Psychiatric Surgery

Psychiatric Surgery

“Literally 100% of the images in fashion magazines are photoshopped. Trying to get an unedited photo through it is impossible. There is always ‘something’ that distracts in a photo and that must and will be eliminated.” Said an anonymous photoshop pro.

Literally, nothing is what it seems

All edited photos of faces and bodies convey a dissatisfaction that has never been greater. Comparing one’s own body to ideal, photoshopped ideal images must lead to dissatisfaction because we can never live up to a manipulated image. You are therefore subjected to psychological surgery via social media and the fashion magazines.

Because when someone defines very closely what the desired standards are (whether it’s your height, centimeters, shape, or a certain good behavior) you start to think that you are unacceptable, fat, weak, or not good enough as you are. Because we are all exposed to the ridiculous standards of appearance in the media and fashion magazines, you naturally undergo psychic surgery. You can’t escape it, especially in the modeling world.

The impact of ideas about beauty and perfection

The ideal body according to fashion designers is a tailor-made mannequin. During a fashion show, their main concern is that the clothing speaks and not the model. If clothing is too tight around a certain part of the body, such as breasts or hips, it will distract from the garment. That is why models are often so thin. The modeling world is clearly not about human well-being. Unfortunately, they apparently still don’t understand enough how much impact they have on the rest of the world.

Unrealistic beauty ideals

Psychiatric Surgery

We got something against fat. No fat should get in the way. Repeating images of thin bodies has made us think that these images are realistic. Obviously, most of us don’t realize that models have to perform top sports to look like this. Less than 5% of women have a body that advertising and media judge as ideal.

A Victoria’s Secret model once said, “Like an Angel, you train like an athlete. Your whole way of thinking, your whole way of acting, everything revolves around the perfect body for the catwalk show and photo shoot.”

Beauty ideals are of all times. It is nothing new that we compare ourselves to others. What is new is the technical manipulation of ideals. The current beauty ideal is unrealistic because it is photoshopped. With a few mice clicks large and small changes are made. Many such images increase dissatisfaction with our appearance.

What a perfect body should look like varies from country to country. In the US, the ideal woman is tall and thin, has large breasts, long hair, a slim figure and is in healthy condition. All this leads to a huge number of women who have had plastic surgery: in 2013 this was no less than 15.1 million procedures. This number is still rising. They also go very far in China. There the standard is applied that you can only be beautiful if you do not weigh more than 50 kilos. So don’t do it!

Beautiful inside and out

Psychiatric Surgery

Fortunately, we are gradually seeing a small change in mentality in fashion magazines. Occasionally photos are posted of beautiful, normal-looking women with size 42 and a small tummy. I mention size 42 because this is the average clothing size among USA women.

I want to show that beauty is very diverse and I like to see through the illusion that the media and modeling world present us. This is to create a realistic picture for, among others, young girls. These girls get damaged by the images of super-thin models.

What is real beauty now? And does it exist? There is no stereotype for what is beautiful. A beautiful person to me is someone who is himself and can embrace himself regardless of his so-called shortcomings. These people radiate satisfaction with themselves and life. This is what makes them very attractive. Everything may be there and therefore they are pure. Knowing who you are and what you have to give the world is your greatest happiness!

Believe me. No plastic surgery & botox can compete with that.

Be yourself, there are enough others already!


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