Physical complaints? Your body is literally trying to tell you something

Physical complaints? Your body is literally trying to tell you something
For many people, listening to your body means no more than eating when you are hungry and sleeping when you are tired and we often do not respect even these basic needs. We try to adapt our body to our program instead of the other way around.

Body language

Statements such as ‘something is on my liver’, ‘something has to get off my mind’, ‘it is hanging from my throat’, ‘it makes my stomach cringe’, ‘I can feel it in my water’, ‘I am disgusted’ of it,” we say easily, not realizing how literally we should take these statements. Instead of trying to get the message from the signals that our body gives us, we reach for our medicine cabinet that is filled on a doctor’s prescription when we have a headache, sore throat, stomach pain, sleeping problems, depressive complaints, etc.

Decipher the message

Physical complaints? Your body is literally trying to tell you something

I too, for a long time recognized the importance of not listening to my body, despite my faith and trust in natural cures. After all, when you complain about a sore throat, no one will spontaneously ask you ‘in what recent situation have you not stood up for yourself and your own truth?’ When you have urinary tract infections no one will ask who or what you are so pissed off on. There is no one to ask you what is happening or has happened in your life that could be linked to your complaint.

It was only by going to a body-oriented therapist that I discovered how much valuable information our bodies give us and how poorly I knew my body. The book ‘More brain, less medicine’ by Lissa Rankin made me unmistakably aware of the ever-present link between body and mind. Now when I am confronted with a physical complaint, I try to decipher what message my body is trying to give me and then act on these insights. For this, I consult the list of symptoms in ‘The key to self-liberation, the reference work by Christiane Beerlandt.

‘The body is a kind of tracking device, always helping us find our way. Stay in the horrible job, and you get psoriasis. Join the crazy family argument, and your back goes out. Deny a love, a dream, any inner truth, and your gut goes into spasm.’ Martha Beck

By prescription

At some point in her career as a doctor, Lissa Rankin decided to let her patients write their own prescriptions. She actually did this because she had her hands in her hair. These patients did everything they could to be healthy, they took care of their bodies by eating a nutritious diet, exercising enough, avoiding bad habits, and taking extra vitamins, and yet they had to deal with all kinds of complaints and ailments. Complaints for which no cause could be found, health problems despite a healthy lifestyle.

Physical complaints? Your body is literally trying to tell you something

So she started asking her patients, “What do you think your body needs to heal?” She expected that people would ask about antibiotics, painkillers, sleeping medication, in short about ‘the usual’. But their prescriptions astounded her: ‘I must leave my partner, resign and do work that is in line with myself, move to a better-suited environment, put my mother in a retirement and care home, enroll in an art academy, look for the connection to break through my loneliness, my allergy is probably caused by being allergic to my life…’

Living in line with your own truth

The next thing she noticed was that if her patients recognized this inner wisdom and had the courage to follow it, almost all of them were cured of their ailments. In most cases, by living in line with their own truth, spontaneous remission of the health complaints arose.

Suppose that from now on it would read on a doctor’s prescription ‘find other work that is more in line with yourself, work on the relationship with your partner, dare to say no to your parents more often, move to the coast or spend more time in nature, I think the quality of life of a lot of people would increase enormously! And consequently also the quality of life in our society!

‘To heal yourself, you must first diagnose the root cause of where your life may be out of alignment with your truth.

It’s not always easy to face the truth about why you might have succumbed to illness.

Facing the truth about your life takes guts and an open heart. But the results can be phenomenal.’ Lissa Rankin


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