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Pamela Kribbe Channels Yeshua

lovely people,

I am Yeshua, and I greet you all. You are all beings of light. You come to spread your light here on Earth and meet resistance in it. What exactly is this game between light and dark? What is the resistance you experience, what is the darkness that you face?

Light actually means nothing more than a realization of the unity of everything. When you are in the light, when you are light yourself, you feel boundlessness; you feel that your consciousness is part of a greater whole, that you are connected to all that is. Light is connection with the One.

The essence of light is formless, not bound to any particular form. The light that you essentially are can be everywhere at once; your consciousness is endless. Experiencing this brings you into a state of rapture. It reminds you of your true nature: to be free, unbound to form. Feel that this is the core of your being, of your consciousness.

You are not the form your consciousness is in now: you are not your body, you are not the flesh and blood that makes up your body, or the gender, or the character traits that belong to your present personality. You are more than all that. You have inhabited multiple and very different forms as consciousness in many lifetimes here on Earth and elsewhere in the universe. The constant through all those forms is you, one at the core unbroken, endless,

At the core of that consciousness there is no separation between you and the world. You are everywhere, in open awareness. The core of who you are is an open space, quiet, grand and full of life. When you are aware of this, there is always a basic feeling of joy with you.

Your heart is open, you feel cherished in the universe. Cause? Not by something outside of you, but by the consciousness that you are yourself. It is joyful to be that consciousness, you feel carried from within by the flow of life that permeates the entire cosmos.

Know that this awareness is always available to you. You can get to that core of light within you by stepping back, by looking at yourself from a certain distance and seeing that the things that move you in your life are important,

but they never quite define you. You are more than what is happening in your life right now in terms of emotions and events; you are the consciousness that this is aware. You are the consciousness that allows many experiential contents to blow and flow through you. This consciousness itself is indestructible.

In your life on earth you have chosen to temporarily connect your consciousness with a body, with a form. You didn’t do that for nothing. The body is very valuable. It is very special that you can focus your consciousness in such a way, so that it identifies itself in part with a body, with the person you are now, woman or man, with all the talents and character traits that belong to you. But make no mistake, you are not that package of traits. You are the consciousness experiencing it. That realization gives you space.

The moment you choose incarnation, for life-in-the-form, a condensation of your light takes place. Light here is the same as consciousness. There is a certain narrowing of your consciousness, which tends to make you lose connection with who you really are: formless, unlimited, infinite. This is certainly the case in the initial phase of your history of becoming, your growth process as a soul.

A young soul, when in the form, tends to identify completely with that form. It requires a certain experience to be completely in the form and at the same time realize: I am not this; I experience this form, but I am more than that. As the soul matures, there will be more and more moments when the soul will remember: I am now in this form, in this body,

Why does the soul choose condensation and incarnation? Why did you enter into a life in form? Wouldn’t it be nicer to always be in that one, unbound consciousness? Ask yourself that question. Some of you may sigh, “Oh yes, I would always prefer that, no more incarnation for me, life is too limited in one form.” Yet there is a desire in the soul to experience this.

The art of living in a body is to bring the light into form. The art is to give shape to the unbroken consciousness that you essentially are in matter. Bringing the light into the form gives the form beauty, life and brilliance. The diversity of life forms you encounter on Earth, such as the plant and animal kingdoms, comes from a dance of light and matter, of consciousness and form.

In the One Consciousness that pervades the entire cosmos, there is a desire for condensation, for manifestation in form. Manifestation in form makes it possible to experience distinction, distinction between ‘you’ and ‘I’ and light and dark. Entering into dance with form and matter gives life depth and relief, it makes a range of experiences possible.

You are God, and once out of joy you chose to let your light shine in and through the form. This makes you a creator. It is your deepest desire to bring your light into the densest forms of matter.

This gives you a sense of self-realization that is more fulfilling than returning to a state of pure, formless Being. That which carries and inspires the cosmos is a living God, who is creative and constantly seeking growth and expansion. You are part of that God and your choice for life in form belongs to you as much as the core of formless light that you are.

