Overstimulated? This is how you turn your home into an energetic charging place

Overstimulated? This is how you turn your home into an energetic charging place
Maybe you are an empath! It means that you are sensitive to the energies of others, have a sixth sense, and feel deeply connected to the environment. When the outside world comes to you like this, it is logical that you have a great need for rest. This article shows you how to relax at home.

Peace, harmony and serenity are essential. So make sure your environment calms your nervous system

Empaths are easily overwhelmed by stimuli due to their sensitive nervous system. It is therefore very important that you pay attention to yourself several times a day. Self-care is a way to reduce stress, improve your (mental) health and live longer. An absolute necessity! Because we are currently mainly at home or work a lot where we have time in our house to recharge, here are some tips on how you can apply self-care in your home.

Create a stimulus-free environment

Because we are so sensitive, our environment has a huge influence on our state of being. It is good to realize that we live in a world that is chronically overstimulated. A hundred years ago, there were no computers, cell phones, pagers, buzzers, televisions, game consoles, radios, electric alarm clocks, microwaves, emails, apps, laptops, or the Internet. People hardly had access to a telephone, refrigerator, washing machine, radio, or car.

Overstimulated? This is how you turn your home into an energetic charging place

Our nervous system is overloaded. It is becoming increasingly difficult to withdraw from all these sounds, influences, and expectations. This is one of the reasons self-care is critical, and not just for empaths.

You may not be able to control what happens in the outside world, but in your own home, you can adjust a lot of things. Allow yourself to change anything that calls for change. You can think of all kinds of things: how your family members talk to each other, the lighting, the temperature, sounds, smells, the position of the furniture, the decoration, the use of color, the time when the whole family watches TV, light, and air from outside. , house plants, blinds, curtains, and much more.

Of course, it is important to take into account the people you live with and you don’t want to force things on others like a dictator. It is good if you can discuss these things with them so that they can support you.

Bring harmony into your home

If there is no harmony in your home, it is difficult for almost all people to relax and feel safe. Gather your courage and talk to each other. You can also hire a coach or therapist to help get this process started.

Overstimulated? This is how you turn your home into an energetic charging place

Because we are highly sensitive, we are easily overstimulated by noise, violence (real or fake), dramas of others, and so on. So it is important that you keep coarse, loud, violent, overwhelming, or chaotic energies out of your immediate environment as much or completely as possible. Of course, it depends on you what kind of environment is right for you and you can decide for yourself which changes are right for you. To help you on your way, here are some suggestions:

  • Stop watching noisy, violent, or very impressive TV shows or movies.
  • Be honest with yourself about your belief that dramas and traumas are one way that life teaches you your lessons. Are you someone who attracts drama and trauma? Do you attract people who have a chaotic energy and always experience dramatic things? Give yourself permission to learn things easily and smoothly and let go of dramas and traumas.
  • Remove or adjust all gross and penetrating influences. Don’t leave the TV or radio on all the time, don’t put a telephone or other electronic devices next to your bed when you sleep, and take a good look at the lighting in your house.

Take care of good energy

The fact that we dislike noise, chaos, and violence mean that we value tranquility, peace, harmony, and serenity. So make changes in your environment that calm your nervous system. Here are advice:

Overstimulated? This is how you turn your home into an energetic charging place

  • Clean the energy in the house regularly. An average house energetic cleaning takes me three hours, but this extension is not necessary every time.
  • Tell your kids to be quiet at certain times.
  • Change the lighting, the curtains, or the way and times light and air enter the house.
  • Allow yourself to not be there every now and then
  • Listen to soothing music, if you use it to calm yourself
  • Bring nature into your home. Take some house plants or a fountain, an essential oil diffuser, or a few stones or crystals.
  • Check whether the colors of the furnishing need to be adjusted; maybe you can turn a room into a meditation or quiet space.

Finally, give yourself enough space. If it sometimes doesn’t work out, you get frustrated, get angry, or lack inspiration, and don’t think about problems but solutions. Your energy engine now and then needs a creative and physical outlet, such as dancing, singing, making music, painting or drawing, yoga, sports, strength exercises or, for example, writing.


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