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Perhaps the greatest desire of our readers: Contact with your soul


It may be our readers’ greatest desire, did you know that? Contact with my soul.. “How do I do that”?.

The first part of the answer is: Take it easy!

Our current centralized way of living together is mercilessly efficient in its 24/7 quest for less costs and more profit. Just look at how much HURRY we are all in. Your first “day of work” is not in a company but in primary school with its homework and tests. And that only continues as you get older.

Sideways, sideways, sideways! I still have to do this and still have to do that, and then this… We do and think ourselves under all kinds of conditions. It causes many people to become alienated from their bodies and nature almost unnoticed. And have less and less contact with their feelings. And their hearts. Let alone their souls.This leads to an enormous decrease in a sense of meaning and an enormous increase in stress, burnout and psychological complaints.

Haste is therefore diametrically opposed to where, according to every great spiritual teacher, enlightenment can ever be found, namely in the moment (being) and in the heart. If enlightenment means unconditional love, it can be found in the NOW. But that’s not how we learn in our fast-paced rational world.

I myself went   “in search of my soul” around my 30th birthday . I am happy to share with you what I have learned over the past twenty years.

First: I am  always  connected to my soul.

When I allowed this, I could understand her better every day.

Second: She knows no rush, no must, no achievement or work, just spirit and vibration. What she also does not know is judgment. She only has experiences and time is not linear for her.

It took me many years to figure it all out.
It is so incredibly simple that my busy head looked over it for a long time.

Together with Hermelijn van der Meijden I am currently organizing the Spring Downloads, a series of guided meditations where participants regularly experience contact with their soul.
If you also long for that, I would like to challenge and invite you in particular to come and learn with us.
To slow down and give yourself time.

to remember.

We will meet live two more times. The first time on April 5. Will you join us?
Here you can find more information and sign up:


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