What exactly is density? The terrestrial dimension is often called ‘dense’: heavy, slow, compact, and that actually means: there is a lack of freedom, a lack of awareness of who you really are.

On Earth you can get trapped in negative thoughts or emotions, in pain, suffering and fear. You can forget who you are and feel cut off from your connection to the whole. When you lose contact with the light as a human being, you live in darkness. You experience densification in a literal sense: it is closed, you feel locked up, it is stuck in yourself.

I want to invite you to descend to the most dense level within yourself. Often you experience this densest part of you in areas of life where the energy flows the least, where you have the most trouble with yourself or with life. You experience that aspect of your life as ballast, as something that shouldn’t be there. You wear density like a stone around your neck, as the well-known expression says “like a millstone around your neck”.

You can project this density that you are experiencing onto the Earth and say, It’s so dense and slow here, there’s so much lack of awareness, and that’s what causes my pain. However, it is not the density of life on Earth that weighs you down. The origin of your suffering lies where your light cannot penetrate to the density within yourself. There’s a split in you there; you reject a part of you, and that creates pain.

Imagine actually walking around with a rock around your neck. Look how heavy or big that stone is. Let your imagination run wild. In that stone are all the emotions that you have a hard time with and maybe also negative beliefs about being here on earth.

That you are not welcome here, that there is a lack of understanding for who you are and the light you come to bring. In that stone is your fear of and resistance to life. The stone symbolizes that which is locked in yourself, where you are stuck in your life. The stone also symbolizes your life mission. It is your mission as a soul to bring light into the most dense parts of yourself.

It is your life purpose to radiate light to that which has become hardened and petrified in you. The world does not ask for your light, but your own being, and as soon as you can accept that and put your hands around it, you radiate into the world a light that naturally inspires others and invites them to start the same inner process. But first concentrate completely on your own stone.

You often look away. In your daily life you are focused on achieving certain goals and ideals and you may notice that part of you does not seem to want to work with it, that something in you is blocking or causing feelings of anxiety and self-doubt. You are now going to give your full attention to that part of you. You kneel by that stone. Imagine the stone lying on the ground, that you kneel before it and that you lay your hands on the stone. Let your consciousness flow into the stone, to feel what lives in that stone.

Greet the stone. Remember that you are unbroken consciousness. You are living light and you can crawl all the way into the stone and feel the emotional charge it carries.

Because you consciously connect with the stone, a light will burn from within. Your consciousness brings the stone to life; it is no longer cold and hard, it slowly becomes a gem. The structure of the stone changes through your loving attention, and take a good look at what color and shape the stone takes.

Ask the stone, “What do you want to give me? What have you got to give me?” The stone contains condensed energy, but when that condensed energy is surrounded with light and attention, it transforms into a jewel and a gift. That which once hung like a millstone around your neck, now becomes a treasure, a gift to be received with reverence.

Take the stone in your hands, see how it now sparkles and shines, in a color and a shape that suit you. Give the stone a place in your body; see where the stone naturally wants to go. To which place in your body does the stone spontaneously want to go? What effect does that have on you?

Life on earth always invites you to turn to the most condensed, hardened, petrified parts in you. This requires strength and courage and at the same time you create the beauty that belongs to living in form. By connecting your consciousness with that which has become cold, dark and petrified, something beautiful arises, something new.

This twinkling, living gem is your creation, your mature soul. The gemstone is the result of the merging of consciousness and matter, the fruit of the dance between formlessness and form. Life invites you to take on this dance again and again.

The moment you notice that you are running into blocks in your life, don’t judge. Ask the stone to appear to you in your imagination. Descend and connect with that which has gone beyond the light of your consciousness. Take care of the stone. Your loving attention is enough to illuminate the stone from within. By shining your light on the dense and dark within yourself, God is born on earth through you.


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