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Protecting energetically…. or not?

Protect energetically?

If you are strongly connected with a person, a love partner or a child, there is always an exchange from the energetic body of both. This simply cannot be! Because we ourselves and everything around us IS energy in the deepest way , we cannot prevent energy entanglement from occurring.

Some energetic frequencies of a partner or child lift our energy field, other frequencies have a lowering effect . That’s okay, that’s just what it is. It may return information in the form of a pleasant feeling or a tired feeling.

What is being written about a lot these days is ‘protecting your energy field’‘. This would certainly be a solution for highly sensitive people. For example, placing ourselves in a cocoon, Michael’s blue cloak around us, etc. And indeed it is true that this is certainly supportive to keep your own energy frequency at your natural ‘own level’.
But maybe there is still an illusion snag here somewhere…?

For isn’t it true that such protection is mainly based on fear? As if something can be taken from us? In fact, of course, this is a weird thought when you realize that energy is all around us all the time. So deep down something else must also happen to lower our energy level, than just the entanglement with another energetic body. But then what?

Let me start with an example that I sometimes tell in training about the person who suffers from asthma. Anyone familiar with this knows how frightening it is to feel that you can’t breathe. It’s bizarre, “I can’t get air, I can’t get air”, when everything around the person IS air (under normal circumstances). If we realize this, then it must be the case that the person cuts himself off from the air around him somewhere….

When we dive deeper into the physical process that goes on in asthma , you find that the problem lies in the exhalation. A lot of air is sucked in (from the fear of shortage) but no/too little air is blown out/released. As a result, the natural breathing flow is interrupted and the person can eventually no longer breathe air…
But what does this example have to do with the energetic entanglement between people? Let me say that everyone has their own responsibility to start with to keep their own energy field as clean and flowing as possible.

What strikes me is that much attention is often paid to ‘cleaning’ one’s own field, but that the responsibility for the continued ‘flow’ of energy is not always taken. As far as I am concerned, the solution is not only to protect by means of skylights or to avoid ‘sucking people’.

The big problem is that we are still in a state of dependence ( duality ). Depends on the energy of the environment. In my opinion it is not the case that ‘pulling’ energy from outside ‘just’ brings us down. Something actually happens in the confrontation between the two energy systems. But what’s that?

For example, we feel very subtly or perhaps also clearly a resistance (a No). We may feel irritation or sadness. “I don’t feel like this, sigh, this doesn’t feel right, oh dear, I don’t want this etc”. But every resistance also means an automatic cramp in our own energy system. We cut ourselves off from the natural flow of energy that is simply always there in abundance. So it’s not the other person that makes us tired, but much more shutting down to the power.

What also often happens is that we almost automatically ‘do or don’t do something’ in response to what is coming at us energetically. Perhaps we will ‘help or give’ in an (unconscious) attempt to keep our energy frequency high or to boost that of the other person. Perhaps you even feel obliged to do this from an old belief or we experience guilt about ‘letting the other person choke’ while we so clearly feel ‘an energetic apple’.

Both reactions, either shooting into your resistance (trying to keep the energy out of you) or merging with the energy and trying to increase it (feeling responsible for this), are however prompted by an anxious self and discolored emotion field (or our ego that makes us believe: you have to prevent this, we have to get out of here and to another frequency!). In fact, nothing but a rejection of that which now flows in energy.
Why do we reject this? To understand this, we may realize that if we were truly neutral in our own energy system, there is no way the lower vibrational frequency of the other person will get us out of our midst. So when this happens, we can go and look inside.What point of reference (conviction or emotionally discolored field) is there still in me on which I allow this frequency to be sucked into me?

As with the asthma patient, we ourselves retain the energy (just like the breath) for fear of shortage and block the new supply of energy. We therefore ensure through our automatic (unconscious) reflex system that our energy can no longer flow. Somewhere in us there is therefore the idea that we ‘have to’ do something with it.

And the latter is paradoxically correct, we must, although I would rather say may, indeed do something about it. But not, as we often think, avoiding or fixing lower frequencies, but rather go deep within and bring awareness to that magnet in ourselves on which we apparently still attract this lower frequency.

The more we become aware of our leverage points, the more we can purify our own energy system. Make it more neutral. With fewer magnets. And the more neutral our system, the freer. From full presence in our own center, energy will always flow to us from abundance.

And eventually the realization will gradually grow that the need to protect may disappear more and more. Because, from that center, there’s nothing left to protect! Then let’s come and go, inhale and exhale. Then there is flow, flow, then there is the experience of All one!


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