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Pitfalls on the way to healing – Pamela Kribbe

lovely people,
Yeshua or Jesus, as we know his name, painted by Akiane.

It is with great pleasure and pleasure that I speak to you through Pamela and welcome you to this place where you have gathered to listen to me, an old friend of yours. I am Yeshua, I have been among you in my life on earth as Jesus.

I have been a human being and I am aware of everything you endure as a human being in an earthly body and an earthly life. I have come here to help you understand who you are.

All of you, all of you here and many who will read this text, are lightworkers. You are angels of light who have forgotten who they really are. All of you have endured many trials in your journey on Earth, through different Earth lifetimes. And I know these trials inside out.

You have now come to a point in your soul history where a completion is taking place, a completion of a certain phase in that history. You are all at a point in your evolution where you are making stronger contact with the inner self that you really are, with your greater self that is detached from time and space. You are in the process of allowing your inner or greater self into your earthly being, into your present life.

You are all still uneasy about this contact with your higher or greater selves, for you have forgotten that you are this great source of light yourself. You have forgotten that all the knowledge and love you seek is present in your own energy, in your own aura.

Nevertheless, you have all begun to make contact with the deepest source of light within yourself. That’s why it is now also on your life path to help others. To assist others in your environment, whether in the professional sphere or not, in their inner way.

Even if your own inner path is not yet completed, from a certain moment you can start to share your own energies of insight and wisdom with others. You all feel called to this.

The moment you take on the healership or teachership, a number of possible pitfalls appear in your path. These ultimately originate from a certain misunderstanding about the process of becoming whole in another and your role in it.

Today I want to speak about these pitfalls on the road to healing. What is the essence of healing? What happens when someone ‘gets better’, whether on a spiritual, emotional or physical level?

What happens is that this person connects on a deep level with his or her inner light, with who she or he really is. This contact has a healing effect on all levels of the self, on the psychic level as well as on the physical and emotional body.

What every person is looking for in a counselor (healer/therapist) is an energetic space in which he is enabled to make contact with his inner light.

The healer or therapist offers this space because she herself has already made this contact in her own energy. The healer possesses a vibration, an energy vibration within himself, which is the solution to the problem of the one who is seeking healing.

Being a healer or therapist means: carrying the energetic vibration of the solution in your energy field and offering it to the other. It’s nothing but that.

At its core, it is a process that can take place without words or actions. It is the energy itself that you have as a therapist or healer that can bring about the healing.

It is your ‘enlightened’ energy, which you offer as a space, in which another can make contact with his own inner light, with his own core. It is this inner contact that brings about wholeness. All true healing is self healing.

Being a Hell(p)er essentially has nothing to do with specific skills, or specific knowledge, that you get from books or learn through courses. Healing power is not acquired by something external. It is about the ‘vibration of the solution’ that is present in your own energy field as a result of your own inner growth and awareness.

This is often not complete in all areas, as you are all still involved in personal awakening processes. But there are parts of your energy that have come to a certain clarity and purity that they can have a healing effect on others.

It is very important to understand that this effect is not something that you have to do yourself. It is the patient or client himself who decides whether he is going to absorb that vibration, or whether he is going to allow it. It’s his or her choice. You offer it because of who you are, by ‘being there’ for the other.

So not because of the skills or knowledge that you have learned from others, but purely because of who you are, because of the inner path you have walked yourself. It is in the aspects that you have felt yourself, to the depths of your being, that you can best give someone else a helping hand.

Self-healing, taking responsibility for your inner wounds and surrounding them with the light of your consciousness, remains so very important for lightworkers. It is this capacity for self-healing that makes you a healer or lightworker. It is the vibration of the solution in your own energy field that allows others to find access to their own (self) healing.

When your clients are treating or helping those around you, you often “read” (read) their energy and give them information or treat someone energetically.

But your client or the person you’re helping is just as busy “reading” you. Just as you empathize with his energy, he consciously or unconsciously absorbs your energy. He feels that what you say and do is carried by your being, by your energetic vibration.

