesses and depressions are also an expression of this; the body indicates that it lacks the soul.

In the world around you you see the separation of celebs and social media with their love for the outside. You see it in the education system, where manual work is subordinate to master work, and the government, which is crazy about models and ignores every feeling. It is often impossible to comply with all those external rules and to be relaxed yourself.

see through illusions

Until two years ago, most, myself included, could live with it, because there was a lot of good too. Comfort is always the death knell for change, and shattering illusions is painful too.

But now it’s different. Systems are cracking at the seams, fissures are deepening, lovelessness is growing and everyone senses that the ultimate result of that separation is that money, power and energy from ordinary people can and will be transferred to the gigantic rich without a face. Whether everyone dares to imagine that is another matter.

back to wholeness

How do we move out of that separation, out of the illusion, back to unity? Fighting against too powerful systems never makes sense. But we can draw power from it; when we see that we help to maintain them ourselves.

So start with yourself: can you recognize that the current world view focuses on only part of the whole: the physical, the ratio, the exterior and the commercial value? And that many systems emphasize separation? Are you able to see through those illusions?

Do you also recognize the separation in yourself (whatever it looks like in your case)? Can you let go of your attachment to the (practical and emotional) comfort of systems? Can you break free from that powerful, dominant energy field, stay light and experience unity in the midst of division? It is spiritual practice at its best! But he brings you, and others, back to wholeness.

Feel your natural state

You only need one simple tool: your own consciousness and your heart, which distinguishes between whole and separate, between the truthfulness of love and the illusion of fear. Music and books resonate with your soul, as does nature. Use earth, water, wind and birds as mirrors of your inner world, let them nourish you.

Remember your natural state: relaxation, freedom, love, connection, aliveness. Activate those feelings and become a soul in a body again, which means that you are safe without having to defend yourself, have inspiration without breaking your head, there is love without looking for it, clarity without others creating and you bear your responsibility without it being an obligation.

Finally, realize that your soul is on earth for love and not to wriggle in a wok to maintain the illusion of separation. Waste of your precious time. Yes, we need laws, but those are just natural principles: you are born free, you are equal to everyone else, you will not kill and steal, and you respect your fellow human beings. That’s it.

Bring your soul home during the full moon!

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