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Psychosis or spiritual crisis?

LeonicFor the fourth time in my life, or rather since the start of my breast cancer healing process in 2011, I ended up in a ‘psychosis’ this year. At least, that’s what my GP and the psychiatrist called it whom I consulted the first time. Admittedly: I don’t like that sticker, it’s more than that. In various articles on the internet it is referred to as a spiritual crisis.

An Extraordinary Spiritual Journey

I myself experience it more as an Extraordinary Spiritual Journey: I find myself in a world that takes place outside the ‘ordinary world’, but at the same time I experience that I am in the middle of life. The sticker ‘psychosis’ does not meet my personal experience.

Every spiritual crisis I have experienced is healing for me and it brings me many positive things in my life that I can use to help others. Through these experiences I have developed a clairvoyance, clairsentience and clairaudience that I intuitively use when guiding my clients in the field of relationship coaching in complicated love relationships .

I shared my experiences on Facebook. They arise for me after a series of special and impressive encounters with people and experiences in which I push my limits, combined with an increase in consciousness and therefore not being able to sleep.

That last one is the biggest culprit for me. “Keep me out of my sleep for a long period of time, and I’ll be able to confess to a murder I didn’t commit,” I used to yell. Fortunately, that never happened, because I am not surrounded by malicious people, but by people who love me.

Exists_out_of_love_by_AlexGrosethMany people around me who ‘watched it happen’ or who became part of my extraordinary state of consciousness were concerned. They put the picture ‘psychosis’ on me because that’s what they know, but it also raised all kinds of fears in them.

How destructive was I? Maybe I was able to hurt myself or others, after all, I heard ‘voices’? My love broke off our 13-year relationship after the third time last year, because he didn’t want a relationship with a ‘psychiatric patient’. That was painful. At the same time, it tapped into where we were in our relationship and felt like a natural decision.

Psychosis or Spiritual Crisis?

-The differences between psychosis and spiritual crisis-

This time I feel the urge to share openly with the world, with the aim of bringing clarity and insight to take away people’s concerns. There is a lot of ignorance about the difference between a psychosis or a spiritual crisis, as others call it.

There are thousands of people who have such experiences that can arise after a Kundalini Awakening, Near Death Experience, a period of mourning or other spiritual causes. That’s why I list the main differences. They come from various articles about this and are in line with my personal experience:

  1. People in a spiritual crisis have a good understanding of illness. They are aware of what is happening and also see the reactions of the environment. People in psychosis are often unaware of the ‘state’ they are in.
  2. People in a spiritual crisis, in addition to experiences of expansion of consciousness, out-of-body experiences or astral travels, possible experiences of past lives, also have moments of great bliss and inspiration. Especially the last time I experienced this very clearly.
  3. In a spiritual crisis, the intellect and memory are challenged but remain intact. I remember pretty much everything I’ve done and what I’ve said. People in psychosis are often unable to identify this afterwards, they have lost contact with the person they are, as well as contact with the ‘ordinary world’.
  4. There is enough confidence to communicate and cooperate during the period of the spiritual crisis.
  5. There is no question of destructive or aggressive behavior or of being called upon to behave destructively, neither with oneself nor with others. My guides have always lovingly guided me. They challenged me to push my limits.
  6. People in a spiritual crisis feel that something important is happening, something healing. In addition to the enormous amount of energy it costs, I have also experienced the period as very healing.
  7. There are spiritual themes such as birth and death are present in the experience. This was always the case with me.


What else can happen in a spiritual crisis?

‘There is a sudden widening of consciousness; lofty, blissful, numinous. Interspersed with unfathomable deep fear, sometimes hearing voices, telepathic experiences and other sensations that are very similar to an NDE, not feeling well in the body anymore,’

according to Parapsychologyprofessor dr. Hans Gerding, who in 2012 organized a conference on spiritual crisis.

soulI also recognize what is described about experiences only experienced by people experiencing a Kundalini awakening:

experiences of heat in the body, vibrations or patterns of tingling all over the body, seeing bright light, pains, strange breathing patterns, spontaneous body movements and hearing whistling or whooshing sounds.

“When you dive into the ocean of your own soul, it helps to know what lies beneath the surface,” I read in this article . The imagery touches me, because it is exactly as I experience it.

I dive into a vast ocean, a world of unprecedented possibilities, a space of timelessness in which past lives, this life and the future, come together and flow into each other. For me it is a journey that falls outside ‘the ordinary world’, because it is not visible, tangible or measurable. This kind of travel was very common in ancient Egypt.

Everything wants to be seen – past lives

Often the past lives I encountered were traumatic lives, with themes that called for healing. Themes like destructive jealousy , or not following the rules of love as created by upbringing or society. Themes that I see in people in my practice and that I can therefore better understand and guide. Everything wants to be seen, is my experience.

When the traumatic experiences of past lives are seen, lives that often ended in a destructive death, healing takes place on a soul level. As a result, the stored energy disappears from the person’s body, and he or she can handle his or her own themes better and more easily. The souls can return to the eternal source of love, in order to lead a new life from love.

Some traumas from the (soul) past are too great and too intense to do alone is my experience. I may be a witness, that is one of the experiences I chose when I came to earth as a soul. First, during my travels and in dozens of regressions, I witnessed past lives that I myself led and in which people from my immediate environment were involved: loved ones and customers!

In my practice I sometimes see past lives passing by with my clients, as a result of which the energy from the body of my clients is released via my body that serves as a ‘conduit’. As a result, the most intense emotions and pains dissolve and they are able to do their own thing in order to free themselves and heal. It is the invitation to live life out of love, instead of fear.

love heals

love never failsI have been able to experience that love heals in different ways.

Since a year there is a new love in my life, a man who can connect to my spiritual experiences and who can save the space so that I can be myself and travel safely in the different dimensions. Every time we make love, healing takes place again.

It is beautiful to see and experience and certainly also to gain access to lives in which we could use our spiritual gifts and talents to help other people. To do that again in this life. Because afterwards I can always reap the fruits of my experiences and use them for other people in my life.


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