He feels you. The real breakthrough takes place in the reading of you by the client. When the client feels there the space that is necessary for him to restore the inner contact with his own being, then your words and actions take on a healing form. They are then the bearers of light and love,

When there is a genuine request for help from someone who comes to you, he is so open to your energy that he can be touched by the purest parts of your own being. These pieces in you cannot be taught through books or materials or skills. They are the result of a personal alchemy, a personal transformation of consciousness that bears your unique stamp.

I want to emphasize this point strongly because there is a tendency among lightworkers (people who naturally feel a strong urge to help others) to keep looking for a new book, a new method, a new skill, that can help create a become a better therapist or healer.

True healing is so simple, so simple. When I lived on Earth, I could let something flow through my eyes, show something that had an immediate healing effect on people. That wasn’t a magic trick or a special effect. I was in touch with my inner source of truth. I could let the divine light and love that were my inheritance – just as they are your inheritance – pour out to other living beings.

And that had a healing effect on those who were really open to it. So it’s with you. You are in no way different from me in this regard. You have all walked the inner path to liberation and self-realization to arrive at the same point where I was when I lived on Earth. You are all awakening to the Christ within you.

The Christ energy is your destiny and purpose and you are getting closer and closer to your destiny. It is the Christ within you who heals and heals as a natural outgrowth of who he is. You still too often identify yourself with the disciple, the one who sits at the feet of a guru and listens and asks and seeks.

But I tell you, the time of discipleship is over. It’s time to claim your mastery. It is time to allow the Christ within you to manifest in your everyday, earthly reality.

Truly merging into the Christ energy, truly admitting your mastery as a healer, requires a great deal of letting go of you. That’s what I want to talk about today. I will make a distinction between three areas where you are being asked to let go a lot.
Niah Caves

The pitfall of the head

The first pitfall lies in the realm of the head, the mind. You are very good at analyzing, reasoning, thinking logically. However, this intellectual, thinking part of you is very much part of the world of duality.

By the ‘world of duality’ we mean a consciousness reality in which facts are divided into good or bad, light or dark, male or female, friend or foe, etcetera. In other words, a consciousness reality in which the underlying unity of all phenomena is not recognized, but in which judgment and distinction are regarded as real and objective.

The Christ energy is essentially an energy that passes below or above duality. It is that which forms the unity among all opposites. But the mind does not recognize this unity current. The mind likes to divide, categorize, and categorize the stream of unity. Thinking likes to design structures, theories that can be superimposed on reality and experience.

yinyang-christ-energyThis also happens when you try to help others. You try to place certain individual symptoms of a client in a broader box, a general category, and you like to come up with all kinds of theories about the solutions to this type of problem.

Now I’m not saying this is all wrong. But what I want to ask you is this: when you’re working with others, be it professionally or in your private setting, try all your thoughts and your reasoning, all your rational considerations about what’s going on with that other person. , to let go completely and to listen purely to the energy of the other. Try to feel with your heart and your intuition where the other person is inside. (See also the meditation exercises at the bottom of this text).

You often have all kinds of ideas about what someone else should or should not do to achieve an inner breakthrough. And those ideas are often correct in some way. But the point is, they’re not always tuned to the other’s energy in the now, right now. It may be that the other person needs a very different kind of approach or energy than you think in your mind.

I want to ask you to see and feel the other purely from the silent, intuitive part of yourself, where you transcend duality and where you come home to the Christ energy. I would like to ask you to really let yourself be inspired by the other person when you offer him or her help.

The solution is often that simple.

Take, for example, parents who want to help their children with problems. Often, their experience allows parents to oversee certain things better. Parents want to protect or warn their child from negative situations.

This seems from the mind to be the right way to help. But when a parent tunes in to the child from her quiet, intuitive side and simply listens to what the child wants from her, that’s often quite another. What the child often deeply needs is the genuine trust of the parent.

Your genuine trust in your child can encourage your child to really go within and consult their own intuition. This can help him to make a decision that feels really good to him now and is also easy to understand for you.

