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Personal Stargate: Operation and Activation Pineal Gland

Every person has a personal ‘star gate’, namely the pineal gland. The pineal gland, crown chakra, is the center of our brain, behind the pituitary gland of our third eye. When the Kundalini has risen from our first chakra from the base to the third eye chakra, the third eye can actually be opened.


Opening the third eye

This opening occurs through the combination of physical energies from our first through sixth chakras and the multidimensional energy entering the pineal gland from the crown chakra. When the third eye is opened, the pineal gate is reactivated in a slow or fast manner.

Everyone has made interdimensional journeys in his or her life, especially in childhood. You’ve only forgotten most of these because you couldn’t reconcile the experiences with your daily life. More and more children are now being born with an opened third eye and a fully activated pineal gland. Because our society is now more open, these children no longer have to ‘slam shut’, which many adults have had to do in order to continue their daily survival.

“Survival” is a term that will soon be removed from our vocabulary as everyone will remember that we are immortal. The pineal gland is our inner vortex that allows us to travel interdimensionally while still having a physical body. When planetary Ascension takes place the physical body is replaced by a light body and interdimensional travel is ‘normal’.

The pineal gland is located centrally in our brain, as the crossroads between our vertical and horizontal connections.

The Pineapple Gate

The pineal gland is filled with liquid light and microcrystals made of calcite. dr. Marcel Joseph Vogel showed that crystalline growth can be changed by changing people’s thinking patterns, because people think in patterns. These patterns are energetic and have certain frequencies. Patterns based on fear carry a low frequency, while patterns of love are of a higher frequency. gland-1
The pineal gland is located centrally in our brain, as the crossroads between our vertical and horizontal connections.

Thoughts can be picked up, stored and transmitted by crystals, such as the microcrystals in the pineal gland. Crystals also have a memory, so they can be used to run software programs or store thought patterns. In this way, an anxious or loving pattern can be stored on the brain’s ‘hard drive’ encouraging you to repeat the pattern.

Most frequencies that the pineal gland receives fall outside the spectrum in which humans perceive. Therefore, most messages from the higher dimensions are captured in color and sound. When man regains control of her own thoughts, the pineal gland is adapted to the higher frequencies of loving thoughts. You can then translate more messages from the higher dimensions.

When you first open the pineal gland, you may only receive a sound, or a beep. If you want to convert this sound into light, you have to increase the frequency of the sound by 40 octaves. How can you do this? The answer is that you surrender to your soul when you expand your consciousness. Since everything is related to the speed of light, Einstein’s E=mc squared, the higher frequency will increase the resonance of the lower one when two frequencies collide.

Surrendering to the soul is important to be open to the cosmic light and unconditional love so that it can enter your pineal gate and this energy can raise the resonance of your brain waves. This changes our thinking patterns and perceptions and raises consciousness so that we can perceive the higher octaves of the language of light.

Another important point regarding our personal portal and the ability to perceive in the higher dimensions is the piezoelectric property of the microcrystals in the pineal gland. Piezoelectricity is the charge that accumulates in certain solid materials, such as crystals, ceramics, bones, DNA and various proteins.

Due to this property, certain crystals can be used for certain measuring instruments, oscillators, resonators, etc. Crystals also have the ability to rotate polarization of light to the higher frequency of ultraviolet. Ultraviolet is the highest frequency within the three-dimensional spectrum of light. Therefore, it serves as a gateway to the higher dimensions.

Scientists have derived the Global System of Mobile Telecommunications (GSM) from the microcrystals in the pineal gland. GSM is a digital technology that allows you to have up to eight calls simultaneously on the same channel. This already indicates the potential of the pineal gland. The pineal gland controls your focus or attention on the inner world of sleep and meditation and the outer world of physical reality.

This ability allows you to receive various messages that can assist you in connecting with your inner self while at the same time maintaining a connection with your physical life.

The cerebrum is our personal ‘sleeping giant’ because it is the center of the electromagnetic force of our physical body. The pineal gland is the positive point of contact and acts as a neuroendocrine conduit, relaying its multidimensional information to the pituitary gland. Then the pituitary gland acts as the negative contact point to receive the information and distribute it throughout the cerebrum.

Furthermore, the cerebrum cortex collects the different frequencies of information in the brain cells that are designed to convert electromagnetic frequencies into electrical currents. These electrical currents dictate your thoughts, actions and behavior and are projected into your reality through your intentions.

When this transmuted cosmic energy comes into contact with Earth’s current grid, it is reabsorbed by the pineal gland, maintaining the illusion of a linear time/space matrix of third dimensional reality. However, in 2012, a new grid will be activated that allows your brain to absorb at least two extra octaves of light through the pineal gland.attracting prosperity and abundance into your life

A new receiver then grows in the brain to channel the increased light frequencies. This leads to interdimensional experiences and will drastically change our reality

The endocrine system

To ensure a higher state of consciousness, the hormones of the pineal gland create a sense of peace, calm and even bliss. The hormone melatonin collects light in the ‘eye’ of the pineal port. It is this light that you see when you meditate or are in a state of bliss. Serotonin, the hormone that makes you feel calm and balanced, is also found in the pineal gland.

