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Rare crystals from the time of Atlantis are now activated?

Before Atlantis was taken over and disintegrated there was a peaceful and spiritually evolved matriarchal civilization called the Law of One. Living in harmony for 20,000 years in what Edgar Cayce called the Golden Age of Atlantis.

The era of the Law of One of Poseida reached the highest frequency of love ever reached on planet Earth. The crystals from the time of Atlantis are now activated.

Many people who lived in that Golden Age are now incarnate again on Earth. The Atlanteans of the Law of One were very tall and their skin was gold or bronze in color. They came mainly from the Pleiades and had a very expanded consciousness.

The Golden Age civilization of Atlantis reached the highest frequency in the physical, even higher than the frequency of Lemuria. Many people in embodiment now were part of the Law of One. The Sons of Belial took over Atlantis, having their headquarters on the island of Aryan and taking advantage of the crystals.

The Law of One now rises again. The crystals are now slowly awakening from their sleep state. They are awakening in Arkansas and Brazil and elsewhere in the world. The activity of the crystal vortex accelerates. The Arkansas vortex is one of the most important and most powerful energies on the planet. Many unusual phenomena are now being noticed in this crystal vortex.

This is only the beginning because the crystalline energy is very robust and dynamic. This benign energy has not been seen on Earth for many millennia. It is a combination of tellure, hyperdimensional and cosmic forces that can shake the Earth and open up dimensions. This energy is also able to raise your frequency.It concerns dynamics that go beyond current science.

Arkansas has the largest supply of natural quartz in the Northern Hemisphere and the second largest supply in the world. These crystals are programmed and encoded by the Law of One. The supplies start at Little Rock and extend some 270 kilometers to the west.

In addition, Arkansas contains unique combinations of magnetic minerals, hydrous layers loaded with radium and diamonds. Because of this combination of energies, Arkansa’s crystal vortex is the most powerful in the world. This is also why the Atlanteans were so attracted to the area and why Sirians and Pleiadians still have underground bases there.

Crystal Caves

Beneath the Earth’s surface of Central Arkansas are huge crystals up to 40 meters in length, cultivated by the early Atlanteans. Beneath Arkansas are crystal caves beyond imagination.

The large crystals cannot be reached by mining and that is for a reason. These crystals are very old and have been kept in a dormant state for millennia. They were programmed and are now slowly being reactivated. The restart of the crystals is accompanied by unusual phenomena in the environment, such as, for example, the falling birds.

Almighty Power Source

Crystalline energy is an omnipotent power source that has many implications. The crystalline structure is multidimensional and coherent and exists in both matter and antimatter. It forms the matrix of every level of existence. It is the enzyme for the transduction and vitality of realities emanating from the divine thoughts that create the cosmos.

Crystals are powerful transmitters and receivers and the awakening creates an extensive communication network. The two most powerful vortexes on the planet are located around Arkansas and Brazil. In Brazil, there are two large crystals in Bahia and Minas Gerais, bred by inhabitants of Atlantis and Lemuria respectively.

The completion of the Arkansas crystal vortex is important for the crystalline transformation of the Earth. And the crystalline transformation is important for the Ascension. Many ‘crystal children’ incarnate in this special energy. The crystals can be muted or enhanced using magnetic energies and etheric light, which we know as ultraviolet light and gamma rays.

Tunnels and electrum

Beneath northwestern and central Arkansas are vast networks of hyper-dimensional tunnels that lead to huge fissures and crystal caves. With the help of current science, these tunnels and fissures cannot yet be detected.

A very rare form of gold resides deep in the crystals beneath Arkansas. It is a form of crystalline electrum. Most of this has since been mined and exported to off-Earth, but supplies in Arkansas are still intact. These are guarded and protected in view of the crystal vortex. Geologists know that gold sometimes occurs in crystallized quartz.

The Great Atlantean Temple Crystals are made of an alloy of quartz, silver and gold using Arcturian technology. The frequency of the crystalline electrum can bend and knead dimensional fields in combination with specific types of quartz to transform the atomic structure. In this way, wormholes were often created by the Atlanteans near ley lines to create dimensional tunnels in the Earth.


The crystalline transformation is similar to exchanging a television with antenna for a television with satellite reception.

The Crystalline Age is the wind under the wings of Ascension. Let go of the fear, the crystals will not be misused again as they were during the Fall of Atlantis. Many people are still to blame for losing control of the crystals, but it was precisely the deception by the Sons of Belial that the crystals could be used against the once-developed continent.

This misplaced guilt can now be released. Electricity and magnetism are part of the light. Visible light is only a candle compared to the radiant geometric light of the higher spectrum. The transition to the crystalline age is now taking place.


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