I mention this example to you because it is so widespread and recognizable and because it is so difficult to support your children purely from your intuitive knowledge. Let’s go. That’s what it’s about. Letting go of your ideas, letting go of your thoughts about what is good for someone else. And then go all the way to the now and ask: what do you need from me?

That is power, that is healing power that you give someone else. And very often it comes down to the other person asking: have patience with me. Have faith in me, keep surrounding me with your faith in me, no matter how many times I get it wrong.

The pitfall of the head gives you a lot of worry. In reality, everything is much simpler. In every situation, try to go with your feeling and your intuition to the energetic level where everything becomes very simple. You don’t have to think there, just listen. That’s the place of the Christ energy. That’s the place where I’m waiting for you.

The pitfall of the heart

heartsA second area where you fall into a trap in helping others is the area of ​​the heart, the feeling. The heart is a gathering place of many energies. It forms the bridge between heaven and earth.

It can bridge contradictions. The heart collects energies from very different origins and it is able to recognize its underlying unity. The heart is able to transcend duality using the energies of love and compassion.

The heart is the seat of sympathy and compassion for all living and animated things. It is therefore also the center with which you can deeply empathize with another. The heart plays a major role in guiding others. With your heart you can feel the pain of another and from your own inner warmth support the other on his way.

But therein also lies a certain danger. Your compassion for another can go very far. So far, that you lose a piece of yourself and lose it to the other.

You must know that the piece that gives you too much, by letting yourself be carried away too much by the grief or suffering of another, will turn against you. This piece of energy goes to the other but can add nothing to the solution of his problem, because it is not born of a pure sense of balance. In fact, this excess of energy comes from a pain in yourself that you are not fully aware of. This pain makes you overzealous in giving.

You can notice it when you do this. It happens when you’ve talked to another person, given someone treatment or tried to help, and you feel empty, tired, frustrated or heavy afterwards. This indicates that you have given too much.

When you give from balance, you feel free, cheerful and inspired afterwards. You easily return to your own energy. The other then disappears from your energy field. Your aura closes and your ways part. It’s fine this way.

But when an energetic line continues to exist to the other, because you want the other to be better or happier, it has a destructive effect on your energy. At that moment a line of dependency to the other appears. Your well-being becomes dependent on his.

Why does this happen so easily to you? Why is this pitfall for lightworkers so hard to avoid? Why this painfully strong need to heal, to make better, to make the world a more beautiful place?

There is a sadness in your hearts. There is a deep sense of responsibility for, and connection with, this terrestrial planet and all that lives on it. There is a deep longing within you for a different reality, which is more in harmony with the natural divinity of all that lives and breathes on your Earth. You long for a world that answers to the song of your soul. A song that sings about peace, joy, connection and creative inspiration.

Out of this deep desire and the turmoil it causes within you, you want to help people faster than they can often handle. There is a lot of impatience and restlessness in you. And that makes it difficult for you to distance yourself sufficiently from the people with whom you are deeply involved. This not only plays a role where you help people professionally, but certainly also in the private sphere.

Letting go of the other person and giving him/her the full time and space to go through his/her own process, gives you inner pain in a way. This is because it throws you back on your own loneliness and lostness in this earthly reality.

The difference between this imperfect world and that other energetic reality of which you know, which is so much pure and more beautiful than this one, hurts you deeply. Therefore in the realm of the heart lies the pitfall of impatience.

This impatience takes the form of great involvement, of intense concern for the other. It takes the form of giving too much. If you notice this in yourself, feel in your drive the impatience, the piece of non-acceptance of reality as it is now here.

And know that when you get this clear in your consciousness, then you can let it go. Once you recognize when you give too much, and realize that there is impatience in this that stems from your inner pain, you can stop giving too much. Then things get very simple again.

You just need to make your energy available to others. The vibration of the solution lies in your energy field. Often you also attract people who are struggling with problems that you have gone through inwardly and that you have lived through so strongly that you have reached a truth and purity in them that has become part of your being.

