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Past Lives and Relationships – How do you deal with someone from a past life?


A person has a soul. And this soul as empty leaf has much to learn. There is knowledge to be gained about many different lessons to be learned, such as letting go, health and finances. A soul reincarnates, because in one life not everything can be learned. A soul often reincarnates with multiple souls, also called soul mates , as many lessons must be learned through interaction with other people.

How do you recognize someone from your past life?

How you recognize a person from your past life depends on which sense, or in other words: which gift, you work with the most. Depending on your gift, you can feel, see or know that you recognize that person from somewhere. In this case from a past life. Remember the familiar thought, “I feel like I’ve known you for a long time.”

It feels safe

Admittedly, a certain relationship with someone from another life quickly feels more familiar than with someone you have not known in past lives. People you have not yet known literally feel new and uncomfortable a little faster.

Nevertheless, in the paragraphs below I am going to explain that a familiar feeling is sometimes, but not always, a good feeling. The best thing is to dare to think for yourself about a relationship with someone and realize that you live in the present.

Feelings and explanations when dealing with someone from a past life

You no longer want to associate with a specific person from another life:

If you were convinced in another life that it is good for you not to see someone again, you will remember that in this life. The choice of what to do with this person when they reappear in your life feels pretty clear then. What then remains is the question of whether you feel that you have the opportunity to say ‘no’ to that person.

You want to spend another life with a specific person from the past life:

If you were convinced in a previous life that you want to build a relationship with someone again, the choice about what you want to do with this person will become clear to you in this life. All that remains now is to fight for it if it is made difficult for you to keep seeing this person.

You thought you wanted to spend your life with someone from a past life, but then you think:

Sometimes you’ve decided that you want to see someone again in this life. If someone has been taken from you too early in the other life, it happens that these two people/souls (of which you are one) promise each other that they will get back together in the next life. However, by dealing with this person in this life, you can see that the relationship is not right for you right now.

It is possible that you did not know this in the other life, because the relationship has not been given a chance to progress far enough. It would be best to end the relationship after all. Often this is a very difficult choice because you feel both the promise and the familiar, but on the other hand you feel that it is not right for you right now. Whether the other already knows about your choice (continue or let go) is still the question. This sometimes leads to a serious emotional battle between the parties involved.

You can of course also think in a positive way:

For example, that your first impression of the other in a previous life had not yet had time to form. In this life you (subconsciously) remember that the person did not do and does so much for you, but the time you spend together and the determination of the other person who does remember you positively ensures that you can finally form your opinion.

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