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Positive Thinking: The Philosophy of Hypocrisy


Can the technique of positive thinking help us on our path to enlightenment?

Or does it numb our sense of being imprisoned and our desire to be free?

Positive thinking is not a technique that transforms you. It only supplants the negative sides of your personality. It’s a way of ‘ choosing ‘. It does not help you to become more aware, it actually works against you, because being aware means that you no longer choose ‘no’.

Positive thinking suppresses the negative in the unconscious and conditions the conscious with positive thoughts. The problem is that the unconscious is much stronger, nine times stronger than the conscious . Once something has become unconscious, it becomes nine times stronger than before. It may not show itself in the same guise, but it finds new ways to express itself.

Positive thinking is a poor method without any real insight and keeps giving you the wrong image of yourself.

If you suppress a negative feeling because it hurts, for example if you push away a feeling of anger and try to turn the energy into something positive and try to feel love and compassion for the person you are angry at, then you know that you the fool. Deep down you’re still angry, but you’ve given it a veneer. On the outside you smile, but that smile doesn’t go beyond your lips. It’s lip gymnastics: it has nothing to do with your heart, with yourself.

Message from the Lady of All Nations

The repressed negative feeling has become a barrier between your smile and your heart.
It’s not just one feeling, there are thousands of negative feelings in your life. You don’t like someone, there are many things that bother you, you don’t love yourself, you’re not happy with your situation. All that junk is stored in the unconscious and on the surface a hypocrite is born who says, ‘I love everyone. Love is the key to a happy life.’ But you don’t see any joy in the life of such a person, inside it’s a complete hell.

He can deceive others and himself if he goes on long enough. But nothing changes. You’re just wasting your life, when it’s so incredibly precious because you can’t do it again.

Love is the best therapist

The role of a therapist is very delicate and complex.
First, the therapist suffers from the same problems that he tries to help others with. The therapist is just a technician. He can deceive himself and pretend to be a master – that is the greatest danger for a therapist. But with a little more insight, that doesn’t have to happen.

For starters, don’t think you’re helping others. That makes you feel like a savior, a master—and then the ego comes in through the back door. You become important. You are the center of the group and everyone looks up to you.

Let go of the thought of helping. Use the word “share” instead. You share the insight you have. The participant in the group is no less than you. The therapist and the participant are in the same boat, only the therapist knows a little more. Be aware that your knowledge is all borrowed wisdom. Never forget that everything you know is not yet your own experience. That will encourage the people in your group.

Man is a very subtle mechanism. It works both ways: when you master as a therapist, you destroy something in the other person instead of helping him, because the other person then only learns a technique. Then there is no friendly exchange, no atmosphere of trust, but an attitude of, ‘You know more than I do – if I participate in a few therapy groups, I know as much as you do.

Gradually, participants become therapists themselves – no degree is required, at least in many countries. In some countries they have started to ban all kinds of unlicensed therapists. You are only allowed to start therapy with people if you have a university degree in psychoanalysis or psychotherapy.

This will happen in almost every country in the world because therapy has become a trade in which unauthorized people have the upper hand. They know the technique because you can learn a technique. Once they’ve joined a few groups, they’ll know all the tricks. Then they make their own brew, without anyone being able to control it.

But remember, once you play the role of a helper, the one you help will never forgive you. You hurt his pride, his ego. That was not the intention – you were only trying to inflate your own ego, but you can only do that if you hurt the egos of others. You cannot inflate your ego without hurting others. Your bigger ego needs more space and the others need to restrict their space and their personality when you are around them.

If you are genuine and loving from the start. .. I can’t say it emphatically enough: love is the best therapist. Technique can be useful, but the real miracle happens through love.

from: Osho, Beyond the Limits of Psychology

Osho’s books at Here


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