What becomes part of your being is there. It’s untouchable. It is not book knowledge, not course knowledge. It’s yours, it’s you. And that’s what you have to share with someone else: yourself.

You only have to offer it and the other can be touched by it and inspired or not. That’s his business. There is really nothing more to do, really…..

The energy you put into giving too much, and getting carried away by the strong desire to improve things, you can now give completely to yourself. You have led so many lives on Earth that have been hard and difficult. Lives in which you tried to put some of your inner light on Earth and were therefore rejected and punished. Lives in which it was difficult to be yourself and really blossom. This time offers opportunity and opportunities to be who you are.

Being who you are also simply means: enjoying. Enjoy life! Finally get to see the beauty of this earthly reality, even though there is so much wrong. Try to incorporate sparks of beauty into your aura, into your energy on a daily basis. Try to see them in the midst of all the ugliness, all the disharmony. Try to enjoy, take what is offered to you, receive. Dare to receive!

The one who can truly enjoy and receive will become even more empowered and will be able to offer the ‘vibration of the solution’ in her own energy even more fluidly to others. Because this hell(p)er no longer gives itself empty. She allows herself to receive as easily as she gives, and thus both the flow of giving and receiving will become stronger.

The pitfall of the will

open mindIn conclusion, I would like to take you to the third pitfall on the way to healing. Traditionally in philosophy and psychology a distinction is made between the head, the heart and the will. I have mentioned a pitfall in the area of ​​​​the head, and one in the area of ​​the heart, and I want to conclude with the pitfall of the will.

You can locate the will in the solar plexus, an energetic center near the stomach. This center directs action, the manifestation of your inner energy in the physical, earthly sphere. When the will is in connection with your intuition, the quiet part of yourself that transcends duality, then everything flows by itself. Your will is then an extension of the Christ in yourself.

You can recognize this by the fact that you take joy in the things you do. That opens your heart to the things you do. Then you are in a flow of creativity and inspiration. But often you are not well tuned to that flow.

There is then a piece in you, a piece of personal will, that does not always make sense to listen to the voice of silence. From your personal will you may want to realize things in a different way, often faster than the natural flow. You can recognize this as a restlessness that then lives in you.

Where you become disconnected from the natural flow of your energy, you are often distracted by outside judgments. These can be very noisy and influential and make you feel like I have to do this, I have to do this now.

What characterizes this forced use of the will is the pressure to do something. An inner tension arises that comes purely from not wanting to let go completely and trusting your greater self. Trust in the silent, knowing power within you that is beyond time and space.

Excessive use of your personal will also plays a role in helping others. In essence, this pitfall is closely related to the impatience that can live in the heart. Here too there is a need to give too much at once and to want something faster than necessary.

In the realm of the heart, this impatience came from a certain sadness, from a deep longing for more harmony in the world. But in the field of will, this impatience and excessive “doing” stems from a need for personal power.

Personal power is not to be understood here in the ‘bad’ sense of the word, namely that you want to oppress or dominate another. You have all passed that stage. You carry with you a deep realization of the value of life. The episode of misusing power at the expense of others has become part of your history.

Yet there is a part of you that wants to exercise power, in the sense that you want to manipulate reality. You lack confidence in the natural course, in the natural rhythm of life. This is often much slower than what you expect from your personal will.

The reason for this is that every creation process starts at the level of consciousness and from there has to travel all the way to the compact earthly reality.

Everything that you create, that you want to materialize internally and manifest physically, has a series of steps to go through. You can think of this as descending through the chakras, all the way to the earth.

Each step of this path asks from you, the creator, for trust and attunement to the silence within yourself. At the center of yourself, that which is always there and transcends time and space.

When you lose touch with this still point, this inner knowing, your personal will rears its ugly head. This creates more unrested and in fact more detours than necessary. This ‘error’ also plays a role in helping others.

You all have a strong inner drive, in one way or another, to bring light into this reality. It may be that you have your own practice or that you professionally supervise people in your work.

