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pvila. Characteristics of those who have Pvila as their Planetary origin.


Those who have Pvila as their Planetary Origin are strong personalities with powerful skills and strong sense of honor.

There is a great sense of humor and a desire to be the center of attention. Pvilans are often the clown in the class or they play “life is a party”.

The humor and teasing can sometimes go too far, at the expense of others.

This does not happen with the intention of hurting others, it often arises in an impulsive moment that runs off with them.

A Pvilan must learn to deal with others in compassion and gentleness.


Pvilans have a strong aura that gives others the impression of being inflexible and inaccessible. This can be confusing, especially for those who have low self-esteem or are insecure. Sometimes others may find it problematic to deal with and understand Pvilans because they can come across as cross and overbearing.

It is necessary for a Pvilan to work on moderating one’s own behavior patterns and softening the approach in contact with others.

It is important to see through the powerful exterior, then it becomes possible to see the kindness that is present in a Pvilan within.

If you do this you will find that Pvilans are very caring and like to help people.

Especially people who they feel are real friends will be able to count on their help.

At times when they do too much for friends, they need to step back and allow others to have their own learning experiences.

Anyone close to a Pvilan will find that they are very loyal; they are devoted friends who easily overlook the shortcomings and flaws of others.

However, they are often quick to judge when they see the same flaws or flaws in others they don’t consider friends.

It will help a Pvilan learn to step back and distance themselves from the ‘Self’ if they become so absorbed in themselves that they start to exclude others.

This can cause problems in personal relationships when others feel they don’t count anymore.

One of the lessons many Pvilans have chosen in this lifetime is to work on ego control and learn to find the middle ground between caring for others and caring for one’s own needs.

There is an urge to gather detailed information and knowledge and a desire to explore and understand everything.

Pvilan possesses a ‘photographic memory’. It is an ability to remember acquired knowledge in detail for future reference.

Pvilans are good teachers, authors and able to work with technical and/or scientific knowledge. Not only do they like to collect knowledge, they also like to share it with others.

They have many career options and can have several careers at the same time because they don’t like to limit themselves.

They are usually knowledgeable about many different topics and ask many questions when seeking information and details.

A Pvilan feels frustrated or may be intolerant of people who do not want to learn or understand with the same drive they have.

It is good for a Pvilan to work on developing tolerance and to understand that others do not share their thirst for knowledge.

Pvilans are very determined and focused on anything that crosses their path. Their path often changes – they move from one thing to another with ease.

To others, it may seem as if they have difficulty making decisions or are unable to maintain their focus. This is not true, they simply have the ability to keep their attention focused on many things in varying circumstances.

Interests can come and go, so they move forward in their desire for new knowledge.

In relationships, Pvilan needs respect and freedom.

They should look for people with personal strength and security so that they are not intimidated.

Pvilans need time alone to reconnect with themselves and find peace within.

There is a strong need for privacy and quiet moments.

They are in harmony with people who share this need for freedom and privacy.

They are often attracted to people who have a softer energy, yet it is important for them to be able to be with people of equal intelligence.

These people provide the challenge and excitement that a Pvilan loves so much.

Their energy is mainly balanced by an intellectual challenge, which is very important for a Pvilan.


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