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Raise your vibrational frequency with angels

We are energy, just like the world around us. Your vibration affects yourself, others, and everything around you. Angels and light masters have a very high vibrational frequency. They live from love and light, and with their love, light and compassion they are happy to help you to a higher vibrational frequency. They have different ways to do that.

They provide insights

To raise your vibration you need insight. If you regularly encounter blocks in your life, it will lower your vibration because you cannot live to your full potential. If you ask your angels for advice, they will give you insights into what these blocks are related to.

With the advice you can work on the blockage until it dissolves and no longer hinders your vibration. Asking your angels for advice is very simple. You simply ask the question to your guardian angels. The advice then comes through one or more of your clear channels.

I often use angel cards myself. These support the message of the clear channels and also offer a solution if you do not yet have access to your clear channels.Do you not get the advice yourself or do you not understand the cards, then you can consider a reading so that the questions are answered for you. The angels are always lovingly giving advice and insights.
In my next article I will go into more detail about how to ask for and receive advice.

They give light

The light of angels and light masters is light with a very high vibrational frequency. Just by invoking them, you ensure that you surround yourself with this vibration. Their vibration affects your vibration, literally waking up the things that vibrate slowly in your physical and energetic body. Their light softens so that the healing can be started.

They help you with fears

Fear has a low vibrational frequency and thus lowers your personal vibration. If you are afraid of anything, call on Archangel Michael. Its blue light ensures that your fears are soothed. And he can cut the energetic cords associated with the fears for you. Also ask specifically for what you want to cut the cords for.

For example, “Archangel Michael, will you cut all the energetic cords involved in giving my presentation?” You hereby give him permission to cut the cords, so that your vibration can flow freely again. Then when you ask Archangel Jophiel to bring you loving and positive thoughts instead of fearful thoughts in combination with her pink light, you immediately feel that everything becomes softer and more positive.

They bring unconditional love

Unconditional love has a very high vibration. Just ask your guardian angels for an angel hug and there will immediately be a feeling of joy, which also raises your vibration. Even people who cannot perceive angels almost always feel a happy sensation. All you have to ask is: “(guardian) angels, can I have an angel hug?”

vibration frequency

They give you the music that raises your vibration

Archangel Sandelphon heals with the vibration of sound. He is the angel who gives you the music that raises your vibration. I always work with this angel when I give a healing. He passes on what music and how the music is played so that my client gets extra healing. It remains wonderful to see how the music comes in every time and does the rest of the healing.

Do you want to know what kind of music works well for you? Just ask him and the song/music that comes to mind next is the right song for you.

Even more vibration boost with angels and harp music?

Together with the angels, light masters and some help from the Akash I give the workshop frequency sessions. The workshop consists of 4 mornings. We work on your vibrational frequency through a combination of meditation/visualization, insights, exercises and homework assignments. I use my harp to set the right vibration and atmosphere with music so that everything integrates optimally into your system.

We work in a group of no more than 5 people, so that there is plenty of room for personal attention. The workshops start on 12-6, 29-6, 1-7 or 3-7 and take place in the Arnhem. The costs are €299,- and you will receive a 10% discount if you register before June 5th. Be quick, because there are only 20 places.register here


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