Or it may be that you only experience it strongly in the private sphere; that doesn’t matter. It’s about finding your fulfillment as a healer, finding the place where you feel creative and can be yourself. For this it is necessary to let go of your personal will and to trust that which comes your way.Christ

It is difficult for you to just trust, because reaching your goal often takes longer than you think. But spend that time having fun! Surround yourself with everything you love, everything you need, and go the extra mile.

Dare to allow yourself luxury, in every way. Know that all the inner work you do in the meantime amplifies the ‘vibration of the solution’ in your energy field. That attracts the people on your path who can be helped by you. It attracts the manifestation of your highest good, the work of your heart.

Letting go is love

plant a treeAvoiding the pitfalls described above always takes place through a form of letting go. Letting go of excessive thinking, letting go of excessive empathy, letting go or excessive willing.

If you truly let go in trust, helping people (or all living things) is a deep source of joy for you. As a lightworker you experience a very deep fulfillment and realization of yourself in this.

In being there, something of the unity consciousness blossoms within you, for which you all long so much. Your consciousness is interwoven with the deep unity that exists between all living beings, between all that is. This fabric in your mind makes you happy, in the only real sense of that word, and it detaches you from duality.

You then enter another reality, a reality separate from the dual, a reality based on unity and love.

It is your deepest dream and deepest fulfillment to make the unity consciousness real, to really manifest it here on Earth. This is a wonderful inspiration, and therefore, for this wonderful purpose,

I ask you to be aware in your energies of the three pitfalls that we have discussed today. These pitfalls create anxiety and negativity in your perception of reality. We ask you to be aware of this and let it go, for your non-dual selves, the Christ in all of you, wants nothing more than to manifest on Earth, in your daily life.

I would like to thank you very much for coming here and for who you are. For the courage you all have shown so strongly. And I tell you that the promised land, the New Earth, is indeed in sight. It is not a fiction, but a reality, of which your hearts are the cradle.

Meditation Exercises

Following are two exercises that were held prior to the channeling. These exercises are in line with the content of the channeling and give you the opportunity to experience what is being said from within.

Exercise 1

Sit or lie down in a comfortable position. Relax the muscles of your body. Move your awareness to the muscles of your shoulders and neck, releasing all tension there. Do the same with the muscles of your abdomen, arms and legs.

Then move your attention to your feet and feel your connection with the earth. Feel how the earth carries you and gives you rest when you need it.

Take a few slow breaths from your stomach.

Then bring your awareness back to a moment or period in your life when you felt very bad. Which situation comes to mind first? Go with that. Think back to that time when you were very unhappy and felt desperate. Feel again what that was like, how you felt inside at that time.

And then go to the energy of the solution. Right now ask yourself: How did I get out of this? What has helped me the most with that? It can be something that came from someone else, or something purely from yourself. How did you get out of this low point? Name the energy that has helped you the most.

Then you focus your attention back on your feet, on your breathing, and you come all the way back into the present.

Exercise 2

Sit or lie down in a comfortable position. Relax the muscles of your body. Move your awareness to the muscles of your shoulders and neck, releasing all tension there. Do the same with the muscles of your abdomen, arms and legs.

Then move your attention to your feet and feel your connection with the earth. Feel how the earth carries you and gives you rest when you need it.

Take a few slow breaths from your stomach.

Call into your consciousness someone close to you, whom you are very fond of and with whom you are very involved. Someone whose well-being is really important to you. It could be your partner or child, or a colleague or friend.

Let that person appear to you in your fantasy and absorb his/her presence completely. Then ask: ‘what do you need from me?’ or ‘how can I best help you?’ Ask this question, and then just listen. Listen to what the other person is saying or making you feel. Just let it come to you.

Then you focus your attention back on your feet, on your breathing, and you come all the way back into the present.

NB The purpose of these two exercises is to become aware of what is truly helpful in a situation of need or pain. This can be quite different from what you think is helpful (for you or someone else).


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