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Purifying energy in your home & practice.


Everything is energy, including your thoughts! That is why it is so important to keep the energy pure with the highest possible frequency. Living in a higher and pure environmental frequency will give you more fine energy and thoughts than a lower frequency. This purification can be done very easily with the power of the intention. In other words; Visualization and Thought Power.

Visualizing is directing your thoughts in a certain direction through imagery. I call it Thought-Power because you determine what you think and then control everything with it. It works great! The power of your thoughts… be aware of it and so make sure you use it in the right way.

It has been scientifically proven that ultimately your brain does not know whether you have actually seen/experienced or visualized something.Your brain cannot make that distinction . Special right?!
You can use visualization, the power of your thoughts, in different ways. Hereby I give you a way to cleanse yourself and your environment in the energy and thus increase in frequency.

Start Exercise

You start with a grounding exercise. In short, the steps at a glance; TIP Read the exercise carefully or do it together with someone who reads it to you quietly.

– Breathe in and out slowly at your own pace. Close your eyes.
– You feel more and more relaxed because your breathing becomes more and more calm.
– You focus on your feet, you visualize that rays of light grow from them, deep into the earth.
– With each exhalation, all excess energy automatically leaves your body through these light rays. All the energy of yourself and of others that is no longer of any use to you, flows away through these rays of light into the earth.
– Do that for a few breaths…
– Feel how that alone relieves you. All heaviness disappears into the earth.
– Then you take in through those light rays the powerful, pure earth energy through your feet, slowly up to your belly.
Once that flows, focus on your crown chakra.
– You open your crown so that the universal energy can flow into your body.
– It flows through your crown, your head, your shoulders, along your arms, into your body, into your stomach.

In your belly the universal energy mixes with the earth energy. There the energy increases because it flows. Your whole body is now flowing with this energy. This energy also enters your aura.
– Feel your aura fill with this mixed, pure energy. And feel how big or small your aura is. It can feel like there’s a big cocoon around you. Take your space! Do you want a bigger aura? Then visualize this cocoon bigger!
Do you want a smaller aura? Then visualize it smaller.

Visualize a pure white light around your aura . It’s like being in a white cocoon. You are now completely in your own energy. The combination of pure earth / universal energy flows through you. Feel what that feels like! Feel how clean you are in terms of energy!

You are now in your own energy.
Really so special, it works so well! You’ll find that other people’s energy exchanges don’t affect you as much once you’ve done this. Less inexplicably tired, emotional, headaches, and less unclear feelings…

If you have never done this before, and will do so regularly from now on, you will experience a lot of progress in how you feel. So do it often, especially in the beginning! Basically, it only takes a little time.

‘Cleaning’ your home / practice space

You can clean your house in the same way, with the same visualization.

– Visualize rays of light under your house and an energetic opening at the highest point of your house.
– Let the universal, clean energy flow into your home through the energetic opening and you let all the excess energy flow out through the light rays into the ground.
– Scan in your mind from top to bottom, room by room.
– Finally, visualize a cocoon of white light around your house.


Do it regularly

Do this exercise as often as you want or feel it is necessary. It depends on whether you live in a flat, a (very old?) terraced house, a detached house, or whether there are often other people in your house… Energy always flows through.
Do you have a practice space?
Then it is important that you energetically purify your space very regularly. For example, I always do it after a workshop day.

Do you live on 12th floor in a flat? Then visualize letting the old energy flow away through the downspouts and rays of light.

The big cleanup

Literally and figuratively cleaning everything in 3 steps;
You can make a combination to clean your house very well once, a highly recommended way to start the new year!

1) Clean your house with a delicious soapy water, possibly with essential oils in it. Clean up all your mess at home and your closets and give and throw away what you no longer use. Open all windows and doors. Passageways is not only good for fresh new air in the house, old energy also goes outside.Purify-of-energy-3

2) If you like the smell of it, you can burn a lot of incense and/or white sage in all rooms of your house as a bonus. (preferably without children in the house), after an hour open all the windows again….and let everything blow through so that all the smoke has disappeared.

3) Do the energetic cleansing exercise at your leisure after you have completed the first two steps.

Your house and yourself will certainly have a different frequency after all these actions….it will feel much emptier, nicer and lighter…. This is really recommended! It might even be nice to do it a few times in a short amount of time. But then only steps 2 and 3. Keep going with your gut feeling.

Get tips on frankincense and white sage at a new-age store near you. Good luck!!! I wish you a clean house, both materially and energetically.

Do you have any additions or questions about this piece? I’d love to read it in a comment below this post.


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