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PMS (Premenstrual Syndrome) vs APL (Active Pain Body)


Premenstrual syndrome. This occurs around ovulation and then decreases shortly after your period. As is known, it can be accompanied by unpleasant physical and emotional complaints. A syndrome is a clinical picture: a collection of clinical signs/symptoms that always occur together. You could rather call PMS PMA (premenstrual disorder), since a disorder is an abnormality of the healthy state of the body or mind.

Why don’t all women suffer from it?

It seems that women who have experienced one (or more) traumas in their lives are more prone to it. That makes sense to me, since my own traumatic experiences were related to the emotions I experienced during this phase. In this case I mainly look at cases such as abuse, abuse (both emotional and physical), neglect. My experience is that during the PMS phase I mainly had the feeling that I was being wronged, I was on my own, I was not loved and so on.

How does that feel?

Although I had been living with the symptoms for a long time, I only became aware of my emotional state of being after being single for a long time, I was back in a relationship and living together. The relationship itself was already intense for me emotionally and therefore triggered my emotional pain body. What was so interesting about this is that the triggering started around my ovulation.

It felt like I was sinking into a deep pit only to experience physical pain that weighed on me. I could feel it rising all over my body, from headaches to lower back pain radiating down my legs. Besides the pain I was blurred in my head, I could no longer concentrate properly and I made unnecessary mistakes (for my part). I was no longer able to reason and took everything personally, I couldn’t laugh at anything anymore. I went from a confident woman to an insecure and very emotional teenager.

As soon as the pain settled in my body, the emotional drama started playing in my head. I lived in the present, but related pain from the past to everything that was happening in the moment. Understandably, I was not exactly the brightest in the house and that this put considerable pressure on my relationship and social life.

I actually did not want to accept that I had a problem and continued to walk around with the complaints until I started to be in this state for two but four weeks. I was literally only myself for a few days a month and decided that I didn’t want to go through life like this, because it really was hell. By now I had become a mother and hated not being myself, while I had the responsibility for a small person. I owed it to myself, son and relationship to find a solution for this.

With questions about PMS I first went to my GP and then scoured the internet in the hope of finding much more about it, but alas…. I read everywhere the same story about complaints/symptoms and also the same solution, including the use of drugs with hormones or against depression. I didn’t like both and my doctor offered me anti-inflammatories that ensure that my feelings were dulled, I felt like a zombie. That made me really depressed and then it was clear to me: no more medication!

Physical and emotional complaints were what it was all about. As an energetic body worker and healer, I decided to look at it from the emotional angle and read more about it. About 11 years ago I had read about the emotional pain body for the first time in the book The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle and decided to delve further into this.

The emotional pain body

The emotional pain body is an accumulation of old emotional pain . It lives in pretty much everyone, both male and female. It is a negative energy field that takes over your body and mind when it is in an active state.

In my opinion there is a temporary imbalance in the hormone balance in the woman around ovulation, which triggers the pain body . Once ‘awake’ it will look for nourishment in the form of negativity and will use every means to get what it needs and does not benefit from sparing you.

It is like an entity in itself, with its own life and agenda.

Solution without drugs

An awareness process is what has helped me to free myself from old pain connections and therefore also the pain body. I’m not quite there yet, but at least I’m in control of my own body and mind. I can now see things for what they are and enjoy myself and life again, all without medication. Sometimes I’m a little more sensitive than usual around ovulation, but that’s manageable now.

The awareness process is a very intense process, but absolutely worth it. Every person and therefore every woman is unique. Find for yourself the right method and or person who can help you with this. The process started by itself for me, I went through it without the help of a coach and I still do. This is how my path goes, but every woman also walks her own path in this.

Lots of love, light and strength!


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