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Protect your home with rock crystal

Your home is the place where you relax, recharge and relax. It’s not for nothing that we often say: “I close the door behind me and I’m not there for a while”. By this we mean that we want to shield ourselves from the outside world for a while. And yet stone walls are sometimes not enough to keep the outside world out too.

And that makes sense, since we are connected in many ways. You can’t just break that connection. What you can do is draw a line. The connection remains, but you decide how. Protecting your home is really about building an energetic, protective wall around yourself.

Rock crystals work on the physical, emotional, spiritual and energetic level. They elevate you to higher energy, thereby transforming everything that no longer serves you well. Crystals work through the vibrations they emit.

These are energetic waves that purify, harmonize and transform energy. Vibrations of rock crystal are higher than those of us humans, because the energy of crystals comes from higher realms. You can therefore use that higher energy to turn your house into your castle.

Why protect your home with rock crystal?

Your home is also the place where you are at home, the space where you come to yourself and spend time with your loved ones. It is therefore very important to keep that space clean. What can you protect your home against?

-Against electrosmog and radiation.
– Against negative thoughts or feelings of others.
-Against unprocessed emotions that linger and affect the atmosphere.
– Against outside crowds.

Protecting your home is about something you don’t want to experience. There is a certain energy that you don’t want in your house. That shows you the door with an energetic limit. With this choice you shield yourself from something. Then it is important that you also fill your space. How do you want to feel in your home? Creating protection works best if you also name what you do want. For example:

-Feel safe and protected in your home.
-create a harmonious and warm atmosphere.
-Leaving the worries and burden of others outside.
-Experience space and tranquility to be yourself.
-Recharge and relax yourself

How do you put a protective grid around your house?

Step 1. Use rock crystal to create a protective grid around your house. Choose the right stones: Points (pointing outwards) and clusters are very suitable for this.

Step 2. Say your intentions out loud. Tell the universe what is no longer allowed to pass through the protection of your home. Then also clearly state how you want the atmosphere in the house to be.

Step 3. Make a grid by placing medium-sized crystals in the corners of your house. Of course you don’t put them outside your house, but on the inside. Place them against the corners of your house as much as possible.

Step 4. Connect all your crystals with your intention. Also include all walls in this connection and all floors. Also connect the bottom and the roof, the wiring/electrics, the water pipes and the wireless connections to this crystalline connection.

A grid of rock crystal creates a dome of crystalline energy around your home. Crystalline energy has a purifying, uplifting, sliding effect: any lower energies that don’t match your higher intentions will slide past it. At the same time, you create a space in which everything is energetically possible: a magnet of happiness. So do you also want to protect your home and attract luck? Grid it!


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