Processing trauma: this is how you clean up your body (which prevents complaints)

Processing trauma: this is how you clean up your body (which prevents complaints)
We all carry small and major traumas with us. The question is: how do you process them? Clean your body regularly. Otherwise, your system will overflow, as it were, and you may experience physical and emotional complaints. “It’s about feeling the pain that you so desperately want to escape.”

Always running and going is a reaction to trauma. It’s a way to escape the emotions that want to get out.

Everyone has a trauma

We live in a world where everyone has to deal with trauma. Major and minor traumas. What happens to you when you go through trauma? Our system, like a computer, stores everything we experience. If we don’t regularly clean or update our system, we get complaints. They can be both physical and emotional.

You can also see your body, your system, as a bucket that slowly fills up. If you don’t empty it every now and then, it will overflow – with all the consequences that entail. We humans are very adept at hiding things, consciously and unconsciously. How do you empty your bucket?

Your body stores all experiences

Processing trauma: this is how you clean up your body (which prevents complaints)

So your body stores everything from small experiences to big ones. This happens from an early age. As you get older, you increasingly run into certain things that stand in the way of your happiness in life. For example, if you had a rough childhood and did not process it properly, you carry this experience with you.

Your emotions, traumas, and old hurts are stored in your entire system: in your skin, your connective tissue, your blood, your muscles, your bones, your nervous system… Over the years it builds up and certain situations can add another layer.

Fleeing from feelings

We often seek distraction so as not to feel. We don’t want to face the pain and do everything we can to avoid it. Pain is never fun, of course, but it is inevitable in life. Why are we systematically trying to escape pain, sorrow, and all the other dark parts of ourselves?

Why do we pursue happiness so as not to experience unwanted feelings? What made us so anxious about this? And how can we feel safe in our system if we reject the darker parts of ourselves? They are part of who we are. The dark and the light parts together make us one whole. We are not whole if we only embrace our light pieces.

We constantly look for happiness outside of ourselves, but often don’t realize that it’s all already inside us. We just have to accept what is, what is presenting itself at this time. Without running away from it. All the pain wants is to be looked at, acknowledged, and seen.

Stimulants as a distraction

Everyone wants peace, harmony, and balance, but we are often unwilling to engage in precisely what it is all about: feeling the pain, from which we flee. Flight behavior is also stimulated in this society. There are plenty of incentives. Think of food, games, work, sex, drugs, alcohol, television, and social media. This will only further distance you from yourself.

Yin and yang

Processing trauma: this is how you clean up your body (which prevents complaints)

It’s just like sports. The rest days are just as important as the days you are in the gym. Your body needs both yin and yang energy to stay in balance. You can’t always be ‘on’ and expect your body to go ‘off’ on its own.

You can stay aware of your body and learn to listen to it carefully. Learn to feel what it needs in every moment – ​​sometimes this is just doing nothing at all. Do not let your head decide, because then there is control and therefore ego.
Always running and going is also a reaction to trauma. It’s a way to escape the emotions that want to get out. Your body has to regulate every now and then, otherwise the bucket will fill up…

Remember? Discharging and charging are necessary to continue functioning properly. You charge the battery of your phone regularly. Then why not do that to yourself? We can really become more aware of our body. Then we can give our system the rest it needs.

How to clean your body

Some easy ways you can clean your body.

• Unplug yourself from social media. So often we sit on a screen, scrolling aimlessly. It eats up valuable time and it absolutely does not help our body to regulate everything. You are always busy and you are always receiving stimuli. So put that phone or tablet away.

• Walking is a good way to let go of everything for a while. In any case, being in nature is ideal for resetting your system. This happens naturally in nature…

• Dancing, writing, being creative, exercising in a healthy way, exercising, doing absolutely nothing, yoga, massage or other body work. They all help you to clear your body and bring you back to yourself.

• Sometimes talking can help you clean up your system. You get a different, clear perspective on things from the past and you can give a place to feelings, emotions and traumas.



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