Pleasing yourself: why it is so wonderful to be yourself

Experience the joy of life when you have a satisfying relationship with yourself

Pleasing yourself: why it is so wonderful to be yourself
Are you carefree yourself? If not, you are standing in the way of your own happiness, This article encourages you to be comfortable with yourself and to please yourself. “Discover how much energy, fun, and freedom you can experience when you are completely your wonderful self.”

You not only give yourself back a lot of energy and freedom, but you also invite everyone around you to experience this. This is a world I grant to all of us.

Hide yourself

‘Feeling different’ is familiar to me. For years I hid, held back, and seemed super shy. I never felt comfortable with myself. All that resistance to myself, enormous fatigue and never really feeling at home here on earth… At a certain point, I was completely done with it. Do you recognize that feeling? You find yourself living at half power, but you don’t know how to make that turnaround.

The big turnaround

Pleasing yourself: why it is so wonderful to be yourself

In my case, my kids were the main reason to change. I saw what my please behavior did to them. I was so busy being a ‘normal person’ and making others happy that I was never quite myself. They began to copy this behavior, of course, because they took it for granted. While I grant them so much that they feel that they can be themselves in freedom.

I find them so beautiful as a person that I realized that they deserve an example in this. A living example where they could learn what it’s like to be completely okay with yourself. And even more than okay: that the relationship with yourself is even satisfying and fulfilling. Because that’s how it feels now as if I live in peace with myself (satisfy yourself).

An invitation for you

Look at what current world events are inviting us to. Now that we can no longer focus on a clear and unambiguous truth outside of ourselves, we are forced to look at our own truth. There is no other way to follow than your own. This is one of the empowering consequences of the current shifts: that we are all allowed and daring to be different.

Anything else was never intended. You can’t be anyone but yourself! You can of course try it out for a while, everything is possible. But I can say from my own experience that it takes loads of energy, fun, and freedom, so why put your own happiness in the way any longer?

What are you in the mood for now?

You are you and if that feels uncomfortable to you, you probably haven’t spent much time with yourself. If you use your sensitivity to please yourself, you will discover how much energy, fun, and freedom you can experience as yourself! Every day ask yourself: what am I in the mood for right now? What do I like to experience? Your world may be nourishing, regardless of the circumstances.

It is not in your relationship with the outside world but in your relationship with yourself. How nourishing is your relationship with yourself? How much time and attention do you devote to this relationship? Would you do the same with a friend? go for it! Discover how much fun life is when you have a satisfying relationship with yourself.

Align with your soul

Pleasing yourself: why it is so wonderful to be yourself

A satisfying relationship means living in line with yourself. That your thinking, acting and feeling align. That you unambiguously follow your own path, because there is nothing for you to do but follow your path. And that path is not difficult to find. It’s about small choices that give you satisfaction.

Every step is one and as soon as you learn to make yourself happy, you align with your soul. The purpose of your soul is to experience a satisfying life, right through duality. You don’t have to be distracted from the beauty and pleasure that reside in you. You may not have learned it or been taught it, but you can still offer it to yourself at any time!
Activate unity consciousness together

In this way, we can activate a world in unity consciousness together. Because if you can be you, can someone else be themselves too? And if you let go of judging yourself, why would you judge another for his or her choices? Let’s invite each other to be ourselves in freedom and to create a free world. A world in which you can once again enjoy the diversity, the liveliness, and the tidy person, who does not have to feel guilt or shame for who she is or for the choices she makes.

A new world

Pleasing yourself: why it is so wonderful to be yourself

Here’s an invitation, dear one: I sincerely hope that you feel the sincere invitation to be wholly your delightful self—and enjoy it to the fullest too! I think it would be so nice to actually see you. To be able to experience who you are in your purity and to enjoy your fulfilling relationship with yourself. I don’t have to agree with you to find you a beautiful person, nor do you have to agree with me and I may still love myself.

How beautiful is the new world in which we are all growing? A world in which our children have learned at an early age how important and valuable our freedom, our individuality, and our solidarity are. They know better than anyone that the new foundations of our society are: respect for each other’s opinions, pleasure, and well-being for everyone, and love for the infinite possibilities that life in freedom offers us.

Are you willing to be yourself?

I have a question for you: are you willing to be a ‘walking invitation’ to the new generation? Are you willing to get comfortable with yourself? To show, feel and experience that it’s okay to be who you are? That it is wonderful to enjoy being yourself, without others having to agree with you?

Are you willing to be, instead of having to do something? Are you willing to stimulate a new world of ‘carefree yourself’? With this, you not only give yourself back a lot of energy, pleasure, and freedom, but you also invite everyone around you to experience this. This is a world I grant to all of us. I think it would be fun to put this world together.

Beautiful person, I wish you a wonderful day and want to thank you for who you are!


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