Metatonin helps you stay ‘awake’ in your dream state and DMT (dimethyltryptamine), which is also found in the Ayahuasca plant and used for Shamanic journeys, lets you ‘see’ other dimensions and realities during your sleep and/or meditation.

As your pineal gland shares the incoming messages of light with your pituitary gland (Master Gland), it in turn shares the gift with your entire body through the endocrine glands of the endocrine system. As this cycle of multidimensional light and unconditional love produces a higher consciousness, and therefore loving thoughts and emotions, the resonance of matter in your physical body is continuously rising. In this way you gradually turn your physical body into a light body.

In summary, you can say that you were born with an open pineal gate, but that life in the third dimension has only closed it. Many people have reopened this personal portal by increasing their resonance through meditation, spiritual practices and living a healthy life. Furthermore, due to the increased frequency of Gaia, many children are now being born who can keep their fully opened pineal glands open.

This open gate determines the frequency of the brain waves. Not the 3D beta brainwaves, but the multidimensional theta brainwaves and above. If you had the choice to travel the cosmos and speak to your soul, would you clean your room, do your homework, or get ready to go to school or work? The universe is a school for the awakened people and few people in education are awakened enough to connect with these children. Parents also often struggle with this challenge.pesticide in urine of children & adults

However, this problem will soon be resolved as more and more ‘adults’ awaken and awakened children become adults. These awakened parents would rather visit the higher dimensions and their galactic families than go to work, sit in traffic, pay bills and clean the house. This automatically creates an entirely new reality. You’re changing reality, what you’re doing now.

Care and maintenance of the personal gate

Caring for your pineal gate is very similar to caring for your physical body, by choosing proper nutrition, exercise, meditation, adequate sleep, low stress, and spending time in the sun. Moonlight is also good. Your pineal gland is your interdimensional portal to your multidimensional self and it takes a healthy body to integrate the changes in your life when you open this portal.

A fully opened pineal gland creates a state of deep meditation (theta brainwaves) during waking consciousness. This is why you may feel strange or disoriented as you adjust to ordinary life with a higher consciousness. The biggest challenge is staying grounded in your physical reality while living a ‘normal life’ with the heightened state of consciousness (theta brainwaves). This awareness can create miracles every day as you shape energy with your intention and unconditional love.

The ‘fuel’ to keep this gate open is the endocrine or hormone system. The hormones of the endocrine system send the multidimensional light and unconditional love through your body through the cerebrospinal fluid and blood stream. These hormones regulate the energy and functioning of the physical body. When the endocrine system is overstimulated, it produces energy surges that can cause one to become unbalanced.

Many people experience these ‘current surges’ in their pineal glands, because of the electromagnetic emissions from the galactic center. These shocks can easily overload the endocrine system causing stress, anxiety and immune system decline.

The pineal gland and pituitary gland work together as a bioenergetic circuit board for the biological computer brain. The pineal gland receives the torsion waves from the galactic center and then transmits them to the pituitary gland.

Twin Flame GateThe pituitary gland regulates the secretion of hormones for the entire endocrine system. When it receives cosmic light from the pineal gland, it distributes it throughout the body to maintain hormonal balance. When the pituitary gland becomes overstimulating, it can temporarily overload the thyroid (throat chakra) and adrenal gland (root chakra), causing energy shocks to feel like a “high.”

Overstimulation of the endocrine system can also lead to extreme physical fatigue when the thyroid gland produces above or below its capacity in an attempt to regulate the body’s energetic fluctuations. It can also trigger depression and anxiety, as brain chemicals such as serotonin also become unbalanced. As a result, a person may experience extreme physical and emotional symptoms as the body searches for a way to deal with this new evolutionary energy.

The thymus gland controls our immune system and is the energetic gate of the higher heart where the multidimensional light can be experienced as unconditional love. Because of this connection, “love can heal.” The heart chakra also controls the lungs. Therefore, the physical breathing through your higher heart can feel like you are breathing in unconditional love. The best way to calm your body is through breathing.

When you inhale through your opened third eye, you suck in cosmic torsion waves that intertwine with serotonin to calm you and metatonin and DMT to relieve you. When you exhale through your higher heart you expand your experience through unconditional love as you share the gift with all life. This type of breathing allows multidimensional light and unconditional love to flow throughout your body.

This feeling balances the excess electrical stimulation in the pineal gland by bringing about a feeling of calmness, peace and love. The better you learn to take a deep breath, to become a ‘conscious breather’, the more you activate the function of the thymus gland, which not only enhances feelings of unconditional love, but also supports your physical immune system.

Remember that your pineal gate works both ways. It picks up the torsion waves flowing from the galactic center and takes you home for a visit to yourself. The best way to care for your gate is to visualize yourself, not as a human visiting the higher dimensions, but as light visiting your earthly body. In other words, see yourself as an individual photon in the unity of multidimensional light.


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