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Overloaded nervous system

The big news for anyone who is scientifically and spiritually inspired is the magnetic pole reversal of the Sun every 11 years. “It looks like we’re no more than 3 or 4 months away from a complete field reversal,” Stanford University solar physicist Todd Hoeksema said in a statement last week. 

“This change will have ripple effects across the entire solar system.” Hoeksema is the director of the Stanford Solar Observatory, one of the few observatories in the world that studies the magnetic fields of the Sun’s poles.

This is exciting news, and a tangible boost to the growing number of people who are becoming more and more sensitive to the Sun’s activity, energetically, emotionally and physically. The Sun has been relatively quiet this year in terms of solar flares, although 2011 and 2012 had great activity in solar flares, affecting us on many levels, aiding our current evolutionary shifting process.

Symptoms ranging from feeling angry/sad/exhausted/vital during the day, or around the days of a big flame having physical symptoms such as dizziness, headache, weeping, sinus/ear/thyroid problems, memory problems and sadness that comes up. Those of us with acute sensitivity to energy changes and/or cosmic weather sensed exactly when a solar flare occurred, and then saw it confirmed by a relevant source.

What’s fascinating is that I, and many others who work closely with our energetic reality, have found that many people experience each solar flare in the same way; There is apparently always a very clear ‘theme’ associated with each flame. There have certainly been more active flame periods in the past, but to my knowledge we’ve never had a collective sensitivity to solar activity as we know it now, or at least we didn’t have the  consciousness  before, to be able to can be made the link as now.

With such heightened sensitivity and heightened physical and emotional responses to something relatively common, such as solar flares, compared to a magnetic pole shift, we can certainly expect the coming shift to have its effect on us both collectively and individually.

This month I was fascinated and so excited to discover that a Russian professor of astronomy and biological physics, ALTchijevsky, was investigating the connection between human behavior, societal shifts and solar physics or solar flare activity during a period of solar maximum (like now) . You can find more about his work online, but in short it goes about this: ‘

Tchijevsky made an ‘Index of Mass Irritability of People’. He put together the stories of 72 countries from 500 BC to 1922 AD to create a database to clarify correlations. After ranking the major events, Tchijevsky found that 80% of the major human events occurred during the 5 years of maximum solar activity. ‘ Further:solar flare

At the solar pole reversal, what was magnetic north will become magnetic south and vice versa. So it was really interesting to see what showed up in a Soul Session with a client today, an effective indication that she had a new “anchor point” and a new “center point”:

They say that your heart chakra is now grounding you, and now anchoring you in a way that is new . It feels like you’ve reached a new level of being “grounded,” but where we used to look at the base chakra for grounding, they now point very clearly to the heart, saying that the work you’ve done there is about self -love. ,

self-esteem, self-respect, knowing what you deserve and what you can no longer accept etc… that all those things have served to create a very strong and stable ‘center’ in you, from which you now make your decisions, from which you now lives, and from which you attract now. This ‘center’ is something we usually see in the solar plexus, but now we see it in the heart chakra’.

This gave me the feeling that the solar reversal will enable our shift to a new ‘true north’, a new compass to guide us, a new direction that more truly answers the present yearning of the heart and soul. If you had a feeling of ‘waiting’, like a dam about to burst, I have the impression that we will have a sense of energetic/emotional relief once that magnetic reversal is done, and a new energy flow comes. No one knows exactly when this will happen, just as no one knows exactly when a baby will be born.

The magnetic North Pole has already begun to shift, while the South Pole has yet to begin. This suggests that the Sun currently has almost 2 South Poles (which is possible, in 2000 the Sun briefly had 2 North Poles just before that shift of that cycle). The North is always about our movement forward, while the South is about the past, and interestingly enough,

a lot of people I know are deep in the past right now, and have been around for the past week or so, especially since the New Moon (6/8 ) did a deep clean, threw away old paperwork, cleared a cluttered inbox, cleaned the fridge and kitchen, tackled old issues in a deeper way, streamlined and simplified thoughts and behavior patterns: what makes me feel good, what doesn’t, what do I have necessary, what not,

With the Sun in the process of its 11-year pole reversal, and Leo ruling the Sun, and the Sun currently radiating a dual South Pole influence, I can’t help but think we’re mirroring the Sun’s process: gone with the old , welcome to the new and readjust where necessary. Of course that is the general theme of our great Shift, but our evolutionary shift is composed of many powerful mini-shifts that trigger and enable our transformation, and the Sun is responsible for many of them.

Our heightened sensitivity means that everything is different now, even when some things seem the same. We experience everything differently, because our perception and therefore our reaction changes. Some people think, well, there’s nothing new, we’re in a new cycle, and that’s how it is.

Imagine if everyone has always had a radio, and ears to listen. For some it feels like this is still the case. The songs may change, but that’s all. Others are picking up new frequencies, new stations, music and information. They hear clearer and sharper than before, which is great when you listen to happy, fun songs, and harder when you listen to the sad songs. I remember writing about these times years ago.

Information coming in always uses something like a television analogy, stating that going from the old to the new reality is like going from black and white to color TV: the colors become sharper and more pronounced. They would be a reflection of heightened sensitivity. This year is the year we really see what this means on a widespread collective level.solar_flare_by_bensow-d4cvb72

Part of the global effect of our Shift is the opening of our Hearts, and the realization that we are all connected (leading to a possible transition to Oneness and Unity Consciousness). These qualities mean that we feel our feelings, as well as those of others, on a deeper level.

Oneness always reminds us of images of everyone living harmoniously together, but that’s a very highly evolved version of Oneness, one that we’ll reach much later, and that we haven’t really realized on a collective level yet. Where are we standing right now?

We have crossed the threshold into the field of Oneness, but we are more on the periphery than jumping straight into the middle. So we are really beginning to feel what ‘Oneness’ means, while we are still living in a world that contains aspects of the old level of consciousness. In short, people still hurt others, and still treat others in an inhumane and unjust way. We feel it, even if the others don’t know.

We feel it, even though we are not aware that it is happening.

We immediately feel someone’s pain when we hurt someone.

We immediately feel that we ourselves are being damaged when we think old, negative thoughts about ourselves.


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