Purifying the connection with yourself: manifesting on a soul level who you really are

Purifying the connection with yourself: manifesting on a soul level who you really are
Showing yourself as you really are: it seems very simple, but who is the one you really are? Is it that always cheerful, spontaneous girl who likes to step into the foreground, or is it that shy girl who prefers not to be heard in the company? Making visible or expressing are synonyms for manifesting. And that is something we do, often unconsciously, throughout the day.

We speak our minds, we use body language, we laugh, cry, react and behave in our own way. If you approach this from a holistic view, you will see that manifesting takes place on different levels. For example, on a physical level if you have pain somewhere and you express it by letting out a cry, on an emotional level by crying if the pain is too bad, and on a mental level by visibly and palpably feeling fed up with this feeling and on an energetic level because your motivation and to exercise decreases because of the pain you feel.

On a spiritual level, manifesting is about deeper issues. Things we may have forgotten or tucked away because we don’t think we can reach them anyway. This level is about unity consciousness, larger life questions, your mission and goals in life, and using your authentic talents and greatest strength. For many people, it is difficult to manifest these things on the other holistic levels. Why is that anyway?

Purifying the connection with yourself: manifesting on a soul level who you really are


Holism is based on connection: everything is connected. The levels in your holistic body are also interconnected and thus influence each other. Your spiritual level is the level of your soul; the blueprint of your life. Everything you have experienced during your entire development as a person and before that is stored here. Every experience is accompanied by feelings (on a physical and emotional level), thoughts and beliefs (mental) and motivation and energy exchange (energetic). Do you see the coherence and mutual influence of all levels with and on each other?

Who you really are: a pure light

Purifying the connection with yourself: manifesting on a soul level who you really are

In the blueprint of your life, on a soul level, lies who you really are stored. This is your true self, from the origin of your life. Without judgments, patterns, beliefs, and survival mechanisms. You can see your true self as a pure and clear light, which can shine brightly because there are none of the above limitations.

That shining light becomes less and less bright over the course of your life. Because of everything you experience, you unconsciously place a lampshade over that light again and again. The mental level, in particular, plays a role here: at this level, beliefs develop and, for example, the way you think about yourself. What happened in your early childhood, your home situation, at school, in your social life has a huge influence on your way of thinking and the associated feelings.

And then you act and live according to those beliefs. In this way you unconsciously manifest yourself as someone you are not actually, but who you think you should be. Maybe because you want to meet the expectations of your environment? Or maybe because according to your beliefs this is the best way to survive?

The most beautiful version of yourself

For you, this is very normal because they have become ingrained patterns. You then live according to your beliefs and let your experiences determine how you manifest yourself. But think about it: what would be possible if you could let go of those beliefs and patterns so that you come closer to that unobstructed shining light? If you can take off all those lampshades, you connect to your pure, pure source of existence, your essence. There you are, who you really are and there you will find your deepest wishes, talents, and desires. And when you manifest it, you live the most beautiful version of yourself.

Consciousness and connection

Purifying the connection with yourself: manifesting on a soul level who you really are

To achieve that, it is very important that you become aware of your limitations, of everything that prevents you from being who you really are. Often it is your thoughts, originating from convictions, that is very in the way of taking off those lampshades. Resistance like ‘yes but…’, thoughts like ‘I’m not good enough, and emotions that play a role, are the limitations that you can become aware of.

And you may realize that you only have them so that you can also let them go or at least change them into something that brings positive energy. You will find that this has a healthy effect on all your holistic levels. And with that, you clear the connection so that you can manifest who you really are from your soul level!

In this beautiful meditation, you will discover your true desires. Sit quietly and let yourself be carried away in the temple of desire:

Think positive

Thinking in positive thoughts goes a long way. By breaking through beliefs and bending them to a positive way of thinking, the way in which you show yourself also changes. You naturally radiate more light and love when you create a positive mind. Your feelings change when your intentions are pure and this has a positive influence on your physical and energetic level. Letting go of patterns, obstacles and negative feelings naturally take time and perseverance. But when you realize that you have the responsibility for your own life, then you will also experience that your own happiness is in your hands.

Who are you really?

Purifying the connection with yourself: manifesting on a soul level who you really are

By taking good care of yourself, on every holistic level, the connection between them becomes more and more tangible. This brings you closer and closer to yourself on a spiritual level. To practice with this, you can write down, visualize and visualize what you feel and experience at this level. This is a wonderful step towards manifesting who you really are! If you are going to practice this, it is important that you clear your head, choose a quiet environment and listen to your heart, your intuition.

  • Make a list of your greatest strengths and talents. What are you really good at, if you approach this from your essence? When are you at your most powerful? Also feel what this does to you when you write it down. What insights do you get?
  • What wishes and desires do you have on a spiritual level? Turn this into a vision board. Everything you want, from your soul level, you make visible with cuttings, colours, fabrics, flowers, photos, texts, quotes, fragments, etc. Every day, take a look at this vision board from all your peace of mind and always experience what you feel about it.

By doing these exercises, you are consciously working to show yourself as you really are. All your holistic levels are positively affected; if you think and feel positively, this is reflected in everything. And thus you manifest who you really are, in essence: light and loving. The most beautiful version of yourself!


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