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Rainbow Children- the 3rd generation of children is here!

Because the rainbow children are generally still toddlers and preschoolers, not much is known about it. I don’t know much about it myself, except that I have a few in my circle of friends…

So strong, so much unconditional love (you can feel that time almost “stands still” when they look at their parents with unconditional love) and so without fear. Wanting to experience everything yourself without being “held”… >> Beautiful creatures. I don’t think there are very many of them yet, I think there are also a lot of crystal childrenbeing mistaken for rainbow children.

Making the distinction is not easy from a practical point of view, because it is mainly on the metaphysical plane. For example, how do you distinguish whether or not your child has incarnated before? And does or does not have karma? Anyway, I hope this article clarifies.

The Rainbow Children are the third generation of special children who have come to help humanity evolve.

Unlike the Indigo and Crystal children, Rainbow children have a few interesting traits. The Rainbow children are generally born in the year 2000 and above. In some cases, it may be that they were scouts who came to Earth before 2000. The few Rainbow Children here today are children of the early crystal children (scones) who were born in the 1980s.

As the name implies, the Rainbow children to Earth with a different spectrum of color (rays). The most important ray in this is “the ninth ray” which is the ray of joy (also known as the green-yellow ray). They are born in the ninth dimension of consciousness, the dimension of collective consciousness.

An interesting detail is that it is said thatdolphins are the only other organism on Earth that carries the rainbow energy within them. The Rainbow children bring joy and harmony to their families. Unlike the Indigo and Crystal children , the Rainbow Child is born to smile, accompanied by their huge hearts that are full of forgiveness.

These are the characteristics of Rainbow Children, according to Doreen Virtue:

Rainbow children can also have very “high” energy, have strong personalities, are creative, and can directly manifest what they want or need. The goal of the Rainbow children is to complete the final stages of the foundation that the Indigo and Crystal children have laid.

The three children, Indigo, Crystal, and Rainbow each have a specific task. The Indigo children are here to break down the paradigm of traditional thinking. The crystal children build their foundation on the broken paradigm . Finally, the Rainbow children are here to build on what the Indigo and Crystal children started.

Doreen Virtue says: “The Rainbow children are perfectly balanced in their masculine and feminine energies. They are confident without aggression, they are intuitive and psychic without effort, they are magical and can bend time, become “invisible”, and can do without sleep and food.

Sensitivities made the crystal children vulnerable to allergies and rashes. The angels say that the Rainbow Children have overcome this aspect… Rainbow Children have no karma, so they do not need a chaotic childhood for their spiritual growth… The Rainbow Children operate purely out of joy, and not out of necessity or impulse.

The babies will be recognized, because their energy is one of (parents) giving, and not of need. Parents will realize that they cannot give more to the Rainbow children than they give to them, for these children are a mirror of all the actions and energy of love. Whatever loving thoughts, feelings, and actions you send to them are magnified and sent back a hundred times.”

Rainbow children are already attuned to the world in which we are moving towards direct manifestation of things. Humanity as a whole is not there yet, so the mass consciousness is still holding back direct manifestation as commonplace.

A toddler has a difficult time learning to understand that. They feel when they “think” juice that “juice” will appear naturally and immediately. This may be true in higher dimensions and it will be true here on Earth, thanks to the Rainbow children who will make it so.

In general you can say about the Rainbow children:

  • They have a very strong will and personality.
  • Have very “high” energy.
  • Are very attuned to the color and vibrations around them.
  • Have a passionate creativity.
  • Like bright clothes and colorful environments.
  • Overflowing with enthusiasm for everything in life.
  • Expect immediate manifestation of what they think/need.
  • Have healing gifts.
  • Are telepathic

The Rainbow children seem to be here to carry out the divine will and show us the way to the 5th dimension, and they will use their strong will and energy to build the New World on the foundation of peace and harmony of the crystal children.

The crystal children are only able to put down the base because the Indigo children have broken open the path and knocked down all the old barriers. They are all very important and must come in this order to achieve their goals.

Rainbows are very sensitive, loving, forgiving and magical just like the crystal children. The difference is that the Rainbow children have never been to Earth, so they don’t need to balance karma. The rainbows definitely choose peaceful and functional families. They do not have to face chaos or challenges to balance or grow karma.

As the other crystal children grow older, they will be the peace-loving parents of the new Rainbow children. The rainbows that are born now are the scouts, and the great increase in Rainbow Children will begin during the 2010s and continue through 2030.

Rainbow children have an absolutely open heart, love is unconditional, and have no fear of a stranger. It is said that rainbow children immediately connect with the higher self of the other.

Unlike the crystal children who only show affection to people who justified their trust, the rainbows are universally affectionate. They heal us with their major heart chakra, enveloping us in a blanket of rainbow-colored energy that we so desperately need. They are the angels of our earth .


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